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President Blog #(2022)

President Blog

President Blog

  • Title: President Blog
  • Author: Doug Magee
  • ISBN: 9780997076912
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
President Blog By Doug Magee,

President Blog Best Read || [Doug Magee] - President Blog, President Blog An anonymous blogger suddenly becomes a serious contender for the American presidency in this satire Gary King an unemployed pot smoking journalist writes a short article extolling the virtues of C

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What would have felt like a tall tale during the last election cycle, rings completely true this time around Doug Magee s electric lark through the American political landscape is a page turner filled with a potent mix of intrigue and humor Gary King is the perfect unwitting mastermind behind a movement which quickly grows out of control as Magee paints our broken electoral system with a caustic brush Whether you re a political junky or just enjoy a great novel, vote for President Blog.

Loved it This tale about a pure ideas candidate for American president was a great escape from the madness of the 2016 elections.

When a young man comes across an anonymous blog and is taken by the common sense thoughts regarding current politics he posts it along with his own thoughts and much to his surprise it takes wings and goes viral Before long it has gained so much momentum that it sparks a write in candidate in the NH primary There is no known person associated with the post which goes by the name of C2C and that is what is written in No name, no organization, committee, fund raising or packs, in fact no money at [...]

Perfect book.This was a perfect book for this election year I just pictured as a hour long Saturday night live Didn t like the ending, how politics again get into the Common 2 cents write in campaign Money or Citizens United and PAC will be running the elections for a long time, not our vote.

This year, in the general election, I would vote for President Blog It s got to be better than any of our other choices The story s many twists and turns did leave me wondering which character was really the creator of the blog and the mind behind the ideas Since a blog can t really be president, I like that in the end, the anonymous blogger was the downfall of other candidates.

President Blog reviewPresident Blog is an amusing political satire written by author Doug Magee This story just begs for a sequel and soon.

  • President Blog Best Read || [Doug Magee]
    499 Doug Magee
President Blog