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Pirate #(2022)



  • Title: Pirate
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Pirate By Eve Langlais,

Unlimited Pirate - by Eve Langlais - Pirate, Pirate Space opera Not a romance Earth a space pirate s dream when it comes to booty but not a good place to hide when bounty hunters come looking Pulling up stakes means Rafe must leave his vintage trailer

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3.5 Stars Rafe has a sassy ship named Anabelle and she isn t the only lady in his life giving him grief No, he picked up a passenger in Earth, a curvy woman named Emma While they are running for their lives, he s also fighting an attraction to the wench I definitely had some laugh out loud moments and enjoyed Emma s spunky attitude and antics Rafe is cocky as hell and it comes across in a comical way The world the author created was interesting and different It felt like a solid start to a great [...]

update 4 26 17 So glad I was warned big spoiler view spoiler no hea hide spoiler Maybe was never suppose to be a romance review show book 4series not for me review show book 2

not one of her best but a good fast read anyway

I don t read a lot of SciFi Romance, and I have been saying that I should remedy that So this new series from Eve Langlais was the perfect opportunity A trusted author and the blurb sucked me right in winning And this book had a bit of a Men in Black feel to me I think it was the type of humor and the multitude of alien lifeforms.Rafe Abaddon is the space opera version of a Romany Gypsy and a bit of a space pirate He is an alien traveler of the galaxies, humanoid in face and form well except for [...]

Rafe is an intergalactic gypsy pirate, on Earth to buy coconut oil and other stuff to sell on the black market He s living in a trailer, getting drunk and getting naked He likes answering the door naked when delivery woman Emma shows up She s hot She s resisting his seduction, but at least she ll laugh at flirty innuendos about his package.Then suddenly, Emma s truck explodes and aliens attack Rafe bundles her onto his spaceship and they re off to explore the universe together Rafe s all about h [...]

What a spectacular launch to this series I couldn t put it down Between world building and plot twists I was glued to the pages and enjoyed every minute of it This novel was action intensive yet still fun and light hearted Langlais balances the best of both to create a universe that I m dying to travel in The character intensive plot allowed me to experience the different cultures while getting to know the basis for what promises to be a fantastic series The intricate world building was phenomen [...]

Rafe is something else, that man is cocky as hell, little Lying isn t attractive, wench We both know I m than adequately endowed Rafe must be very proud of his ding a ling the man is always talking about it, just adjusting it for comfort, wench Males of a certain size have that problem I loved this book, I loved Rafe.

My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens Pirate is the first book in a new series by Eve Langlais called Space Gypsy Chronicles She is an author that I love I ve read, and listened to, a ton of her works and I m still not caught up yet Langlais is one of my go to authors if I need a pick me up and some humor in my day I know that Eve will always make me laugh out loud and this book was no exception.The story starts off with Emma delivering packages to a trailer [...]

Pirate is the beginning of a new series by Eve Langlais and while this isn t a horrible, awful cliffhanger, this series does follow the same couple so things are not anywhere near resolved I loved the world building, loved that we jumped straight into the action and there were no unnecessary characters on Earth introduced I enjoyed the banter between Emma and Rafe and I look forward to seeing where this story is going to go in the next installment.


So I wasn t really sure what I would think about an alien romance, at least he looks human and isn t a different color He is just from a different planet and a space pirate So Rafe thinks Earth is a space pirates dream because of all the goodies he can get and sell off in space He orders things and they are delivered by the sexy and cute Emma whom he loves to tease and she has no idea he is an alien, until some ruffians come after him and they have to make a getaway in his ship.Emma can t believ [...]

3 1 2Only the start to the story and tried to have a cliffhanger epilogue that was just confusing.The characters were cute and the story description of the space and space port interesting but the story isn t fully complete This the beginning and the connection of the two main characters This is not erotic as it mainly is their sex banter and no real happening until the very end It was fun up to the end when it ended Yep, that is my main issue They get together and the story that is being built [...]

The usual quick witted dialog from Eve Langlais My only disappointment this book is a story in 4 parts That s enough for me to knock a star off the review Give me a complete story in each book of a series, or give me a warning

The sense of humour in this one was amazing

Loved it.

Rafe is a Space Pirate currently residing on Earth to purchase goods that are cheap on earth but fetch a hefty price in other galaxies He s even got a cute delivery girl to ogle and constantly tries to get in her panties She s not buying his charm although he s just cute and hilarious Emma is sassy and such a smart mouth I really enjoyed her She thinks he s crazy when he throws out stuff about space and his ship That is until he gets attacked and brings her along with him because he cant just le [...]

I hadn t had any expectations when I started this book I hadn t even read the blurb when I dove into the book, solely on the authour I ll also be honest to state that the book felt familiar to another by same authour, with really very little difference, except the endingsAll that being said, I still really enjoyed the book Know going into it, each story is individual and complete, but this is a serial So we get this whole story, but at the end, you know it is going to continue as the overall sto [...]

Heee A new space faring romance from Eve Langlais high fives self enthusiastically So Rafe is your average space pirate looking for his next score Ha Yeah, right He s like a perpetually horny frat boy who looks to be hiding a secret or two under his nipple less skin Sure, he s convinced that the only good woman can be found on her back, but he soon learns that earth girls aren t made to take things lying down No, wait Some things are better when lying down AMIRITE I know I make myself laugh, to [...]

3.5 stars.I loved some bits, but I also took a lot longer to read this than I should have because I kept putting it down I wouldn t say it was boring but sometimes I was pretty bored and I think the majority of that was because it was kiiiiinda like reading an Alien Abduction book, but this species isn t purple and they call themselves pirates and there s some secrets that need to come out The shards and stuff were cool it made me super excited to find out , view spoiler and he s totally a desce [...]

I couldn t get through this The female character was one of those too stupid to live.

Too long and fill with unnecessarily detailsThe female talk too much and act funny for no good reason.

So, this started out promising, but became so mired in chauvinism and stupid decisions that I was disappointed The heroine is a delivery truck person who has a route that leads her to a house in the middle of nowhere in which a sexy man lives He always comes on to her and they have been flirting with each other for a while now Then one day while she s making a delivery they are attacked by aliens And this is where things turned south for me It turns out the customer is an alien as well, and he s [...]

Rafe is a Pirate Gypsy romping through the universe making his own way while running from something going on with his own people, And in this book we get little hints of why he avoids his own family but, won t yet find out what he is trying to avoid He has a Ship with an on board AI, Annabelle that has a personality quirk that I hope develops throughout the series Emma whom gets unwittingly caught up with Rafe has a fairly strong sense of self and does not let herself get pushed around.ch Altho [...]

Pirate by Eve LanglaisFirst in the Space Gypsy Chronicles series.A space pirate adventure A feisty Earth female A horny pirate who is also a gentleman Romance Rafe certainly tries to get Emma to accommodate his sexual urges but respects her saying no Unlike recent books by the author, the sex scenes were limited to the last quarter of the book.An adventure on a space station and an overall arc alluding to Rafe being important It was fun except the last few paragraphs actually makes it a cliff [...]

I laughed, I sat on the edge of my seat with trepidation and I waited for these two to fall in love and seal the deal I started this book, long on my TBR list, with no preconceived notions I was delighted to learn this was only book 1 in a seriesd have already downloaded the next 3 parts to this delightful space adventure If you re game for a funny, exciting and romantic ride through Eve Langlais s highly imaginative depiction of the universe, check it out You ll be hooked and unable to come bac [...]

On to the next book lol da da da daaaaa lol

Wow I liked this book Interesting end.

Not for me How does an author not know where she set her book How does the author first set the opening scene in Nevada, then in the heroines recollections she muses about her New Mexico delivery route How does the editor and proof reader miss this How does the audio narrator miss this mistake I can forgive the author, but those people she employees to proof, edit and produce her book are unforgivable They got paid to back up the author, as the creative brain can insert the correct information i [...]


Loved it The back and forth between the characters was perfect I love it when the girl is smart, feisty and gives as good as she gets Has mystery, romance, and plenty of action Can t wait for the next book

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