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One Minute #(2022)

One Minute

One Minute

  • Title: One Minute
  • Author: Somin Ahn
  • ISBN: 9781452155647
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
One Minute By Somin Ahn,

[PDF] One Minute | by ✓ Somin Ahn - One Minute, One Minute In one minute you can blink your eyes twenty times hug your dog plant seeds say good bye watch the rain or even save a life So much can occur in this sliver of time one minute can feel like a si

Recent Comments "One Minute"

One minute can be very important, or totally insignificant This could be a great book for a story time on the theme of time.

Sometimes, one minute is short, shares a small girl as she joyously rides a carousel And then, as she braves a dentist s prodding, Sometimes, one minute is long As illustrated by this quietly resonant picture book debut, a minute can be short, long, important, uneventful, and so much depending on the perspective from which you experience it.

An introduction to the power of now for children There is much life that one can experience in one simple minute when one is fully present in ones life.

Read this at the SWON Picture Book Read In.Great book to ponder the passing of time, both actual and how it feels to be moving based on our mood.

Simply awful

So charming and beautiful and thought provoking

One minute can be so many things From tangible things like how long your hair grows in that time to the way a clock works to intangible things like when a loved one comes or goes, a minute is described in myriad ways in this book It s a good thinking book for children who are learning about time.

Time is such a difficult concept for small children to understand Ahn has done an admirable job of trying to explain and give examples of why sometimes time seems to drag on when we are doing experiencing painful or boring things or when it quickly flies by when we are doing experiencing pleasurable or potentially dangerous things Several reviewers have mentioned their horror at seeing the girl dash in front of a car to rescue her dog I can understand their point of view However I think that Ahn [...]

Cute story on the concept of time for young readers I feel the story would create some great inquiry and talking points with children.

I wanted to second the comment about the child in this book running into the street For a young audience this scenario does not constitute a teachable moment, it sends a wrong and dangerous message I was reading this otherwise sweet and inventive book to my four year old and was HORRIFIED by the sequence in which the child runs into the street to rescue her dog and a car screeches to a stop to avoid hitting them The text says Or something can be saved The message is clearly that running in front [...]

The concept of time can be a baffling one for youngsters After all, there are days, hours, minutes, even seconds, and all of them may merge together in strange ways In simple text accompanying by interesting illustrations, a young girl explores what might happen during a minute, from hair growing to making a new friend She also plays with the idea of how long or short a minute may seem depending on how it is spent Although many of the scenes are amusing, others are serious reminders of just how [...]

I would have loved this book if not for the scene where a little girl races out into the street to save an animal with a picture of a car that screeched to a stop That makes the book one which I would not give to children How could editors not see that that would be objectionable The rest of the book is great.

Sometimes one minute is short Sometimes one minute is long A childlike expression of what makes a minute go by too fast, or just take too long Very brief text hand lettered by author A regular type face might be better for young readers.

I loved this book other than the little girl running in front of oncoming traffic

Kind of surprised there was a scene where the girl runs in front of a car to save her dog Would have thought that editors would have found that problematic in a picture book.

A little girl tells in simple language many good and bad things that can happen in one minutes time Love the alternating between happy and sad things Toddlers and up.

  • [PDF] One Minute | by ✓ Somin Ahn
    244 Somin Ahn
One Minute