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David's Father #(2022)

David's Father

David's Father

  • Title: David's Father
  • Author: Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
  • ISBN: 9780920236642
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
David's Father By Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko,

[PDF] David's Father | by ↠ Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko - David's Father, David s Father Julie learns that families come in all shapes and sizes

Recent Comments "David's Father"

Not my favourite Munich book but kids really seem to like it.

David s father had a big knife, spoon and fork there was friends She and David ate hamburgers There was a big stomp stomp stomp David s father stomped and sat at the big table He ate all of his supper David and his friend had milkshakes All the cars forgot their tires They walked down the street and David s father got the store people to give the kids cookies and chips He scared the kids out of their clothes His dad picked her up and put her in his hand Wait till you see my grandmother David sai [...]

David s Father by Robert N Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, is another bizzare, quickly paced story It plays on the childhhod fantasy of having a protector Themes include friendship and the acceptance of differences Martchenko s illustrations seem a bit darker than usual at times, but still feature frenetic action at times For ages 3 7 and fans of Robert N Munsch and Michael Martchenko.

On the surface, this story has everything I like about Munsch s books over the top situations, silly things but I just don t like it.I find the artwork unappealing, and the storyline a bit dull And while David s father chasing away bullies is a good thing, for the kids to then take advantage of the situation and get free stuff is a bit much.

This book is so unrealistic I mean come on A car jumping in the air, spinning around three times, and then driving away while leaving its tires behind What a joke This is definitely NOT the book for adults that I thought it was gonna be

Perfect Once again Robert Munch has travelled successfully into a child s psyche He eliminates fear of people s differences and manages to create not just a safe world but a world where one wants to explore and celebrate those differences.

Robert Munsch delightfully infuses his children s stories with humor that has an incredible appeal to young children.

Loved the grandmother in the end.

I think it s missing a page Or a paragraph on each page

really enjoy this book brings a smile to my face every time especially how big the utensils are.

Max s review Oh mysoNot very funny.Really bizarre and different Munsch is weird.

Very sweet and bizarre as per Munsch s styles people may look fierce like giant but really they can be actually sweet.

Gotta love a good Robert Munsch book Fun, whimsical, great for making predictions

Don t judge a giant by his size.

This is so funny My favourite part is the ending Hehe

This book is somewhat ridiculous, as David s father is a giant But it s fun and funny for young children The pictures are great.

  • [PDF] David's Father | by ↠ Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
    314 Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
David's Father