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Voodoo Moon #(2022)

Voodoo Moon

Voodoo Moon

  • Title: Voodoo Moon
  • Author: Wendy Corsi Staub Constance M. Burge
  • ISBN: 9780743409292
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
Voodoo Moon By Wendy Corsi Staub Constance M. Burge,

[PDF] Voodoo Moon | by ↠ Wendy Corsi Staub Constance M. Burge - Voodoo Moon, Voodoo Moon If her soul is bound by an evil spell Call back her spirit with a ringing bell Salt in her left hand gold in her rightWill cast out the dark and restore her soul s light The Halliwells are on vacatio

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The long running TV series Charmed was and is it s still in syndication, and she has all or most seasons on DVD among my wife s top favorite TV shows, and I m a fan myself though not an uncritical one I was looking for a short, quick paced read that could entertain while filling in time as I waited to start a common read, and that s exactly what this book delivered At 181 pages, many readers could consume it in one or two long sittings, and the brisk style invites that.The primary audience for t [...]

I was wondering if the sister that is alone on the cover is always the target mostly one of the sisters is in front Voodoo Moon is one of the first in the exception Besides it is just a theory that I just started although I thought about it in Whispers from the past Where it was Phoebe Since the picture on Voodoo Moon doesn t show the connection between Phoebe and Prue, Phoebe again is alone And surprise surprise target or the one that has the problem A new theory and enough time this year to f [...]

Voodoo Moon has been my favourite Charmed novel so far I loved the setting of New Orleans, and the voodoo stuff was really interesting I liked how the history and types of voodoo were included In the last Charmed book I read, Whispers of the Past, I felt like the sisters weren t true to character, but they were definitely a lot better in this one Looking forward to continuing with the rest of the series

Another Charmed book read, but was it all that it was cracked up to be Clearly not by my rating.This wasn t a typical Charmed story, this failed to draw in the reader I have been a long time fan of Charmed and I have been going over my Charmed box sets recently and have just finished Series 4, but this failed to capture the Charmed essence which featured in the previous books.The story was thick, full of surprises and it would have gotten a high rating from me however the writing style definitel [...]

I loved how this book took place somewhere other than San Francisco and thought that the location of New Orleans was a great alternative location I found the book to be fun, but who the bad person was wasn t a surprise at all and I thought the sisters were pretty slow to figure it out Still, I would recommend it to fans of Charmed.

Voodoo Moon is the fifth book in the Charmed series I read this when I was in high school, but I don t remember it at all It has been between nine and eleven years depending which grade I was in Wendy Corsi Staub did a great job at writing this book I loved it from beginning to end, which I wasn t sure I would half way through it The sisters go to New Orleans in this book on vacation There are some problems right away for one Prue almost misses the flight due to traffic Once the sisters got to T [...]

I found this and three other books from the series at a thrift store and figured since the TV show is good, the books can t be half bad, right Pretty much What I love most is how short and quick it is I have a hard time reading long books with a toddler in tow, so I m all for a short and simple book This was really good for a Charmed book, I guess, but voodoo doesn t really interest me, so the topic wasn t really spectacular or anything I think the only reason I finished this in a day was only b [...]

The Charmed Ones head for an exciting adventure in the Bayou I think this book would only appeal to fans of the show If you are not familiar with the show, then it is awfully weak in characterization I do love Charmed and enjoyed reading this book They are nice to read as in between books The plot was interesting and creepy as it explored the Cajun culture and the creepy aspects of Voodoo I just wish that they had gotten to the good stuff sooner and drew it out It seemed the last 20 pages was w [...]

I ve always loved Charmed since I was just a kid, so reading this was second nature for me The novel was set in New Orleans, since the place IS known for its voodoo and other magical what not Nothing much can be said about this novel except that it was your typical fun adventure for three Halliwell sisters Prue, Piper, and Phoebe I probably liked the part where the whole story did a turnabout with its characters You might think at first that the other characters were good, but then at the climax [...]

I really enjoyed this Charmed volume, it was exciting and new and a real nice read It s fun to read about the three sisters while they are not in their home town After all the charmed episodes I have seen their neighborhood is well known to me so it was fun to read about them being in New Orleans The story further is very enjoyable, Voodoo is an interesting subject to read about and although the plot might have been a bit of a cliche it was still fun and interesting to read A great novel from th [...]

A good one shot type of story, and as much as I try to put the book in the cannon of the overall series, I just couldn t see this book doing that The story was good within itself It was disconnected from everything else, not only the setting of New Orleans, but the lore and Voodoo It happened to be a different experience altogether, not to say that isn t a bad thing, it was just different There were even zombies involved in the book.

This quick pocketbook read freaked me out Voodoo Zombies Nightmares Weird I know This doesn t normally happen There was something really intense about this book I loved the adventure what can you expect when the Charmed ones take a vacation to New Orleans trouble and magic There was 1 twist I expected 2 I didn t see coming Final Thoughts I really enjoyed this quick read even though it gave me some nightmares Bring on the next one

this book was great it was fun to read and if you are into witches and warlocks like i am i think that you will like it a bunnch its about three sisters who find out they have powers and that they are the charmed ones who are the most powerful witches in the whole entire world the book describes their adventures to defeat evil it is immensely interesting and fun.

I love the Charmed TV series and read this because I love the show so much I found that while I liked the book, the show is definetly better for the magical aspects, pacing etc This might be biased as I loved the show so much but I thought that it was a good read but I would pick the show over these spin off books any day.

Loved the series and felt like the books helped fill the void when it was done but I m afraid the writing isn t that great Now I have Charmed on DVD so These books are good if you ve got nothing else to read I guess

This book was the first Charmed book I read I have watched the series and this book totally lives up to its potential It is an awesome and unique story Fans of charmed should definitely read this

Good enjoyed it

really liking it so far, only about a chapter or two in, but this shows great potential

Not a bad tie in book but found I was skipping bits to get to the end.

Glad I read it as a Charmed fan but it was so dry screenplay ish , scripted and the sisters felt like different people Boring people.

Great series and a great tv series

brilliant book love it

Like all the other Charmed novels, a great book, and just as good as the actual show.

another book I have from the CHARMED TV series hahaha Prue was my favorite character, and I stopped watching when they killed her off So yeah, you must know I hate Paige lol

Allright This is my least favorite of the few charmed books i ve read so far The stopry is a little complicated and I didn t really like the whole voodoo thing.

This you should read it is very good.

The book was good but it drug a little to much for me.

This book kept me engaged the entire time I usually don t read suspense books but I love the show This is an easy read and keeps your mind thinking.

awesome detail but not exatly as seen on tv i watched every single charmed episode and read every charmed book i am their no.1 fan.

i think that the book is perfect im in love with it i think its one of the best books iv ever read i think that they feel like they are outsiders.

  • [PDF] Voodoo Moon | by ↠ Wendy Corsi Staub Constance M. Burge
    421 Wendy Corsi Staub Constance M. Burge
Voodoo Moon