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A Home in the Woods #(2022)

A Home in the Woods

A Home in the Woods

  • Title: A Home in the Woods
  • Author: Oliver Johnson Carolyn Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780253206169
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
A Home in the Woods By Oliver Johnson Carolyn Hickman,

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[PDF] A Home in the Woods | by è Oliver Johnson Carolyn Hickman - A Home in the Woods, A Home in the Woods It s hard to picture this part of the country as I first remember it Here and there was a cabin home with a little spot of clearin close by The rest of the country was jist one great big woods and mil

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The reminiscences of an early settler in Indianapolis during the 1820s and 30s, this was an unexpectedly charming book Oliver Johnson s account of a pioneer life in the woods is a familiar and detailed telling of living off the land, hunting and fishing, growing a few crops, and getting a rudimentarry education at the area s lone schoolhouse The indigenous population had been mostly removed by the time Oliver came to the area as a young boy with his family They named their dog Tecumseh, after th [...]

I really enjoyed this book I was born and raised in Indiana, and I still consider it home I found this account of what it was like to be a pioneer in an area that I m familiar with fascinating It has a unique, true voice It s amazing what the pioneers had to do to settle the land and survive It wasn t easy but you get the sense that they enjoyed their lives, as hard as they were, and they were happy Not a masterpiece of writing, but real history from the lips of one who lived through it.

I am greatly enjoying this book It is a true account of life during the time of the early settlers, in Indiana It takes place where Indianapolis is located today It gives detailed descriptions of just how they got by, building a cabin, clearing the land, cooking the food, growing the crops, schools and much I love it

This is an excellent book describing what life was like during the 1820s and 1830s in Indiana I found it extremely fascinating and entertaining.

  • [PDF] A Home in the Woods | by è Oliver Johnson Carolyn Hickman
    258 Oliver Johnson Carolyn Hickman
A Home in the Woods