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Between Good And Evil #(2021)

Between Good And Evil

Between Good And Evil

  • Title: Between Good And Evil
  • Author: R. Michael Phillips
  • ISBN: 9781620067291
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Between Good And Evil By R. Michael Phillips,

[PDF] Read Á Between Good And Evil : by R. Michael Phillips - Between Good And Evil, Between Good And Evil Years after the Willis Asylum closed the secrets of its past lingered in its decaying halls as a reminder to the good people of Auburn Notch when Evil closes a door he also opens a window Sheriff Pr

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I love a mystery that wastes no time with setup and has me in suspense from page 1, and Between Good and Evil did just that It took a bit to catch on to what was happening in Auburn Notch, but that s not a bad thing The reader is left to piece things together as the story unfolds just as the characters are, and there is a lot going on The characters are well formed and the descriptions very detailed This was a good first installment, and I ll be watching for Promise FlynnTE I received a free co [...]

This story opens with the murder of a unfortunate young woman that is very similar in appearance to the town sheriff Sheriff Promise Flynn took the job in Auburn notch as a way to take back her life from the fear and turmoil left over from her last case as a detective with Chicago PD It was a case that almost left her dead The new murder is eerily similar and she isn t the only one who thinks so Reporter Hugh Calder has rolled into town drawn by the murder and hoping to prove his theory that it [...]

BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL and then there were three.For mystery novels set in New England, the gold standard has long been the novels of Robert Parker and Dennis Lehane Their settings are so rich, you visualize them like eating Haywood ice cream from a bowl Their characters are so likeably idiosyncratic, you listen to their dialogue like eavesdropping on the hushed argument of the couple at the next table in the diner Now the two masters are three R Michael Phillips has grown the duo into a troika.R [...]

This book is a very interesting book with so much going on in it At first I had trouble keeping up but when I finally got into it, I started to enjoy it and I really did like the book.The writing style is very nice and it drives the story and makes it deep, which is something I really enjoy and liked about this book I can say it is different from a lot of book in the same genre and that is something I really enjoyed it wasn t a rerun of a million other books you have read The characters in the b [...]

Sheriff Promise Flynn has left Chicago and her job as a detective with the big city police and started over in Auburn Notch, hoping to leave her past behind her But, it looks like the past has found her Sheriff Flynn must decide on who she can trust with the secrets of her past and whether her life may still be in danger.Bob Clayton is being forced to commit murders with his step brother, no matter how much he doesn t want to The police may be closing in on him but there are so many questions to [...]

Immediately I was drawn in by Bob Clayton, who is conflicted over committing murder and his partner, who forces him to continue The opening chapters raise numerous questions, forcing the reader to flip the page As I got further into the story, it became apparent that Sheriff Flynn has demons of her own Due to her past she doesn t know who she can trust The alternating POVs between the killers and the Sheriff s Department works here Between Good and Evil is thriller than mystery, because we know [...]

Reviewed on behalf of 2 girls who love books blogThis story is fantastic and the descriptive language used was some of the best I have ever read I could see everything so vividly because of how the story was worded and it was brilliant The plot is fantastic and easy to follow with beautifully flowing chapters that just make you never want this book to end The characters are well thought out and you feel like you have been living next door to them your whole life You know everything that you need [...]

This mystery has an interesting premise, but often seems to get caught up in its own complexity Though there are too many characters overall in the cast and the storyline is unnecessarily complicated, the recurring characters are likeable and well developed A promising start to this new series Read our full review, here mysteriousreviews myst

It s such a treat to start a new Phillips mystery.In his newest release, Between Good and Evil, R Michael Phillips excels at setting the stage for a good mystery He gracefully brings new people into our lives, giving us time to get to know who is who The dark yet very real worlds of his characters are so clearly defined that you are sucked inside and grabbed along in a slow building rise of anxiety and danger.From creepy Bob to Alice Johnson, characters are presented for our examination then det [...]

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    255 R. Michael Phillips
Between Good And Evil