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Digging Up Mother: A Love Story #(2021)

Digging Up Mother: A Love Story

Digging Up Mother: A Love Story

  • Title: Digging Up Mother: A Love Story
  • Author: Doug Stanhope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Digging Up Mother: A Love Story By Doug Stanhope,

Free Read Digging Up Mother: A Love Story - by Doug Stanhope - Digging Up Mother: A Love Story, Digging Up Mother A Love Story After enjoying early success as co host of The Man Show with Joe Rogan the past twenty years of Doug Stanhope s career can be seen as a subversive insider attack against the bro code he helped to lau

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I remembered Doug Stanhope as the American comedian who I d seen extolling the virtues of America whilst doing down all things British It was on a television series called Weekly Wipe I thought it was funny, very funny though you can make your own mind up see below.youtube watch v w7OlBSo I was pretty sure I d get a few laughs from this memoir However I wasn t so sure after the book opened with what amounted to a walk through of the assisted euthanasia of his mother What Admittedly, Stanhope did [...]

People, even the wicked ones, are much naive and simple hearted than we suppose And we are too DostoyevskyBefore starting, I d like to clarify something 3 stars doesn t mean Stanhope isn t the greatest comedian or you shouldn t buy this book He is, and you should.I give it 3 stars because this is truly a love letter, so personal and raw that it can only be 5 stars worth of meaning to the people involved in the love affair or who can see themselves reflected in it I m just a fan of his comedy gi [...]

Stories of a bad person doing bad things, told in an entertaining and interesting way As someone who has listened to most episodes of the Doug Stanhope Podcast, a lot of these stories were known to me, though it was good to hear them in order, told concisely.The most interesting idea behind the audiobook version are the director s commentary sections where people involved in the stories would chat about what they remember from the time, with extra anecdotes and opinions thrown in Also Doug comm [...]

This is a heart wrenching love story, A fractured, twisted genius of a man and his mother, who is just as messed up as he is.If you aren t a fan of Stanhope, you are missing somethingis won t make you like him, he s hard to deal with But that s part of it, his ability to tell a story and his honesty sets him apart from the crowd, and honestlyen t you tired of the crowd This is filthy, depraved, disturbing and all around jacked up, and it s one of the most human things I have read this year.Give [...]

There were some really touching elements to this story at the beginning and at the end It was laugh out loud funny in spots But the middle dragged so badly that I completely lost any interest in Doug s career as pertained to the storyline , couldn t care less about his escapades or the endless stream of friends girlfriends rival comics, and for that reason I can t ever see myself re reading this book I barely made it through the middle third of the book.

The Cover Reminds me of that Scene in Goodfellas where they bury Billy Batts I ve seen Doug live a number of times and have also read his earlier book Fun with Pedophiles I came to this one expecting it to be like most comedians autobiographies done with a heavy edit by a professional writer maybe Anthony Bozza , but this work has Doug s fingerprints and bodily fluids all over it, and is all the better for it.The book deals mainly with Doug s relationship with his mother, a deeply flawed but swe [...]

Stanhope is one of my all time favorite comedians, and his auto biography is exactly what you d expect It s dark and compelling The first half is sad in a way that s nihilistic and depressing, but the second is sad in that life must be painful in order to magnify ones capacity for feeling joy way There is no happiness But lots of fun It s structurally similar to his act, in that way.Plus, it s written so distinctly in Stanhope s voice that it often felt like I was listening to him narrate an aud [...]

This is possibly the greatest autobiography I ve ever read I ve been a fan of Stanhope s comedy for many years, and I know how brutally honest he is He is even brutally honest in this book than ever before I like to consider myself an open book, but if my mom jerked off cats and dogs just to make em feel better You would never hear about that from me If I tortured and killed animals, again, you would never hear that from me You can hear it from Stanhope, though.I, like Stanhope, am a hearty dri [...]

I ve been a big fan of Stanhope since I saw him in a dive comedy club in the late 90 s I then saw him in a different dive, this time a bar in 2001 Since then, I ve followed his career, bought his CD s and love his stand up Definitely not for everyone, but he is an original and I m definitely a fan This book takes you through many emotions Laughter, disgust, pity, sadness, laughter and ultimately even though he didn t want the title, a love story.This book is raw and cuts through the fluffy bull [...]

I absolutely loved this book I ve been a big fan of Doug Stanhope since the first time I heard him on the Howard Stern Show He would tell the craziest stories about his girlfriend Bingo I ve not laughed so loud in a long time He has a unique morose sense of humor that is not for everyone He masks his pain behind jokes that some folks just won t get I would highly recommend the audiobook It adds an extra layer to overall story that just cant be beat.

A real treat for the sausage army Funny, touching and disturbing in equal parts Delectable.

If you re a fan of the fucked up comedy of Doug Stanhope, you ll love this book.Bonus for getting to listen to it.

He s a much better comedian than a writer and if you ve seen his stand up a lot of the stories will be familiar It s still interesting to learn about him as a person and how he grew up thinking and acting in messed up ways just for laughs or to relieve boredom It sounds like I don t remember him making it explicit Doug had or has some kind of attention disorder which usually led to dumb decision making, but the best part is his lack of regret or care about it later His mother, who is the main fo [...]

This love story between a mother and a son is raunchy, occasionally touching and persistently funny Stanhope is one of my favourite stand up comedians He has always made comedy out tragedy, and the tragically funny story, full of shock value but also of human heart, of her mother s assisted suicide in the hands of her own beloved son is one of his best recent bits and it is expanded here into a fully biographical story It is a double biography of Doug and Mother It recounts Doug s growing up in [...]

My wife have had this tradition when we go on long road trips that I read to her, and this year s trek across America s roadways was given a delightful boost from Digging Up Mother for sure Beautiful weather, and breathtaking scenery jived nicely with tales of Doug s Mother jacking off cats cranking out farts and bursts of debauched hijinks that anyone who s asked from life, can relate to I have enjoyed Doug s standup for many years, but it wasn t until I read this that I remembered an encounte [...]

Excellent book Could almost hear doug read it to me Loved hearing about his roots and happy there wasn t huge crossover from his stand up A crude yet strangely heartwarming book that begins and ends with suicide.

If you re a Stanhope fan, then you ll read the book regardless of anything I have to say If you aren t, then it s probably a bit too personal to be of much interest.

Rambling Drunk Spews Truth with Gusto HeartMissing Hunter S Thompson and Charles Bukowski Like Doug Stanhope s comedy Read this book Hopefully he writes many, many

This book is in a unique category for me for two reasons 1 It is the first audiobook I have managed to finish listening to.2 It is the first piece of nonfiction I have read technically, heard about a nonscientist s life.Choosing audiobook over text wasn t really an explicitly deliberate choice I had just received an Audible gold membership with my student prime account and saw that I could get one audiobook for free I had been thinking about getting this book for a while and went ahead and got i [...]

I ve liked what I ve seen of Stanhope on YouTube, and my standup aficionado friend swears he is the best of the best So, I thought an audiobook might be a great experience Those who are his fans unconditionally will love the audiobook with its director s commentaries with Stanhope and friends But while the story of the author and his mother is actually interesting than the simple jokes in the book, on the whole the book is not very funny Some of the pranks are, but sifting through the casual se [...]

Perceptive, vulgar, tear drop inducing, shocking, poignant, putrid in smell and very, very wet Stanhope s biography is an askew portrait of his life with Mommy, as the two are inseparable But just as it packs entertainment, there is lots of graphic tragedy to be observed in his mother s last years Mostly of the self destructive kind As far as being a solid and informational journal of what it takes to survive becoming a road comic and Hollywood, this is a sensational book Yet it also captures a [...]

Stanhope is a very funny guy and this memoir is pretty eye opening eye watering The book is mostly about his relationship with and the life of his mother, and as such, it s probably too personal for most readers It s also a little repetitive Doug is a complete asshole and revels in it, and when he recounts his past exploits it s pretty gripping and a little terrifying Overall this is an entertaining read and a must read if you re a fan of Doug Both Doug and his mother are awful people with numer [...]

This guy takes honesty to a whole new level, I loved it But I could see that it probably isn t for everyone That first chapter about assisted suicide with his mother was the best one.

I love Doug Stanhope

Du m nok like han for like den, men hvis du liker han s vil du like den.

Obviously incredible Vote StanhopeChaille2020

This was a fine soundtrack to Sunday chores Wanted something I wouldn t have to pay attention to, and it delivered.

Christ this was great Funny, filthy and heartbreaking Full review to follow

Morsom biografi om et fargerik og annerledes liv Synes det er interessant at han er alkoholiker, men helt pen om det, og at han ikke ser p det som et problem.

Audiobook version Awesome Loved it Best autobiography I ve encountered, not because of the content achievements, but because of the way it s pieced together.

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Digging Up Mother: A Love Story