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Project Renovatio #(2022)

Project Renovatio

Project Renovatio

  • Title: Project Renovatio
  • Author: Allison Maruska
  • ISBN: 9781530100217
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
Project Renovatio By Allison Maruska,

Free Read Project Renovatio - by Allison Maruska - Project Renovatio, Project Renovatio Levin Davis has it made At he s a college graduate with a dream job a beautiful girlfriend and a life that can only get better until he receives a mysterious letter suggesting his long dead fath

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Allison Maruska proves you can craft a story with a complete arc, beginning, middle, and end, along with some sweet twists and turns and not need 500 pages of prose and a whole weekend of reading to do it Project Revovatio does just that This little novella packs a big punch and is perfect for the electronic publishing market Just the same, I have to have a hardcopy of this and look forward to the next installment Yippie, a part 2, a least PR is one of the those subtle sci fi stories that leaves [...]

I listened to the audio book of Project Renovatio I initially found the reader s accent slightly off putting but I soon got used to it and she did do a good job of reading this story.Project Renovatio is a science fiction fantasy book about a genetic engineering project undertaken by the US government in an attempt to develop a race of superior humans who are better equipped to survive an apocalypse than the average man on the street There method is to seek out men and women who exhibit an unusu [...]

First of all, can I just say how much I love this cover It s stunning and fits the story perfectly Project Renovatio is a thrilling story full of mystery and suspense that will keep you guessing right until the end I loved trying to piece together all the clues and information along the way The writing is clear and concise so it s a good, easy read I personally thought that the pacing was a little off too rushed, I think The characters were a little flat for me and I had a difficult time connect [...]

Project Renovatio is a gem of a story Aside from some pacing and a slow start, Maruska weaves a tale of a project hell bent on world domination through genetically altered children The espionage and twists are not predicatable and that s a good thing For anyone looking for a fun YA read, this is a good story Well done.

Project Renovatio pulls you in and hooks right from the start Like Maruska s other books, Project Renovatio has tons of twists and turns It s one of those books that keeps you up into the wee hours because you can t possibly wait to find out what happens next Can t wait to read from this author as well as this story line

YA Science fictionWith the chance to follow the characters along an unplanned path I get the gist I ve followed a couple of others down that wormhole not doing it again See Cosega Shift and its sequels Breakthrough for another 3 book series Best to read William R Forstchen 3 books that posit the very real possible effects of an EMP which in a blink of an eye an take us back to the dark ages First book one second after You won t put or down

This is a story that starts off slow, but finishes with a bang.The book moves rather slowly for the first few chapters, briefly setting up the mystery to be told over the course of the novel And although you may consider stopping because of this, I encourage you to continue to reading should you decide to give this book a chance I admittedly didn t particularly care about the characters or their actions early on, but that changed once the conspiracy began to be revealed There are a lot of layers [...]

Project Renovatio kept my interest from cover to cover I didn t want to put it down Allison Maruska has weaved together some great characters in this series Levin has to look out for his two younger sisters, Rana and Dayla, all while trying to figure out where their mother was taken and why he was genetically engineered along with his siblings for Project Renovatio Throughout the book, they will discover than they bargained for, and loyalties will be tested, as truths are brought to the surface [...]

Great Imaginative Compelling Will continue this series.

La verdad me gust mucho la historia, pero mi hicieron falta m s descripciones y emociones un poquito m s reales a lo que suced a Sent que fue un libro express.

A good story with an interesting premise.

  • Free Read Project Renovatio - by Allison Maruska
    158 Allison Maruska
Project Renovatio