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My Lucky Days #(2022)

My Lucky Days

My Lucky Days

  • Title: My Lucky Days
  • Author: S.D. Hendrickson
  • ISBN: 9781311192066
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook
My Lucky Days By S.D. Hendrickson,

Free Read My Lucky Days - by S.D. Hendrickson - My Lucky Days, My Lucky Days He was an up and coming country singer She was the last girl you d ever see in a bar But one night under those neon lights Lucky and Katie found each other Beginnings are always exciting Always fun A

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FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Lucky was either going to be the love of my life or break me into a million pieces that could never be repaired Or maybe both.As a huge fan of second chance romances, I knew I had to read this book from the moment I heard about it It s the story of a country singer who falls in love with a college student on the brink of his big break into fame The timing couldn t have been worse as he knew he d be gone for most of the time touring, but he couldn t stop himself from giving [...]

4,5 country starsFirst, my book s favorite quote God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference While living one day at a time and enjoy one moment at a time And accepting hardships as the pathway to peace The Serenity PrayerIt s not that I m an extremely religious person even if I do have beliefs but I find this quote so full of wisdom It fits both main characters to a T Lucky because he s been abandone [...]

Run away with me, Katie I need to start by saying that this review is going to be short and sweet There have been times in the past where I have plenty to say and ramble on and on for pages on end While at times that s fine, here I want you to simply take my word for it and experience this story There s no way my little sentences could prove the love between Katie and Lucky, so I m just going to give a few brief thoughts In the past year, I ve become big into highlighting while I m reading Even [...]

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewS.D Hendrickson has once again beautifully crafted a heart tugging emotional second chance novel With her raw and heartfelt prose, Hendrickson orchestrates a symphony of drama, passion, heart, forgiveness, truth, and undying love Her hands, my shirt, The way she held on tight Her breath, my neck, When she whispered all right And under those neon lights, I knew she wanted So I grabbed her hand, And pulled her out the door My Lucky Days is a [...]

3.5 starsI hate that I didn t love this The first novel I read by this author was Waiting for Wyatt A Red Dirt Novel, which I absolutely LOVED So I was really looking forward to this, but unfortunately I didn t enjoy it as much as I was expecting It had nothing to do with the writing or the characters or even most of the story there was really only one part that didn t work for me the second chance aspect.I know, I know I ve been a picky bitch about this trope lately I m very specific when it co [...]

This book is an amazing second chance story with some twists and turns I already felt the love between Lucky and Katie in the prologue and they weren t together then, so I wondered what happened between them that caused them to break up The first half of this book is about how Lucky and Katie met, fell in love and broke up Their love was strong and solid They never stopped loving each other when they were apart Lucky wanted to do anything to get another chance with Katie and he will fight for he [...]

3 3.5 stars Very sweet second chance romance without any major conflict or angst Both MCs were cute and likeable The reunion was very sweet and clean with hardly any drama The so called twist, however, was underwhelming and the resolution of that was, funnily enough, also very clean and sweet.This could have been very boring, but I still found myself enjoying it than I expected Aside from some editing issues the writing had a nice flow to it, but this is definitely my least favorite of this aut [...]

4 stars Oh, I absolutely adored this book This is a beautiful second chance at love story with tons of feels I even pulled out the tissues a time or two And I m not a big crier I loved how the romance burns slow and steady it s wonderfully done I m really into old country, some new country and indie blue grass Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Alison Krauss 3 , so naturally I loved that our hero, Lucky swoon , was an up and coming country artist swoon again I had the song The Lucky One by Alison Kr [...]

This was a winner At the moment I am into country music, so I really liked reading about a country star hero Highly recommended

We are the Center of the Universe and nothing else matters All the chaos out there is gone It s just you and me Since reading The Mason List, S.D Hendrickson has taken my heart hostage and it s safe to say that she still has it My Lucky Days was such a sweet story, from the creative way each chapter was named after a country song to the original song lyrics, which might I add was very imaginative and made the story and characters feel so real My Lucky Days has managed to take my breath away Hend [...]

4.5 stars

This story was one of a kind It was one of those wrong timing, wrong moment kind of love stories Time heals all wounds and sometimes it breaks you apart and it will bring you back together Katie and Lucky was extraordinary and they are so mature to handle their situations from when they were so young If this is real life, this is how people who separated for good reasons will actually act They were mature and they are perfect together I love the song lyrics Lucky writes as well

My Lucky Days captures young love at its finest It s a story that will make even the most non country music fan me , fall in love with the beautiful lyrics sprinkled throughout the book To me, this was a beautifully written second chance love story that will have you falling in love with this couple twice.Katie meets Lucky by sheer coincidence while she is out at a bar one night with some girlfriends From there, the two of them start to form a relationship while Lucky starts becoming and popul [...]

4.5 Lucky Stars veronikasreaderfeeder sd h ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Every book written by SD Hendricson has a special atmosphere, which makes me feel these books are screaming for a movie screen These are the kind of stories I can imagine that I sit down at home with the family and we could together take part in the emotional journey of the characters, and maybe after everyone went to sleep, I d put the film back and secretly re watch it, and this time I [...]

Release Date September 20, 2016 Genre New Adult Romance Rockstar Second Chances 5 Pretty Little Stars This is a beautifully SWEET second chance romance novel It s also a rockstar or country musician romance that will absolutely make your heart SOAR Woah This book really touched my heart It s beautifully written, very sweet, and totally compelling from start to finish I loved the idea of reading about the up and coming country star which is why I initially picked up this book in the first place b [...]

I struggled with this one It was a nice story and I was enjoying it for the most part but I found myself skimming a lot especially the second half.

3.75 stars

FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 9 23 16S.D Hendrickson brought this story to life on the pages Set in the college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, I truly connected and became a part of this story when it prompted so many personal feelings and familiarity for me Not only is Stillwater the home of my beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys, but Oklahoma is my home state and when Lucky performs in Tulsa, it s a nod to where I live and breathe each day It was such fun to revisit special landmarks with both Lucky and Ka [...]

I have loved this author since her first book The Mason Jar My Lucky Days is second chance love story which is my absolute FAVE type of read To top it all off, our hero is a country singer and the author has crafted beautiful original lyrics that have added such depth to this already emotional journey of Katie and her Lucky I absolutely LOVE LOVE when an author can give readers original lyrics for their characters because it just adds another layer to the story, allowing readers to feel the musi [...]

A music themed story with a second chance romance element I gravitated to that idea right away I thoroughly enjoy books that incorporate music onto them especially with own lyrics and such I may not be a huge country fan but the fan that Lucky writes his own songs is a huge plus and it seems he would be the kind of artist I d like It s quite clever the country song title for the chapters, I listened to them while reading this and that definitely enhanced my experience Don t be afraid of me or wh [...]

S.D.Hendrickson is unique writer All of her stories are heartbreaking with lump in the throat while reading it My Lucky Days is no exception.Lucky and Katie are two pieces in one heart but their young and pure love is too much for them at one time Essentially this is a second chance love story and i enjoy reading it,what I realy loved are all the songs writen for Katie.

The story is as the blurb describes but maaaaaan, I expected a better execution Really I was excited to dive into this one since it sounded pretty good But what really ruined this novel for me was that a good 60 70% of the novel is spent in the bloody past Let me tell youuuuuuu From the prologue, the chemistry and hinted history between the pair was already off the charts I could feel their lingering love for each other oozing from that chapter, so much so, that I felt like a good chunk of the n [...]

4 STARS How can I start this review Humm I fell in love with S.D Hendrickson writing since I read The Mason List Her writing has this je ne se qua that s so different I can t even explain what it is So when I saw the announcement for her new book, I knew it was a must read.Katie is a regular college girl, the one who s not used on having the spotlight on herself Her roommate convinces her on going to a Halloween party, dressed as a sexy cat by the way But there, since it s not her scene , she go [...]

S.D Hendrickson has done it for the 3rd time in a row This has made it onto my all time favorite books I already want to reread this book and I never reread books That should say something Seriously, if you haven t read any of her 3, you need to She is a VERY talented writer and her books are gut wrenching, emotional, and absolutely beautiful I cannot stress my love for her books enough and they definitely don t get the love and attention they deserve Add this one to your TBR and her other 2, Th [...]

I just adored this book I believe SD Hendrickson is going to become an instant one click author for me.Now, excuse me while I go blast some country music

My first book by Stacy was The Mason List It was one of my top favorites last year This book was my second of hers and I know for sure it s going in my top favorites this year This book was perfection The first book of Stacy s that I read was The Mason List last year and that book made it to my top favorites for 2015 That book made me feel all the feels and I knew that this one would do the same after I read the synopsis And I am glad to say that I was right and I know this one will also be one [...]

This author always delivers heart felt stories with realistic characters that speak to the reader s heart This second chance romance broke my heart and then put it back together.This is the story of Lucky and Katie and how they found their way back to each other.The book is long but the writing is so captivating that I devoured it one day Relatable characters and a a story that will remain with me.If you are looking for something well written, then this is for you I highly recommend it.5 Lucky S [...]

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Luke Evans a.k.a Lucky is an up and coming country music artist who meets a beautiful coed in her last year of University The build of their relationship was beautiful to read and I loved Lucky s patience and overall personality Virtually ignored by her parents, Katie craves stability and someone to stay for her not out of obligation Her willingness to sacrifice her happiness for Lucky s success was heart breaking to read Told from Katie s POV, this story goes between past and present with ease. [...]

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I don t think I ll ever get over this book Ever It s been DAYS since I finished And my heart literally continues to beat over it You re funny And beautiful And sometimes I forget to breathe when I look at you Katie Jenson is the girl that plays it safe She doesn t take risks until she lands her eyes on up and coming country singer, Landon Lucky Evans When Lucky approaches Katie, it s like its just the two of them in the same room You feel the mo [...]

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