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Dictators in Cartoons #(2022)

Dictators in Cartoons

Dictators in Cartoons

  • Title: Dictators in Cartoons
  • Author: Tony Husband
  • ISBN: 9781784046996
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
Dictators in Cartoons By Tony Husband,

[PDF] Read à Dictators in Cartoons : by Tony Husband - Dictators in Cartoons, Dictators in Cartoons What is it that makes dictators fear cartoonists The answer is that they can t stand to be ridiculed And they don t help their cause much by so obviously enjoying the trappings of power appearing in

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It is a very strange feeling do you laugh or make fun of these monsters When you think of the suffering they have caused the human race there is nothing funny about it But then it occurred to me that the fact of the matter is that they HATE when they are made to look foolish and that is the very reason we all should laugh at them because by making them look foolish we are all the little boy who laughs at the emperor with no clothes on.

The Emperor Has No ClothesI am not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book when I picked it for its title I guess I was hoping for Trudeau s Yuge about Trump, Doonesbury type laughs about subjects familiar to me Hitler, Stalin About once a month here I need to laugh, given the political tensions and fears in my country right now Tony Husband is an award winning British cartoonist, very prolific, lots of books, lots of yuks Just the ticket But Dictators in Cartoons Unmasking Monsters and [...]

Tony Husband is an award winning British cartoonist His book, Dictators in Cartoons Unmasking Monsters and Mocking Tyrants, is a pictorial history of the fightback cartoonists have led against the tyrants of history on behalf of ordinary men and women everywhere As Husband put it The they the dictators promoted themselves, the dictators challenged cartoonists to take them down a peg or two Laughter confuses dictators, and knocks them off stride Dictators in Cartoons is not just a picture book [...]

Awesome I really enjoyed this book as a break from my usual reads Not only does it include some fantastic historical primary cartoons that were published during the rise and fall of leaders for some , the additional extracts accompanying them also really does give some good brief information on obscure facts about the rulers as well as the cartoonists.

Political cartoonists can make very large statements in just one picture This book is brilliant and the commentary is a very quick way to pick up a history lesson

The hover tags for tells me that two stars equals it was OK which seems bonkers to me because 4 10 or 2 5 seems like I hated it but I am trying to get used to it This is a mildly entertaining little book I found in Hoopla I would recommend finding a physical copy because the layout in Hoopla was seriously glitchy and frustrating I was intrigued by the title because I ve gained a slight fascination with WWII propaganda after stumbling upon a bunch of it in the wake of the creeping fascism put on [...]

This is a great book for the cartoons, but weak on context It needs than the captions to be really effective.

  • [PDF] Read à Dictators in Cartoons : by Tony Husband
    267 Tony Husband
Dictators in Cartoons