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Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle) #(2021)

Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle)

Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle)

  • Title: Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle)
  • Author: Rod Holder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 291
  • Format: None
Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle) By Rod Holder,

[PDF] Read ↠ Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle) : by Rod Holder - Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle), Water for Alien Were Dinos or E T The Extra Tentacle My name is Alf Khalan I did not set out to become the greatest lover of Earth women that ever lived I simply needed some water This is my story My name is Jillian I didn t intend to have the longest a

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this is a beautiful love story built upon a foundation of reciprocity in which jillian a human woman, and alf khalan an alien male discover that each has a need that can be filled by the other in a mutually beneficial arrangement which is the plot of like 75% of jane austen s books, so you know it s gonna be all hott like her books in which there are amiable alliances of compatible feelings that end up forming agreeable unions phoar, austen, phoar alf khalan needs liquid water to power his ship [...]

My name is Alf Khalan I did not set out to become the greatest lover of Earth women that ever lived I simply needed some water Holy what did I just read No, really WHAT DID I JUST READ I am completely, and utterly damaged by Water for Alien Were Dinos I ve read my fair share of disturbing books, but nothing ever as gruesome as this short story.I am almost afraid to say I liked it It was funny and crazy with characters you really shouldn t like but somehow you do.The dashing alien were dino, Alf, [...]

Edit As if I needed reasons to love this author, he is donating all the admittedly minuscule profits of this book to RAINN Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network I was able to identify it as a she human One of their females, and of breeding age but toward the tail end of her fertile time.I tensed According to my data chip, this was one of the most aggressive creatures I could encounter on this planet Despite her diminutive stature, I would need to be on guard Bwahahahahahaha But seriously, fuck y [...]

UPDATE Now available for Kindle, because reasons author_blog I know a guy His name s Rod Holder He wrote this story It s execrable It s offensive It s filthy and disgusting But, he told me it s okay for me to send it to you if you want it it s available as a PDF or Mobi file So, if you want it, just let me knowBut you don t want it Oh, and 18 only, kiddos.

Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Because once you go monsterporn you never go back Or at least that s what Sh3lly tells me Okay, let s begin with the title Best title of the year Bar none.This is the story of Jillian and Alf Khalan snort Alf snort He always did like to eat pu y Anywho, after a hard day scrubbing cars at the local bikini carwash Jillian has one thing on her mind a warm shower Actually make that two things she also wants to have some hate sex with herself while picturing [...]

Why have I not gotten this book yet I like tentacles

5 I THINK I JUST PISSED MYSELF STARS Okay, so that title right there wins the internet, it does I knew going in heh that this was going to be a humorous endeavour And, boy, do I like my funny bone being tickledAlf Khalan is an alien, trapped on a ship that is going down, unless he can get some water Jillian is a human, whose just gotten home from a grueling day of bikini washing assholes cars Jillian is just getting out of the shower, after some much needed haterbation to the thoughts of her big [...]

Choice Award contender for best Romance Damn right it is There used to be monsterporn Now there is Holderporn Where self sacrificing car wash girls jump tentacled dino aliens for the sake of humanity Gotta love altruism This magnificent piece of tentafundinoaliensmut there is such a thing, yes, absolutely ain t no encounter of the third kind, people Oh, no It s much deeper than that It s about the importance of water conservation And about being friendly and welcoming towards other races Read it [...]

World s Collide An alien were dinosaur named Alf Khalan snicker lands on a primitive planet called Earth to replenish his water supply and repair his ship He happens to land in the backyard of a human named Jillian She thinks an alien invasion is imminent and in order to stay alive, she is going to have to take one for the planetary team and do the dirty with this 8 foot tall dinosaur hybrid Alf Khalan has a couple of surprises in store for Jillian He actually has two forms The reptilian one and [...]

Rod Holder is a man that really knows his readers, he has brought all his tumescent magic to this book and delivered a ridiculous masterpiece Prologue My name is Alf Khalan I did not set out to become the greatest lover of Earth women that ever lived I simply needed some water.My name is Jillian I didn t intend to have the longest and most intense orgasm ever in order to save everyone on Earth But, that s what happened.The story starts out with Jillian coming home from her horrible job as a biki [...]

O my goodness What a delightful and charming short story about a young girl s first kitten This short work has a little bit of everything patriotism, faith, heroism and a child s endearing belief in the goodness of others And of course, the kitten, so adorably named Giggles by the crippled but proud grandmother Is there a Disney film forthcoming When can I buy tickets I want to take my whole family Or not.This is about hedonistic sex with an alien Devilishly funny.

My first foray into monsterporn.And it was the best written, most awesome piece of smut I ve ever read.And I m ashamed to say that I never wrote a proper review of this sobbing and apologizing profusely When my good friend Sean Sean s good friend Rod Holder said that he came up with a little dirty piece of monsterporn involving characters like this And this With some of this And lots of this for the sake of this I said this And it was excellent Sean Gibson Rod Holder writes porn really really we [...]

Wil Wheaton should narrate this story D The storyA Dino Tentacled alien crash lands outside a single, middle aged woman s home.And naturally, there is only one thing she can do to save the planet.Dinosaur Dude transforms intoStuff happens Somehow alien tentacle sex All the poor guy wanted was some waterThis story was awesome and had me dying laughing It s only 99 cents on , and all proceeds go to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network.

Oh my lord It was edible And here I was fully prepared to lambast and heckle, too, but instead of any of that, I m just sitting here eating Chocolate Mint Ice Cream and drinking a tall glass of ice cold water, and I m LOVING IT.What really surprises me is not the fact that this little taste of monster porn can be written with proper grammar and without typos, but the shocking idea that it actually has a proper introduction and even a proper denouement.It s BLOWING MY MIND.Okay, Rod Holder, you v [...]

melissa413readsalotHoly shite I have never I can t Lord have mercy THIS BOOK IS NOT INTENDED FOR YOUNG READERS I have laughed my arse off My name is Alf Khalan I did not set out to become the greatest lover of Earth women that ever lived I simply needed some water.Jillian thinks she has to have sex with this monster alien thing with tentacles so she can save the world OMG I have never read erotic monster alien fiction before I can t quit laughing at the descriptions in this book Jillian s descri [...]

4 starsThis was my first alien tentacle erotica evah I m just so proud Found a review that covers this otherworldly experience in rich detail and far better than I can so I ll just post the link here for those of you who desperately need to know about the fascinating ins and outs of these particular alien human relations review show view spoiler And for those of you who might be curious about what led me down this unexpected path of ahem scientific exploration well, it all starts here read_stat [...]

Full disclosure I received this book from the author for free This is no way influenced my rating.Move over Chuck Tingle there s a new erotica, dino monster whatever porn author in town I knew going in this was going to be funny but even the dedication had me chuckling.This is dedicated to Australia I ve always wanted to go down under on you.And fuck you, Antarctica.To get serious for just a minute This book is told in a dual POV and the voices of each character are very clear I had no doubt who [...]

Yup, couldn t help myself Had to read this again due to it popping up on my feed LOL.I can t honestly describe what I just readBut tentacles This chick was all likeI d like some of that mint chocolate ice cream Alf Khalan

10 minutes later and I m still giggly, because I m super mature like that Five stars, and I ll write something better when I get home.UPDATE I still haven t written a review but, OOOOOOOH it has a cover LIKE.

This review is brought to you by Freak Me Silk Let me lick you up and down, till you say stop says our alien dinosaur hero, Alf Khalan Jillian, our Earthling, agrees, because Alf has a forked tongue and magic heating saliva that makes all her bits tingle Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot says Alf Jillian agrees, again, especially since she was feeling a little cold having just gotten out of the shower Let me do all the things you want me to do Alf purrs, asking permission is to [...]

Yes It is kinda like this But what a way to go Ok.So Mint Chocolate Chip will never ever be the same for me again I laughed, My eyes got a little watery poor dino boy just wanted some water An excellent dip into this new writer s talent.If you needed another reason to give this little tid bit a try author_blogI picked this up from so no honest review disclaimer needed Totally worth it

Cocktacle I don t think I need to say anything .

Absolutely absurd, involves lady parts which are SO not my thing at all gay here , and STILL found myself turned on a little.Hilarious and yet still, able to show that even aliens can wait for consent.Thanks for that, Rod Holder You should write me a MM shorty, please sir.

Well, not my first venture into the erotica genre I ve read Wallbanger and quite liked it but definitely my first venture into the so called smut genre is it really a genre guys But that is not why I picked up this story I did it because the author is my friend Sean y boy a friend of Sean y boy s and he recommended this story cough actually he said he could write an erotica story fairly quickly himself and it would be just as much smut or even better than some story about an Ice Planet or whatev [...]

This morningFriends Rod Holder just sent me his completed short story If you d like a copy, just let me know where to email it Oh goshThis is my first coughs second taste of Rod Holder s coughs Sean Gibson s creation and this is what I say Move over, Sean Gibson Aileene grabs a microphone CozRod Holder is in the house And he s suave He s way smarter Way sexier And waaay too sensual He s god s gift to women who likes seriously f ed up alien porn smut So if you re looking for a quickie with lots o [...]

I m definitely late to the alien dinosaur were whatever smut party although general smut and I aren t strangers So when I caught wind of free copies of this little gem being offered, I ignored the warnings and decided to plunge right in.This is a delightful little parody that had me snickering throughout Short and, er, sweet, this story contains all the tropes of the genre I m assuming, anyway I look forward to Mr Holder s future smutty endeavors, and I m grateful for the opportunity to get caug [...]

3.5 starsThis was actually very good.At the beginning I didn t know what to expect from the book and from the authors I didn t even know what it was about I just bought it on Kindle because it was just 0.99 However, I still entered completely blind to the story And I recommend you to know as least as possible if you want to read it So, Alf Khalan is an alien and his ship crushed on Earth.On the other hand, Jillian is a human who is a sexy almost always horny car washer.So, Alf Khalan ships crash [...]

4 WTF starsBR with RachelleThis is all Jenn s faultIn a Word BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAInitial ThoughtsWow just wowMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream I shall never again look upon you the same.This was hilarious The Story My name is Alf Khalan I did not set out to become the greatest lover of Earth women that ever lived I simply needed some water My name is Jillian I did not intend to have the longest and most intense orgasm ever in order to save everyone on Earth But, that s what happened ProsOk that was [...]

Not sure where I heard about this book, but I saw it said Is 0.99 too much to pay for this ridiculousness Absolutely So, let s make it money well spent all proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to RAINN rainn , the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network, the largest anti sexual violence organization in the United States in the synopsis, so I figured why not.I can t, I can t even XD Give 1 to a good charity and get a good laugh at this short story.I can t breathe XD

Dafuq did I just read Alien Dino breaks in house to find water.Human girl sees big alien dino thing in her house.Girl decides she must fuck alien dino to stay alive.Alien dino decides he must fuck girl in order to get water to refuel his ship.Fucking happens cocktacle fucking I must be a creep because I loved this and laughed my ass off.I hated this.I ll never be the same.

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle) : by Rod Holder
    291 Rod Holder
Water for Alien Were-Dinos (or E.T., The Extra Tentacle)