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Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1) #(2022)

Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1)

Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1)

  • Title: Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1)
  • Author: G.G. Andrew
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1) By G.G. Andrew,

☆ Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1) ↠ G.G. Andrew - Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1), Graffiti in Love Love and Lawbreakers KaveMan is a London graffiti artist world famous wealthy brilliantly creative And Laurel Xavier hates him Laurel a laid off city planner is bitter from compromising her dreams and still losing her

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Huh I ended up enjoying this than I expected to.This story follows Lauren, a stuffy good girl and unemployed city planner, and Jamie, a secretive, British graffiti artist Lauren is very passionate about one thing keeping her home town beautiful and clean So when Jamie aka KaveMan starts defiling Yale by leaving his pieces on public buildings, she makes it her mission to catch him in the act and thus expose him to the world and the police Jamie, on the other hand, sees his art as a way to expres [...]

Read Graffiti in Love and thought it was so charming It s the story of a frustrated, underemployed woman who decides that she s going to be the one to unmask the infamous and anonymous Banksy ish street artist who s doing a residence in her home town read he s painting on ALL the things The heroine Laurel was great, and I think a lot of women will totally identify with her who hasn t wanted to chase down a mysterious and artistic hottie When Laurel actually catches the street artist known as Kav [...]

Originally posted at For What It s Worth on 3 25 16 fwiwreviews 2016 03 frSource Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewQuick thoughts What a fun story The way these two fought their attraction was hilarious I went into panic mode when I saw that this book had over 40 chapters , and while it is a tad too long, many of the chapters are less than a page long 269 total pages and the story flew by thanks to the humor, action and romance.

Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Graffiti in Love is a modern romance between an infamous, anonymous graffiti artist and the last person he ever expected to fall for an unemployed city planner who hides her artist s soul from the world Jamie s kind of a wanker s name Jamie Bosworth has made his career doing graffiti in cities around the world as the infamous KaveMan His current world tour has taken him to New Haven, Connecticut where he runs into La [...]

Graffiti in Love, Love and Lawbreakers Book 1 , G.G AndrewReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance,Saw this, and author the author is unfamiliar to me the book appealed, it was only 99p so on the kindle it went.Its a fun read, light and easy to follow but with some serious thought behind the issues raised Laurel, I liked her, she s always the family good girl, seeming to feel she has to make up for her sisters issues That does happen in families, there are contrasting children, and it [...]

4.5 starsI loved this I read this after reading Book 2, and it gave me a totally different view of both Lauren and Jamie I flew through the book, it had wonderful humour, angst, heartache, steam and lots of action.I loved both Jamie and Lauren, neither were who I d expected them to be from having read Stolen in Love Whilst this didn t make me cry quite as much as Kim and Scott s story did, it did play with my emotions and make me really care about Jamie and Lauren The messages they left each oth [...]

Laurel was persistent and struggling to live with truth The truth about herself and the truth about what she wants KaveMan was lonely and so very creative but was blind to what he truly needed I liked this book with it s way of showing each character and the reader about the eye of the beholder and what truths lie at the base of everything Perceptions versus universal truths are so very close.Running around the city chasing that truth as well as each other allowed both people to interest me I li [...]

Love this charming, opposites attract story with snappy dialogue, sweet misunderstandings, secrets, art, flowers, and .

Good storyline with likeable characters that drew me into their story and kept me there until the very last page I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

Quick, funny and sexy read Sweet romantic story with a conflicted character with issues Great story for an easy vacation read I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland4.5 starsGraffiti in Love was such a fun, sweet read I loved it KaveMan and Laurel are so great together I justI just really enjoyed this story Laurel has been having a bit of a rough go of it of late She lost her job, her boyfriend, she just has a lot going on This is not good since she is always trying to be the perfect daughter since her sister messes up so much She should have her life together by now, be settled down, just be everything he [...]

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review Laurel has an artistic soul, but life pushed her towards something stable and securewhich also ended her up jobless Now the only art she does is on the side for her own pleasure When KaveMan comes to town she sees it as an outrage, but she doesn t get personally obsessed with stopping him until he targets her with his art Maybe if you see him you should invite him to have sex with you, Kim said, watching her sister s rea [...]

Back in November, for Novella November, I read a novella by G.G Andrew called Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish, which was completely out of my reading comfort zone Yet, I really enjoyed the story There are very few romances out there that I find appealing I often find them to be too sexy, too cute, or just boring and predictable And if there are half naked people on the front cover forget it I won t even read the teaser Not because I am a prude I read Fifty Shades just like everybody else, but because I m [...]

Loved Laurel and Jamie In addition to the main story and romance, I particularly enjoyed Laurel s tumultuous and then healing relationship with her sister Kim I ve never read a story with a character who struggles with kleptomania as Kim does and getting her perspective on things added something fresh and touching to the book I m looking forward to the next story when Kim takes the spotlight.

What happens when a graffiti artist becomes charmed by a straight laced, law abiding citizen Is she going to turn him in to the police Or wait to see what he ll do next The story is sweet with some hot sexy times and enjoyable My favorite part of the book is the clear character arcs for both the hero and the heroine.

Opposites and attract and how fun it is The story of two unlikely people who are drawn to each other but fight it all the way A secretive graffiti artist and a laid off city planner are drawn together when she is determined to unmask him Emotions, suspense and lots of drama follow, not to mention the chemistry A well written past paced book that will keep you page turning I received an arc copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

  • ☆ Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1) ↠ G.G. Andrew
    233 G.G. Andrew
Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1)