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His Scandal #(2022)

His Scandal

His Scandal

  • Title: His Scandal
  • Author: Gayle Callen
  • ISBN: 9780739425701
  • Page: 316
  • Format: None
His Scandal By Gayle Callen,

Free Read His Scandal - by Gayle Callen - His Scandal, His Scandal Taming a RogueLady Emmeline Prescott is shocked when Sir Alexander Thornton the most incorrigible scoundrel in England suddenly notices she even exists and starts flirting with her The dashing cad h

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I read this book first, long ago, and out of order I enjoyed Alex s story as he is a careless rake who is bitter about being the second son and therefore less worthy in the eyes of the ton After a wager with his friend he attempts to get a kiss from the beautiful Lady Blythe, but find himself in a battle of wits with her older sister Emmeline Before he knows it, it s Emmeline he wants to kiss and not her sister But she s not too happy to find out about the wager I loved both the characters in th [...]

Sir Alexander Thornton is sorry the minute he makes a wager with his best friend as to who will kiss a maiden first Alex s chosen target is the lovely Lady Blythe, but her stern older sister Emmeline stands in his way How can he get past this spinster chaperone, especially when she s the one who captures his heart

Picked this up for 2.26 on Kindle temporary sale price takes place in the late 1500 s, time of Queen Elizabeth, though it felt like a Regency in tone Entertaining and moved at a fast clip, and Alex Thornton is a hot hero with many intriguing layers Hey, I even liked the heroine for once A very good read.

Love this series Emmeline is quite taken with Alex from the first time she sees him and vice versa He is there to steal a kiss from her younger sister, but Emmeline feels like forever to the rogue Winning her isn t easy, but in the end they both win Great read

It was a great read.

An enjoyable light read starts off prosaic and lacking spark but quickly improves 1588, England This book is the second in Gayle Callen s His series Book 1 is His Betrothed, which features Viscount Spencer Thornton the brother of this book s hero, Sir Alexander Thornton and Book 3 is His Bride, whose hero is Sir Edmund Blackwell, Alex s best friend I have not read the first book but was easily able to follow the plot, so it s not a problem if you read the series out of order.I read His Scandal s [...]

Re Review Sir Alexander Thornton where can I find a guy like you in our world today I mean, you ve been a really really bad, bad boy LOL Well this second book of Gayle Callen s His series is very, very cool The story goesAlex Thornton is your average rake Due to a wager he must get a kiss from a maiden Not so hard but it IS difficult for her chaperone and sister is no other than the uptight miss, Lady Emmeline Alex must win the wager, he must get the kiss and he must escape Emmelinebut through t [...]

I enjoy Callen s books And normally I mazingly forgiving when it comes to historicals But I had to wonder The book theoretically takes place in 1588, but it reads exactly like Callen s regencies If I pretend it was 1829 instead of 1587 then this book gets a 4, just cuz I liked the story itself But in context WTH Definity no 16th century setting or characters.

Sensual, romantic, and enticing

Wow, even I noticed the historical errors Very light stuff.

Rated 3.5

  • Free Read His Scandal - by Gayle Callen
    316 Gayle Callen
His Scandal