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Blue Moon #(2022)

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

  • Title: Blue Moon
  • Author: Luanne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780553568189
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Blue Moon By Luanne Rice,

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Blue Moon by Luanne RiceLobsterville restaurant is run by the 3 sisters, fighting to keep it together.Nora is in love, Bonnie with 2 kids wants to spread her wings and Cass is the spark.Cass is married and they have a daughter with a disability that is taking a lot out of them, Josie.Teens growing up, discovering Satan and sex and trying to fit in Adults trying to live the best life they can, getting through troubles with one another and work.Love talk of loberstering, boats and the fishing town [...]

This takes place in RI around the Mount Hope area, four generations of a family who have a restaurant and fishing boats on the water This story was mainly about the youngest daughter of one of the family s, she lost her hearing as a small child and they have to deal with her deafness There is some exciting boating adventures, etc good story, keeps you wanting to turn to the next chapter.

I had read a couple of books by this author and they were okay beach reads This one shares the name of my sailboat, so it seemed like a good idea.Well, no it s one of her earlier books She must have been searching for her voice It has a couple of raunchy sex scenes that surprised me by their inclusion and they seem to have nothing to do with the plot Such as it is It wanders Is this about the deaf child The family s financial issues Cass marriage Nora s wedding Teens getting into trouble Maybe M [...]

The Keating Mederios families are fishermen restaurant owners living in Mount Hope, RI and this is their story An easy summer read, interesting, tense heartwarming at times but no strong focus, despite at it s core it is a relationship story, and not enough character development to give it stars Almost every character has some sort of drama going on in their lives, some of them small, others significant There was one explicit sex scene that I could have done without and although a lovely moment [...]

4 STARS Cass s passionate marriage to Billy has suddenly become stormy, and now, finding her loyalties tested, she must struggle to hold their love together in the face of tragic crisis From I read this novel after watching the tv movie based on the book I love the characters and mystery.

This was an interesting novel once the story truly got started, and the characters were well developed, but there were some raunchy scenes in the novel that didn t even add anything to the plot they were just random and unnecessary So, I liked the novel, but it wasn t great.

This was a pleasant book about sisters, families, relationships, marriage and handling what life gives you I didn t LOVE it, but I didn t hate it either But I thought the ending could have been better.

Don t read this book The main plot was actually okay, but there were several subplots that weren t well developed and therefore were just distracting There were also a few of what can only be described as gratuitous sex scenes, as they had absolutely nothing to do with the plot as a whole.

Typical beach read About a family who live on the Rhode Island seashore, run a wharf and restaurant a fishing fleet Parents and descendants have stayed in the area and the business The story is about their lives and the impact the family and business have on each of them.

I Don t know why, but for some reason I had a tough time getting into this book I usually like readint this author Book had its moments, but overall, luke warm.

It usually takes a lot for me not to finish a book This time, not so much.

Sweet story about life long friends who find each other again.

I give this book 2 stars, but I d give chapter 17, a story in itself, 4 stars Chapter 17 is very good, about a girl with a pimple in the 20s Really it ll stick in your head.

Another book whose ending made my hair stand on end the book could be a little slow in places, but overall, I loved it.

Just loved it.

Slight step above pool side fluff Barely.

Just started as our next Book Club pick I like it so far good character development

Moving family story that I enjoyed very much One of my favorites by Luanne Rice.

I am a fan of Luanne Rice Her books are centered around family, always interesting and foster family values A good alternative to mystery or action books

Treasure, adventure and romance Great book

not one of my favorites, but still an okay read I enjoy Luanne as a writer, she has an amazing way of weaving family, love, betrayal, romance and fun into every novel.

I stopped reading this book due to the X rated material.

4 star favouritecandidly written.

I haven t read any of her books but my sister recommended this author.

Great story the beginning you have to sort out all the characters and family members but once you do your in for a treat.

This book has a deaf character in itetty realistic perspective of a hearing family struggling to aquire language for their deaf child among other storylines.

Book was slow but I liked the end

Every boring detail about people s lives Cass and Billy have a hearing impaired daughter JosieEvery boring detail about people s lives Cass and Billy have a hearing impaired daughter Josie

  • [PDF] Blue Moon | by ↠ Luanne Rice
    387 Luanne Rice
Blue Moon