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The Sunlight Pilgrims #(2022)

The Sunlight Pilgrims

The Sunlight Pilgrims

  • Title: The Sunlight Pilgrims
  • Author: Jenni Fagan
  • ISBN: 9780553418873
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
The Sunlight Pilgrims By Jenni Fagan,

Unlimited The Sunlight Pilgrims - by Jenni Fagan - The Sunlight Pilgrims, The Sunlight Pilgrims The stunning new novel from the highly acclaimed author of The PanopticonIt s November of and the world is freezing over Each day colder than the last There s snow in Israel the Thames is overf

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this is a gem of an apocalypse story i d read this author s book The Panopticon a few years back, and loved it, but this one is so very different in style and tone, it shows just how much authorial range ms fagan has The Panopticon was gritty and harsh, but not without some really lovely bits this one is slower, deliberate and insightful, and the lovely languid writing is back and it is tremendously effective in this setting, where the world is slooooowwwwly ending as a new ice age rolls in odd [...]

Truly one of the highlights of this year, this book Read a great review in the New York Times book review here nytimes 2016 07 17 boo The Sunlight Pilgrims is a stylistically quieter novel than Fagan s bravura debut, The Panopticon a fiery and voice driven effort that landed her on Granta s 2013 list of the best British novelists under 40 years old but it is no less critical in its portrayal of marginalized people under the pressure of society s norms.Fagan is a poet as well as a novelist, and m [...]

The year is 2020, the world is getting colder, the Thames has frozen solid, snow in places where it doesn t usually snow and a huge glacier is heading towards Scotland In a Scotland caravan park, Constance, her daughter Stella, though Stella used to be a he, and Dylan, a young man from London whose mother lived in the park and had recently died, are gearing up for the coldest winter ever The descriptions of the weather, the snow, the cold and ice are phenomenal, one can feel this weather inside [...]

It s eerie for sure and disconcerting to think that in this novel, taking place in 2020 only four years from now , that a new Ice Age is coming not just to this place in Scotland called Clachan Fells but all over the world It s a tribute to the author that her descriptions make you feel the unbelievably cold temperatures and see the three suns in the sky , the phantom suns The prologue is beautifully written setting the stage for the story, mainly of three unforgettable characters Within the fra [...]

Not going to rate this putting it into my abandoned pile Good writing but because I m not inclined to read the blurbs any prior to reading, I didn t realize this was YA I m not a fan and really need to mentally prepare myself for one This has gotten rave reviews from some of my fondest GR friends who I trust immensely So, don t be put off by me Just can t do it for the YA factor.

This book is cold I enjoyed the characters in the book I was expecting to happen in the book I thought they were going to be fighting the cold the whole time, but it s really about people and friendship and well yes, the cold They are talking throughout the book about looking at the three suns I thought at first this was some crazy thing that happened with the Ice Age coming, we suddenly had three suns but no, this is what they all it in the book EXCERPT Parhelia It s a phenomenon that looks li [...]

I d rate this 3.5 stars.People often comment that there are not many original ideas out there While that seems true sometimes, at other times you find a book that is pretty unique in certain ways, and isn t at all what you expected That was definitely the case with Jenni Fagan s The Sunlight Pilgrims While not everything meshed the way I had hoped, this was a unique and surprising book, and it definitely has stayed in my mind.It s 2020 and the world is in the grips of the coldest temperatures on [...]

Wow, this book was the perfect combination of scary and intriguing We are in Scotland where everything is covered in frost and snow Actually, all of the world is covered in what everyone fears is going to be the next Ice Age and the extinction of humanity The scary part is that this story takes place only 4 years from now, in 2020 While this story is quite claustrophobic and chills you to the bones, I love how it comes with a glimpse of hope Dylan, Stella and Constance get to know each other in [...]

3.5 Stars Three people living their day to day lives in a time of great upheaval 5 star character setting beautiful writing, but I was at a 2 star level of engagement It was slow moving and not much happened That isn t always a deal breaker for me, but I just didn t click with this book.All the villagers look worried and that is the worst thing Before it was just poverty, pestilence, terrorists, pedophiles, drugs, eating disorders, online grooming, meteors skimming a bit too close for comfort No [...]

This is one of those books Any reservations I had left even after reading glowing reviews disappeared and I found that I was always eager to return to Jennie Fagan s story of nuclear winter set in Scotland That the setting is only a mere four years away made it all the compelling When temperatures begin to plunge, there is the inevitable social and economic crisis associated, but while Fagan incorporates those issues, the focus remains on the people The setting, while bitterly cold even at the [...]

I think I would group this book in the same pool as Station Eleven a literary novel playing with a setting of destruction to explore other themes As people who know me know, this might hint at a lesser enjoyment of the book for me than I think other people will have I ve read many disaster novels and have some baseline expectations for the realism I require to find truth in the story In this book it is an ice age instead of a virus, with a smaller cast of characters and narrower themes of sexual [...]

This book is something else You better sit down somewhere cosy while you read this, because the story is gripping, intriguing and above all it s cold It s November 2020 and a terrible cold is descending upon the globe, the worst winter in centuries The Thames freezes over and hundreds of people die from the icy weather In these harsh times we follow Dylan, Constance and Stella as they try to survive the low temperatures and the lack of sunlight, as well as their own personal problems.I met someo [...]

e child of a wolf may not feel like she has fangs until she finds herself facing the moon, but they are still there the whole time regardless There is absolutely no question the writing here is stunning Stella is also a fantastic, engaging character I just wish the others had the same depth There s a little manic pixie dream syndrome going on here, along with a good solid case of insta love, and on reflection I found I had very little attachment to either Dylan or Constance To be fair, we only e [...]

You can drink light right down into your chromosomes, then in the darkest minutes of winter, when there is a total absence of it, you will glow and glow and glow This is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read I felt the story was slightly prolonged in the central section but the overall lyrical beauty of it led this to be a solid 4 5 star read It also dealt with a multitude of important topics such as grief, gender identity, sexuality, the degradation of women, monogamy, tran [...]

Baby it s cold outside The year is 2020 and it s 6 degrees in Scotland Temperatures all over the world are dropping to record lows, it s snowing in places it shouldn t be snowing and the Thames has frozen over Are you cold yet Oh yeah and a major iceberg is headed towards Scotland Things are not looking so great for Constance and her trans teenage daughter Stella who is struggling to get hormone blockers.This is a very literary take on the genre along the lines of Station Eleven or Gold Fame Cit [...]

How do you rate a book like this I don t even know where to start or what to say here.Let s get something straight first, this is of a character driven book showcasing people who are lost, who are struggling with grief and looking for acceptance, rather than a book about the end of the world It s bleak, slightly depressing, slow and not a great deal happens BUT it is written so well It s clever, a bit dry which a lot of people that aren t from England may not understand , full of quirky charact [...]

The Sunlight Pilgrims, by Jenni Fagan, takes place in 2020 in a small Scottish town during the worst winter on record the approaching ice age.It is a touchingly believable story of a small group of people, living in a caravan, and how they continue to lead their lives while the enviromental catastrophe escalates.I couldn t help liking the characters as they were flawed and genuine While fighting off despair they hung onto each other with dignity and affection One of the strongest aspects of the [...]

I just fell in love with all the characters and the place This made me laugh, it made me sad, it made me happy I am not sure what else to say It is a story about an ice age Well, yes, but it is than that Far Everyone was suffering from a degree of sadness, but as things got colder, they became happier Funny how things like that happen I found myself wanting to live in northern Scotland and watch an iceberg come into the bay I am going to live with Dylan, Stella , Constance, Vivienne and Gunn f [...]

In the vein of Station Eleven, Jenni Fagan pens a gentler, poetic, and profound snowpocalypse tale Despite my increasing wariness for dystopian tales, this one manages to feel quite fresh The world is undergoing something of an icy Pompeii, and it s progressing quickly than any scientists foresaw coming It s snowing mostly everywhere, temperatures won t stop plummeting to alarming depths, and civilization is running out of places to outrun it Dylan MacRae, a loner who worked at his family s Soh [...]

giving away a copy on my blog facebook suzyapproved

I m torn on how to review this novel I recognize the writing as unique and I feel that Fagan was trying for something new, and taking chances, which are always things to be applauded And it also feels to me as if many people will enjoy this book possibly fans of Neil Stephenson and William Gibson even though I didn t enjoy it myself For me the story felt underdeveloped, and the syntax felt a little unmoored from any concrete idea I could make for myself about what it meant There are too many the [...]

The winter of 2015 16 was one of the warmest winters on record Fast forward to 2020 In the Sunlight Pilgrims, climate change causes the coast of Scotland to experience a rapid drop in temperature from 6 degrees in November 2020 to 56 degrees in March 2021 The polar icecaps are melting The coastal village of Clachan Fells is one of many places where residents will be snowed in, light deprived, and experience severe cabin fever Even worse, some residents could freeze to death This could be the end [...]

This is a tough one to rate I had a whole conflicting mixture of feelings while reading this, and I even felt the need to write some notes about it on my phone while I was still reading it, which I never do.I ll begin with what I liked about it I thought the characters were great to start off with the story follows Dylan, who moves from London to Scotland as the apocalypse begins, and after he becomes a part of his new neighbours lives we mostly follow them 11 year old Stella and her mother, Con [...]

It s 2020, and the world is slowly freezing The two main characters teenage Stella, who was until recently a boy named Cael, and an ex Londoner Dylan Mix in some weird dynamics with mother Constance and a remarried father, who is struggling to cope with his daughter s sexual identity, and now you ve got some idea of this novel Dylan is also reeling from the back to back loss of his mother and grandmother I was quite amused when Stella tosses a plastic container of ashes into Dylan s backyard onl [...]

The most interesting facet of The Sunlight Pilgrims is the promise of a global apocalypse, but the author treats this element of the book as an afterthought The main characters are stationary in their desires and personalities There are no quotation marks, and identifiers are rarely used, so the dialogue is difficult to follow Borrowing the words of Jeff Vandermeer Please also recognize that no good ever came from not putting dialogue between quotation marks, or use of some other easily noticed [...]

In the near future global warming has thrown the world into dystopia The plot is a but all over the place due to following so many characters.This has potential, and it may be a better read for someone with a better understanding of U.K slang Thus was a bit slow moving for me, I do feel I need to add that I prefer a very fast moving plot, and am easily distracted if there isn t nonstop story progression The thing that saved this for me This author can write I would love to see from her, and exp [...]

Not for me.I am so sad that this book flopped for me I really wanted to like it I do love dystopian reads, but I felt so confused by most of it.So much detail, and yet I often felt like the pieces went nowhere I was waiting for the moment when I would be like, okay, wow, but it didn t come I was confused by Dylan and Constance than anyone in the book and I thought it was supposed to be centered around Stella.Was I not supposed to get it Did I miss something I don t know.Yup, this book just was [...]

The North Atlantic Drift is cooling and Dylan MacRae has just arrived in Clachan Fells caravan park and there are three suns in the sky.That s how it all begins The North Atlantic Drift is a wind driven current of warm water that is responsible for the warmer climates in Europe The ongoing thaw of the polar ice caps result in massive amounts of fresh water being released in the oceans, vastly changing its salinity Changes in salinity have the potential to unsettle ocean currents and thus our wea [...]

Buddy read with Cari 33.5I hate having mixed feelings I hate it because they make it much difficult to actually express something coherent about the book, and I usually like writing reviews to clear my head about how much I liked the book itself Anyway, overall it s for sure a positive rating, but I can t say I m not confused because of some thingsThe endingh Now, I don t dislike open endings I m usually open to any kind of ending, what matters to me is to see an ending that seems to fit with t [...]

d all around them winter is looking for victims and everyone is getting crazy The darkness comes hunting an hour after lunchtime and by 3p.m they are plunged into twelve hours of night Yes, winter is coming It is November of 2020 and things have taken a chilly turn Polar caps are melting Blizzards in the tropics and people are just hanging on.Enter, Dylan MacRae, a big shambling man, knocked sideways by the losses of two dear family members, flees London and finds new life in a small Scottish vi [...]

  • Unlimited The Sunlight Pilgrims - by Jenni Fagan
    278 Jenni Fagan
The Sunlight Pilgrims