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Married to the Viking King #(2021)

Married to the Viking King

Married to the Viking King

  • Title: Married to the Viking King
  • Author: O.C. Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Married to the Viking King By O.C. Adams,

[PDF] Married to the Viking King | by Õ O.C. Adams - Married to the Viking King, Married to the Viking King Extra Content Included Kindle Unlimited Members Read for Free Linnea had led a simple life in her small village It was not much but she was content That all changes when her village is visited by Viki

Recent Comments "Married to the Viking King"

What was viking about this book The book ends at the 22% mark 22% people And the wolf shifter part was barely 6 paragraphs long I can t The only thing good part about the book was that the guy, Aric, wasn t a prick.

The story finished around 22% of the way through and the About the author section started at 23% and continued to the end of the book Basically, the about the author section made up 77% of this book I have no objection to an author choosing to include some information about themselves, however, I am left perturbed when this includes a complete autobiography If I were wanting to read an autobiography, I d head over to that part of the Kindle store and I d buy something along the lines of A Long W [...]

Very short Interesting idea but was cut short by the fact only 22% was actually the story The rest was the biography of the author very interesting I m sure but not what I thought I was paying for Couple that with the fact that it wasn t very well written and after a comma and some words used in the wrong place , you have a bit of a let down I only gave it two stars because I love Vikings

I think I need a new shelf,called pathetic heroines , so that I have a special place for this book.

ShortNot very detailed and short I read it in 20 minutes Also I was disappointed that the author bio was longer then the story.

ruggedly awesome

Okay, wtf did I just read Sure, it was a sweet, short story with insta love and all that, but Linnea realy knew how to piss one off She was all like, I have to sacrifice myself for the sake of my village Okay, fine Good for you But then her home, her people, her village does nothing to keep her there Sure, the vikings are pretty badass, but she s one of you Living in the scandinavian myself, the names bothered me a lot Names such as Liv, Hilde, Eskil, Noma and Magnild I can imagine has once been [...]

It was seriously short and sweet Oh i was really hoping that it was not that short because they had the most innocent and sweetest love that i had ever witnessed I hope the author could continue with the story because to me, it is like an introduction Surely, there could be .Nevertheless, i did not expect that Alaric and his brothers were wolves I never did expect it at all but i really love that plot of twist Well, i enjoyed my time reading this It truly was great Now, i guess i might like boo [...]

okay this book is horrible I had very high expectations for this book and I was so happy when I found it on epub But noooooooooo it had to be bad The thing is the story felt fake It didnt make me feel like I was with the characters It was told very badly.It could have been a great book, it needed to flow smoothly.Not jump from one scene to another.

It was actually kinda nice Needed to be longer

Seriously Not good Just Not good.

Short and sweet No muss No fuss I am sure there will be too this story.

  • [PDF] Married to the Viking King | by Õ O.C. Adams
    282 O.C. Adams
Married to the Viking King