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Invasion of Justice #(2022)

Invasion of Justice

Invasion of Justice

  • Title: Invasion of Justice
  • Author: Regan Black
  • ISBN: 9781590804438
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
Invasion of Justice By Regan Black,

Free Read Invasion of Justice - by Regan Black - Invasion of Justice, Invasion of Justice It s a mind thing In empath Petra Neiman loves the real thing Be it pencils phones or people whatever technology has improved she prefers originals in both her professional and personal life

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Smart, Suspenseful and Sexy As a fan of Regan Black s first book in the Shadows of Justice series, Justice Incarnate, I was very much looking forward to Invasion of Justice Ms Black has a talent for creating an exciting futuristic setting for her characters, as well as a smart plot and captivating dialogue that drags the reader into the story from the first page.Petra Neiman is an empath, trying to clear her brother of the gruesome crimes committed by a serial killer, who shares his horrifying d [...]

I have undertaken a Three Book Series for review The author, Regan Black, submitted Veil of Justice Book 3 of her Shadows of Justice Series for Review I must admit, the books are truly stand alone, but I am happy to have started from the beginning.Petra Neiman, is an empath She works under Special Agent Kincaid, for the Central Region Investigation Authority When she is brought to a crime scene and can feel residuals of the murder and guide Kincaid and the authorities to the guilty.We meet her i [...]

It s the year 2096, Petra Neiman is woke up from a horrible dream to sound of an old fashioned telephone ringing She is called to the scene of a murder by Special Agent Kincaid who often uses her empath abilities to help him solve cases At the scene she meets Gideon Callahan who she assumes works for the police but things are not always as they seem Gideon is actually undercover watching over Petra While at the crime scene Petra touches one of the suspects and sees not only what happened but tha [...]

This book is less a continuation of the first book, and of an overlap, introducing new characters Most of those characters are very exciting, indeed.I think I liked the first book better than this one and the third one However, it is a nice mystery and with the same strong, supportive female characters, it was a joy to read.

I am so disappointed that I couldn t get into this book I loved the first one in the series I made it to 43% before giving up I just couldn t connect with the characters and the story was just hard to follow.

  • Free Read Invasion of Justice - by Regan Black
    467 Regan Black
Invasion of Justice