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Armada #(2021)



  • Title: Armada
  • Author: Ernest Cline
  • ISBN: 9780804137270
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
Armada By Ernest Cline,

☆ Armada ✓ Ernest Cline - Armada, Armada Zack Lightman has spent his life dreaming Dreaming that the real world could be a little like the countless science fiction books movies and videogames he s spent his life consuming Dreaming that on

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NOPE.Believe me when I say I was ready to love this book Ready Player One was so great And this was about video games and alien invasions I jumped in to Armada ready to be caught by an awesome net and instead fell flat on my face On concrete And then a piano fell on me.The equation as it stands Boring characters I didn t care about anyone I didn t feel we spent enough time with a single character for me to care about their fate and so when something happened to someone I just shrugged and kept r [...]

The Last Starfighter Ender s Game Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica, leads a ragtag, fugitive fleet on a lonely quest for a shining planet known as Earth Proton packs Twiki from Buck Rogers I d buy that for a dollar Ms Pac Man Mix tapes Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi You re my only hope Pitfall Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished Tron Where we re going, we don t need roads Defen [...]

I d say I m pretty nerdy.I guess there s no set definition, but I do have a comic book collection that takes up its own closet I have played WoW obsessively in the past and I enjoy going to sci fi conventions view spoiler and meeting people like Tyrion Lannister hide spoiler I was a Pokemon master for the first five generations and only haven t played the sixth because I keep scolding myself with you re too old every time I see it in the stores This is my favourite t shirt This is my favourite c [...]

Teenager Zack Lightman is the 6th best Armada player in the world, a sci fi shoot em up where you pilot a ship blasting away alien invaders And then he discovers the game was really designed to find the best pilots in the world and he s been drafted in a real life war against aliens Computer games used to find skilled players kids, usually to fight aliens in an intergalactic war Yeah, it s been done already in The Last Starfighter and Ender s Game In fact the derivative nature of Ernest Cline s [...]

I like to think I m sorta with it as an adult I read books that my teenagers like I run from adult responsibilities I love some pop culture stuff I make fart jokes with my tweenish age son.I m totally on board with the cool stuff.Until I met this book.I absolutely and totally hate it I know I should make myself finish it since I received a copy as an arc I m not doing it You can t make me.I loved Ready Player One so much that it is one of my favorites that I ve read this year This sucker is goin [...]

8 02 15 Okay, let s get this out of the way If you re looking to recreate the singular reading experience you had with Ready Player One, to recapture that same magical feeling of wonder and awesomeness, you re going to be disappointed with this book Just, straight up.Armada is not RPO They have similarities, but there also a lot of differences, and those differences are going to cause a lot of people not to like this one very much Them s just the facts RPO, as far as I m concerned, is one of tho [...]

I expected something originalZACK S GAMEI was really excited to read Armada since I read some months ago Ready Player One and I enjoyed A LOT that other book So, reading the next novel by Ernest Cline was a obvious decision.I was aware of the basic premise, and I really hoped to read something fresh and original with the same sense of witty and humor found on Ready Player One, but while I can t deny that Armada contains witty and humor, I didn t find it fresh or original.Any big reason me book [...]

WINNER WORST BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015 Could we have a moment of silence for my love of pop culture references Thank you.E s Love of Pop Culture References 1986 2015 R.I.P I was born in 1980, but I didn t truly flip my shit over something until the Howard the Duck movie came out in 86 I m sure there will be several uber nerds who will claim that that s why I didn t get this novel, because I wasn t born wearing a Star Trek uniform Ernest Cline is, quite simply, the Stephenie Meyers of science fiction [...]

This was disappointing, especially compared to Ready Player One I m definitely not the target audience for this, butill It s kinda fun, but also utterly predictable Also, to all the people that have commented on this review and acted annoyed at me that it s The Last Starfighter than Ender s Game Haven t seen The Last Starfighter Don t care to No need to get after me about it Pre review So basicallyEnder s Game Sure, why not This ll probably be better than Ender s Game anyway.

So, July, 14 2015 couldn t be any accurate release date for ARMADA I mean,March, 24 2015The X Files Worldwide Popular 90s TV Series Started 1993 returns in new 6 episodes next year, after 13 years since it ended.April, 20 2015Independence Day Resurgence, sequel to major 1996 international blockbuster, began filming 20 years since the first one to Sci FactsJuly, 14 2015Pluto, the planetlly got close up images detailed observations of it and its moons.July, 23 2015Earth 2.0 announced by NASA Kepl [...]

I tried to keep my cool I tried to remain skeptical I reminded myself that I was a man of science, even if I did usually get a C in it.I looked at it again I still couldn t tell what it was, but I knew what it wasn t it wasn t a meteor Or a weather balloon, or swamp gas, or ball lightning No, the unidentified flying object I was staring at with my own two eyes was most definitely NOT OF THIS EARTH.My first thought was Holy fucking shit.How much jerking off to 80s nostalgia can one man do Ernest [...]

This book gave me an epiphany and that s not always a good thing apparently.Up to the moment I read this book, I d started to convince myself that really the main thing that mattered to me in a book was readability How much was a both looking forward to reading a book and how fast were the pages turning for me Those are two things I thought a great deal of in terms of esteem and star rating points.Armada had all that I did look forward to reading it and I thought the pages turned rather quickly [...]

A stoned gamer s fantasy.Ernest Cline, you had me at pass the blue milk, Aunt Beru.Author Ernest Cline follows up his brilliant 2011 novel Ready Player One with 2015 s Armada Not as epic or as good in any way as its predecessor Armada does feature Cline s inimitable ability to weave elements of pop culture, especially gaming and SF F, into a fun adventure.At best it is a cool Pink Floyd song, at worst a stupid Adam Sandler film Armada tells the story of Zack Lightman, a gamer hero who has lost h [...]

Kill or be killed Conquer or be conquered Survive or go extinct My review of Cline s first novel Ready Player OneIf you clicked on the link above and read my review of RPO, you would know that I was completely blown away by his first novel RPO will always be my favorite novel of all time, and that fact managed to alter my expectations when it comes to the Sci Fi genre I haven t read a novel as good as RPO, but hopefully I d find one soon After I finished it last year, I checked if Cline had othe [...]

Ummm, Last Starfighter Whatever, WANT

4.5First things first if you go into Armada trying to compare it to Ready Player One you re doing a great disservice to yourself and this book They are two very different entities While I love the common thread of gaming running through both books, the space nerd in me was squeeing the whole way through this one.That being said, I really really loved this The pop culture references were once again top notch and I really really dig government conspiracy theories It was a bit intense having this w [...]

1.5 5 starsThis book felt like an endless struggle At no point did I feel connected to the characters or their plight The story lacked originality and felt like a mashup of Red Dawn, ET and Close Encounters that is sold as a new inventive plot.The constant pop culture references became extremely tiring and forced Often they did not make sense in the context of the story and characters it s funny how every single character regardless of age immediately gets obscure references to the 80 s and 90 s [...]

4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 07 14 bFor fans of Ernest Cline s Ready Player One, I don t think there s any other book coming out this year as highly anticipated as his second novel Armada The new book is again a novel with pop culture references galore, but whereas Ready Player One was like a love letter to the 80s set in not too distant future, Armada takes place in present day with a shift in focus to all things sci fi and gaming.Needless to say, as an avid gamer with p [...]

I was staring out the classroom window and daydreaming of adventure when I spotted the flying saucer From the very first sentence of the book, Ernest Cline takes the reader on a heart pounding, laser shooting, smile inducing adventure Fans of his first novelReady Player One will find themselves transported into a world of geeky allusions, a diverse cast of characters, and honestly, a really, really good time.Now it s inevitable to compare Armada to RPO because of Cline centering both around the [...]

Buddy Read with my good friend,Matt DArmada is about a young adult, Zack Lightman, who is about to graduate high school He lives his days playing video games, and reminiscing over his deceased father One day, out of the blue, a spaceship appears in front of his school It was not any random spaceship, but a spaceship that Zack knew all too well from his many hours playing Armada Zack s life changes from that day, and he must defend the Earth from an alien invasion Will he save the day I listened [...]

Sale Alert 23May17 on for 2.99 HereBefore you pick this book up you need to ask yourself Am I ready to get my geek on As soon as I saw that Ernest Cline author of Ready Player One had another book coming out and it was narrated by Wil Wheaton my audible one click pre order went cRaZy and I shoved my money at them.I m just going to put it out there I liked Ready Player One So if you haven t ready that yet GO GET IT But Armada has some very nice characteristics too that should make it a Pop Cult [...]

I gave this book 3 stars.I am going to preface my review by saying I really didn t enjoy reading this book very much I will admit that it had a lot of hype and big shoes to fill, coming after Ready Player One, but for me it completely fell flat.Maybe someone really really into flight sim and tactical war games will appreciate this book , but I found it very dull So much of the story involved having things explained to me and there was very little immediate action, which was hard to get into at b [...]

My final thoughts below.The only thing I liked about this was the mix tape playlist at the end.There was nothing original or innovative about this story I tried to look at it from a, what if this happened to me in real like kind of thing and how cool that would be , but it wasn t It felt like a rehashing of something that has been done countless times, and done better I might add And even though Ernest Cline references those exact things, Wargames, Enders Game, The Last Starfigher, Starwars etc, [...]

Is it weird that I felt trolled throughout the whole entire book, but I kinda really liked it I liked how its very different from Ready Player One and how it is good in its own way, so there really isn t much reason to compare both of the books Nonetheless Ernest Cline still managed to be just as funny, quirky and geeky which was great Since Armada had an open ending, I wonder if there ll be a sequel

I liked Ready Player One and was really looking forward to Armada Was very disappointed and ultimately could not bring myself to finish past the halfway mark.The prose in this book felt extremely clunky There are few phrasings with any finesse, and many that made me wince She turned as if to walk awayd then she kissed me right on the lips, with tongue and everything A sci fi or pop culture reference is dropped unsubtly every few paragraphs Ready Player One suffered from these problems as well, b [...]

Full review now posted Armada is another book by Ernest Cline that bases its foundation on gaming It also uses some of the same 80s terminology used in Ready Player One, but not overly so The plot and overall feel of the story is completely different The gaming and terminology elements worked outstandingly well in RPO, but I just wasn t feeling them as much in this book So, in other words I wasn t blown away Armada is a good book in its own right, and maybe me reading it right after RPO didn t d [...]

Many many thoughts about this book I pretty much speed read through it so I m going to wait until I can re read with the audiobook and put everything into words I loved it I also disliked the obvious setup for a sequel that s not very fair to us who have been waiting so anxiously for this book to see coming on the horizon.

Snarky pre release review I thought there already was a novelization of The Last Starfighter

This should have been AWESOME Ernest Cline won me over big time with his debut novel Ready Player One , taping into my inner geek persona with his funny and detailed trivia from the 1980 s and the games, the movies, the music and the whole pop culture that defined my youth Unfortunately, this succesful first book raised my expectation to unsustainable levels for the encore You see, ever since the first day of kindergarten, I had been hoping and waiting for some mind blowingly fantastic, world al [...]

I m sorry Ernest Cline.I really did not like this book It suffered from the same issues I found with Ready Player One, except turned up to 11 unnecessary pop culture reference 1 First of all there was far too much shoehorning of irrelevant pop culture references, that not only wouldn t be understood by the majority of the target audience having been born way after these movies games were even relevant any , but also seemed to serve no other purpose than showing how much Cline knew about 80s 90s [...]

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