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Beauty Is a Wound #(2022)

Beauty Is a Wound

Beauty Is a Wound

  • Title: Beauty Is a Wound
  • Author: Eka Kurniawan Annie Tucker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Beauty Is a Wound By Eka Kurniawan Annie Tucker,

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[PDF] Read ☆ Beauty Is a Wound : by Eka Kurniawan Annie Tucker - Beauty Is a Wound, Beauty Is a Wound A colour drenched epic filled with vivid sex and violence from Indonesia s most exciting young author The epic novel Beauty Is a Wound combines history satire family tragedy legend humour and r

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One afternoon on a weekend in March, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty one years Eka Kurniawan, Beauty is a WoundThis book has one of the best, most memorable opening sentences I ve ever read And it definitely set the stage for one of the most compelling and engrossing stories I ve read in a long time Over 500 pages of prose and I enjoyed every page Even without having any knowledge of the history of Indonesia, I loved it.Indonesia seems to have had a turbulent history of [...]

Fascinating Allegorical Tale of Indonesia f k a Dutch East IndiesIf you like tales of political social allegory, such as Animal Farm and One Hundred Years of Solitude, that exercise your brain, without overly challenging to the point of losing intrigue, the kind of story in which you delight in discovering or trying to the metaphorical meaning of actions, characters and things within, then I recommend you put this on your list of books to check out.This brilliant novel reflects and criticizes th [...]

Eka Kurniawan, said to be following in the giant steps of Indonesia s most famous author, Pramoedya Ananta Toer known for his anti colonial and social realism tetralogy, Buru Quartet , is a popular literary young blood who could be as heavily influenced by a host of literary icons His novel Beauty is a Wound is a 20th century Indonesian historiography told in the rich folklore of her culture in gothicism that awakens memories of Lafcadio Hearn s chilling Kwaidan Stories and Studies of Strange Th [...]

One afternoon on a weekend in March, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty one years Now that s the kind of beginning that will grab my attention If you like the magical realism of M rquez as I do , then this could be your cup of Colombian coffee although it s set in Indonesia the Colombian coffee bit was my play on words cup of tea, M rquez being from Colombia oh, forget it.Dewi Ayu, village prostitute and misanthrope gives birth to a hideous little baby and dies twelve days [...]

It s true that oppressed people only have one tool of resistance run amok And if I have to tell you, revolution is nothing than a collective running amok, organized by one particular party Beauty is a Wound is one of only two so far works by Indonesian journalist, writer and designer, Eka Kurniawan that have been translated into English Twelve days after she gave birth to her fourth daughter ironically named Beauty , Dewi Ayu, even at fifty two still the most beautiful and desired prostitute in [...]

Rijetko se meni dogodi da odustanem od knjige i ne pro itam je do kraja jer si ve nekako znam procijeniti to bi mi se svidjelo, a to ne bi Ali, u ovom sam se slu aju grdno prevarila doga a se i najboljima Isto tako, elja da pi em osvrt i da svima pri am o nekoj knjizi naj e e me uhvati kada me neka knjiga odu evi Ove druge eventualno spomenem, u nekoj raspravi ili, ako me netko ba upita za mi ljenje o odre enoj knjizi koja meni, eto, nije sjela Ali, ovaj put u vam ba napisati osvrt jer nije ok p [...]

Beauty is a Wound is the debut novel of Eka Kurniawan, which was originally published in 2002 This is the second time for me to read a work by Kurniawan earlier this year I read Lelaki Harimau also known as Man Tiger and it is one of my favorite books Compared to Man Tiger, Beauty is a Wound is a grand and quite over ambitious satire With the historic backdrop stretching across the end of Dutch colonialism of the Indies to the end of the 20th century, Kurniawan tells the story of an Indo mixed D [...]

This falls somewhere between a 2.5 and a 3.5 When I first started it I thought I was going to love it It had many shades of One Hundred Years of Solitude There were many things I did really like The historical backdrop of Indonesia was fascinating and I ended up googling lots of things to learn about the history A lot of this book is political satire which never really works for me I found some of the characters to be fascinating and I loved their stories but in the end there was far to much bl [...]

a beautiful, stirring, and powerful epic of indonesian politics and family, eka kurniawan s beauty is a wound cantik itu luka must surely be considered as one of the year s finest works of translated fiction sweeping across decades and generations, beauty is a wound is a violent, enchanted saga, compelling on account of both its impressive breadth and storytelling verve kurniawan, an indonesian journalist and author, published this remarkable novel when he was 27 years old released in english co [...]

Indonesian History as Fact and Fable One afternoon on a weekend in March, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty one years Not your usual opening for a novel, is it Dewi Ayu, formerly the most sought after prostitute in the district of Halimunda, walks back to her house, takes a bath, and is reunited with her daughter Beauty, who she had prayed would be born ugly as indeed she most certainly was After a few dozen pages, the action slips back in time to Dewi Ayu s childhood, her [...]

DNF 40%This is a very rapey book and I really don t want to continue any further, specifically after a scene where a woman, after being gang raped on multiple occasions, is then consumed by lust for her rescuer No Just no I get that this book is satirical and allegorical and symbolic, but still The author doesn t graphically describe the rape scenes but there are just so many and I am really not convinced that they are necessary to the plot It s a shame, because I really liked the beginning of t [...]

This was an unexpectedly good book Interesting, riveting, surprising, and by the end, all consuming I listened to this on audible because at this time of the year, reading time is a premium Simply put, I loved it and Jonathan Davis did a very fine job at narration Not sure what I was anticipating, but this book took hold of me and would not let go I would go so far as to call it epic Part folklore, part Indonesian history, part magical realism, part allegory, part fictional memoir, it was just c [...]

1.5 stars I didn t like it.After an incredible opening paragraph, this one has begun to just disappoint and bore DNF ing around 75 pages 15% in I have had my fill of rape, incest and bestiality and am choosing to move on to another book on my never ending TBR list This one s just not for me First Sentence One afternoon on a weekend in March, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty one years.

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There is so much rape in this book I m not necessarily averse to that but I have questions about how and why sexual violence functions as both plot point and constantly revisited method of characterization, as nearly all of the women in this novel both primary and secondary are defined and characterized by their brutal and repetitive violations The novel was often beautiful and really well written I can understand why it has drawn so many glowing comparisons to One Hundred Years of Solitude, but [...]

An excellent and original tale Lots of history, a bit of magical realism and fascinating characters.

I have NO choice but to give it a 5 There is probably less than 3% of pages where I rush through my reading, but 97% of the plot and its characters intrigues me The plot is ridiculous to the point that I have to close my book many, many times for me to take a breather, to take it all in before continuing with my reading You really need to understand the mysticism of the culture and to be open to all possibilities before you read this Otherwise you might not be able to accept what the writer trie [...]

In 100 years this book will still be considered an important piece in our literary history This is epic, compelling, hard, beautiful It deserves the same recognition as A Hundred years of solitude by GG Marquez Voltaire s Zadig Top

Sama mbuletnya kayak novel 100 tahun kesunyian Sama suramnya Sama memusingkannya Ini kisah yang rumit Sudah lama saya mendengar nama Eka Kurniawan ketika sedang mengobrol dengan teman teman blogger buku atau sekadar melihat buku barunya di timeline Terlebih setelah bukunya memenangkan anugerah sastra dan banyak review positif mengenainya.Ketika masih dalam tahap mencoba aplikasi IJak, saya langsung meminjam buku ini Penasaran tingkat dewa Kesan saya Ouch, buku ini berat banget kisahnya Saya ceri [...]

I first learned of this novel from the BTBA Best Translated Book Award Fiction long list for 2016 I bought it because it is a fictional account of Indonesian history and because I liked the title It was the last book I read in 2016 Filled with wild and crazy characters, featuring colonial oppression and the rape of natural resources and as well as a mixed race descendant of a Dutch East India Company trader, it covers war, communism, slaughter, rape, unstable politics, indigenous customs, and gh [...]

This book was epic It was full of violence, rape, mass murder, incest, bestiality and brutality The narrative spans over many generations of the one family and isn t always linear I loved this about the book the complex family trees, the magic realism, the twists and surprises in the plot right from the very first line I was sucked in to what is essentially a ghost story One afternoon on a weekend in March, Dewi Ayu rose from her grave after being dead for twenty one years The combination of hor [...]

Let me get this straight Beauty is a wound, because it fosters ill will and causes chaos among men Because men are such animals What I don t want to do is look at this story with the eyes of a haughty modernist, because this is meant to be an epic, and anyway its universe is not set in the rules of logic But mannnnnnnnn, what is with all the zoophilia and raping and all the making love and all those lol worthy ghosts, and I cannot even be done with listing all the depravities in this book It rea [...]

I ve got to say that I don t usually read books that could be described as this one is in the Description That is, one with as much violence murders, massacres, rapes, etc BUT, as hackneyed as it sounds, I could not put it down I can t totally explain why, except to say that the writing is so amazing you don t want to miss any of it And my burgeoning interest in translated fiction in general is part of it too The fact that it won the major translation award recently supports my gut feeling that [...]

Content advisory for discussion of multiple rapes My enjoyment of this book followed a kind of reverse bell curve, with a really weak back end I started out really digging it a magic realist family fable about a Dewi Ayu, a Dutch Indo woman who comes back to life twenty one years after she died and after she gave birth to her fourth daughter, a monstrously ugly girl she named Beauty The prose felt solid and the voice was coming from an interesting, unusual place the story had the feel of folklor [...]

sebenarnya 2.8 kekuatannya ada di kandungan sejarah membaur dengan cerita sisanya, ini bukan buku untuk manusia lugu macam saya heran, ngomongin seks melulu dan keknya buku ini seharusnya bisa lebih tipis D

3.5 stars Impressively ambitious in its scope, especially considering Kurniawan was just 26 when this was originally published in early 2002 By comparison, Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez were both 40 when their generation spanning fabulist masterpieces first appeared on shelves.I bring up Garcia Marquez and Allende not arbitrarily but because magical realism whatever that means any is unquestionably the main influence on Kurniawan s 470pp charmer as you no doubt realized from the blur [...]

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A terrific read Recommended.The blurb says a prostitute who has been dead for twenty years rises from the grave, so you know there s going to be some fantasy involved What I didn t expect was a very accomplished layering of a turn the pages plot and wild characters, and sixty years of Indonesian history You never get a lecture or paragraphs of historical background Events just show you what it meant to be ruled by the Dutch, then to be incarcerated in a Japanese camp, then to experience the joy [...]

Waiting after the discussion to understand it clearly and explore the layers surrounding this piece.

Ah, setelah berhari hari berusaha menamatkan buku ini akhirnya 498 halaman berhasil juga kuselesaikan Bukan karena buku ini tidak bagus, tetapi saking bagusnya aku perlu meresapi kata demi kata cerita ini Jujur aku takjub dengan begitu banyaknya tokoh dalam kisah ini, tidak hanya membahas mengenai Si Cantik saja, tetapi kurasa hampir semua orang dalam kampung si Cantik ada dalam buku ini Dan itu semua tidak sia sia, penulis mampu membuatku terhipnotis untuk terus membaca dan membaca Kurasa dari [...]

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Beauty Is a Wound : by Eka Kurniawan Annie Tucker
    174 Eka Kurniawan Annie Tucker
Beauty Is a Wound