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Nil Remembered #(2022)

Nil Remembered

Nil Remembered

  • Title: Nil Remembered
  • Author: Lynne Matson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Nil Remembered By Lynne Matson,

Nil Remembered Best Read || [Lynne Matson] - Nil Remembered, Nil Remembered My name is Scott Bracken and this is my journal Scott Bracken has been home for days but nothing is the same A month ago he escaped from Nil an island of wonder beauty and incredible danger N

Recent Comments "Nil Remembered"

First of all This book doesn t even come close to the 400 pages that are listed in the details section but only has about 60 80 pages that just take about an hour to read.The rather short length is not a disadvantage though because most of the story is only a repetition of what readers of the Nil trilogy could already read in books 2 and 3 since this book is just the diary of Skye s uncle Scott Bracken that has repeatedly been mentioned and played quite an important role in the main trilogy.So t [...]

This was a nice introduction to the Nil island by one of the survivors In this novella we have Scott Bracken who just got home from Nil and is having trouble adjusting So his therapy asked him to journal about what he saw to see the different between fiction and non fiction However Scott knows its true so he states after ever journal entry his name and that he s telling the truth So this is a 20 entry journal about the friends he made, a girl that he really liked, the dangers that come with the [...]

Are you kidding me I actually got to read the infamous Uncle Scott s journal I loved loved loved it I mean it is Uncle Scott s journal I feel like this journal is the beginning and the end of everything It was such a pleasure to read It was fast paced and it is written in a journal format with illustrations I loved the illustrations it really captured his angst It was just perfect I can t get over it I got to read Uncle Scott s journal It is a perfect compliment to this series.

NIL REMEMBERED by Lynne Matson is a quick, enjoyable read I loved the main character, Scott his personality really stood out to me his humour was great I loved that, after going through Nil, he still found ways to make jokes It actually reminded me of the protagonist in THE MARTIAN This novella is written in a journal type format, with a mix of drawings and entries It was an interesting way of re discovering Nil, at least for someone like me who s read the first book in the series already knows [...]

This book provided what I love about the series the setting The seemingly beautiful island of gorgeous, hard working teenagers still has a darkness beneath the surface This is shown at one point of the story specifically where Nil takes a life, but there is also what remains the same in all the books people fight for gates.Scott is unlike any of the other characters He knows what Nil is as he tells the story, but he was unaware when he was on the island Reading from his point of view was a refre [...]

When I first read some of the entries of the diary as part of NIL Unlocked, I remember wishing that I could read the whole diary, and now my wish has come true Thank you so much for this Lynne

So excited

3 StarsThis was the journal that Skye s uncle Scott wrotears and years before she was born when he was on Nil It was very interesting to read I enjoyed it very much, especially after reading book 2

this novella is kinda unnecessary to me

Nil Remembered takes the reader on a journey into the heart of Nil through Scott Bracken s eyes Written as a journal the pages are filled not only with his adventure but with his fear, and vulnerability as he struggles to survive after being set down near the lava flow on Black Mountain Resourceful and clever Scott helps the other refugees become a cohesive group starting the Search and designating Priority when a gate is found Filled with doodles and drawings his journal and Rika s prediction [...]

Let me just say that I had goosebumps nearly the whole time reading this I love Nil Remembered I love it even so because it allowed me to revisit Nil in my mind Further, I am so happy that I read this after I finished the series I soaked up every word, envisioned details about Nil, and I was able to relate Scott s story into the others I want to write much , but I ll leave the rest up to you.

Tamamen gereksiz buldum zaten o u ayr nt 2 kitapta verilmi ti.

I shouldn t have wasted my time on this novella It didn t give me anything new at all.

  • Nil Remembered Best Read || [Lynne Matson]
    124 Lynne Matson
Nil Remembered