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Gold of Our Fathers #(2021)

Gold of Our Fathers

Gold of Our Fathers

  • Title: Gold of Our Fathers
  • Author: Kwei Quartey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Gold of Our Fathers By Kwei Quartey,

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Gold of Our Fathers : by Kwei Quartey - Gold of Our Fathers, Gold of Our Fathers Darko Dawon Chief Inspector in the Ghana police service returns in this atmosphereic crime series often compared to Alexander McCall Smith s The No Ladies Detective Agency novelsDarko Dawson has j

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One of the reasons I read a book is to learn about places and culture that are different than mine Mystery series seem to provide these wonderfully I had never thought about Botswana until I read Alexander McCall Smith s wonderful series The Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency C.J Sansom has taken me through a lawyer s eyes the times of Henry VIII And now Quartey has taken me to Ghana, a place I couldn t find on a map All I knew is that it s in Africa I loved this book Dorko Dawson is a Chief Inspe [...]

Darko Dawson has been promoted to Chief Inspector, but is reassigned from urban Accra in Ghana to a rural Obusai in the Ashanti region He finds a backward police department, but is immediately dispatched to investigate the murder of a Chinese national running one of the many illegal gold mines there Suspects are numerous, and once again Darko finds himself at odds with his bosses, the press, gold mining competitors, and even the Ministry charged with overseeing mining Meanwhile, his family life [...]

3.5 stars Didn t like it as well as the previous Darko Dawson books A little too much wandering around without any real vision of the crime and the connections between the myriad of suspects.

I m not sure how to rate this I loved the mystery Learning about the gold mines was really fascinating The characters were interesting however the story was a bit all over the place I don t know if it was the time skipping ahead or the b plot.

Kwei Quartey s murder mystery, Gold of our Fathers, leaves the reader with a possible question can an actual murder be divorced from its environment The answer is a resounding no, although in some examples of the genre, the actual deed seems to exist as a discrete event The solution thereof then seems to take on a life of its own seemingly in a bubble marked crime solution events In contrast, this novel establishes at the outset, an illegal milieu the pit mining for gold of farm land annexed for [...]

Darko Dawson has been promoted but that s not necessarily a good thing He s now a Chief Inspector but he s getting moved to Obusai in the remote Ashanti region That means that his wife has to give up her job just after she has gotten a promotion and his sons have to change schools He s barely there a day when there is a murder of a Chinese national running one of the many illegal gold mines With a murder to investigate Darko is busy investigating but the Obusai office needs his attention as well [...]

This is a book in which I found the setting interesting than the plot The picture of Ghana and the relationship between the Chinese gold miners, the local mine workers and the farmers dispossessed by the mines is fascinating and laden with racist and cultural conflicts The challenges of policing in a poverty stricken country whose institutions lack basic resources not enough police cars or personnel, intermittent phone and electrical service for starters , and are rife with corruption are laid [...]

The story line has a twist as well as an I saw that coming The author brings so much of Ghana to life with plenty of detail about every day life, customs, attitudes, and the all important relationships The protagonist is all too human when compared to the American authors who create lone ranger style detectives This is an ordinary man who does his job well, is self reflective, deeply cares about his family, and has unwavering integrity American readers who have not traveled outside the US beyond [...]

I originally picked up a book in this series because I had a friend from Ghana and wanted to learn a little about his culture I did enjoy learning about Ghana but felt the mystery was a bit thin and predictable So I was pleasantly surprised with this book because beyond satisfying my itch to learn about Ghana and African culture I felt the story was stronger and the characters had taken on added depth If you enjoy a good mystery and prefer to explore the world from the comfort of your favorit [...]

While Gold of Our Fathers is best read in succession with the first three Darko Dawson books instead of as a standalone novel, its particular merit lies in the compelling representation of the relationship, at turns symbiotic and antagonistic, between two non Western countries By exposing U.S readers to hitherto marginalized geopolitics, Gold of Our Fathers highlights the complexities of the commodities market and educates the reader through an insightful perspective on both African and Chinese [...]

Darko Dawson has been promoted to Chief Inspector in the Ghana Police Service He is married with two sons Almost immediately, his new boss transfers him to another district far enough away that he won t be able to travel home very often His wife and he decide they must all move together for the one year posting When Dawson starts work in his new office, he is dismayed to discover the disarray On his second day at work, he is called to investigate the murder of a Chinese mine owner Having the Chi [...]

I read this to satisfy a 2018 Read Harder requirement a genre book written by a POC about a POC character The mystery by a half Ghanaian author is set in Ghana, and was a competent mystery 4th in a series with a setting that figured into the crime being investigated the murder of an illegal Chinese gold mine operator Learning something about the trouble Ghana has with the illegal mines, which destroy the landscape, kept things interesting The set up of the small villages, obeisance to chiefs, co [...]

It has been exciting reading a mystery about two major cultural groups, the Chinese and the Africans If I count Granger, I would have to add Americans also I am especially thinking about the Okoh family How painful to have one son murdered while another son goes to prison for murdering the killer of his brother It s heartbreaking to read about the mother of Amos caring for her grandchild His daddy is gone forever The whole family is in pain Of course, I m also thinking about greed and corruption [...]

Chief Inspector Darko Dawson is transferred from Accarra, Ghana to the smaller town of Obuashi He is called on to investigate the murder of a Chinese man who was found buried in the gold mining camp that he and his brother ran There are a lot of issues with illegal immigrants working in the gold mines for very little wages and Darko feels this may be a related crime Then he finds out that the murdered man had himself killed a Ghanian farmer s son who lived next to his camp This begins a long and [...]

I gobbled this book up I have enjoyed all of the Darko Dawson mystery novels, and this one was no exception However, it felt like the reading equivalent to eating an entire family size bag of potato chips delicious and fun, but no nutritional value at all Okay, that last sentence might be unfair Perhaps a fun read can be nutritional for the sake of making you laugh, relieving stress, etc Who am I to say what is good for someone However, the intent of that sentence was to express how the book did [...]

I ve read the last three books of this series now and look forward to the next one coming out later this summer Our own library does not get them but I have purchased them from Better World Books As many others have commented, it is good to read about a different part of the world from someone who knows it well I wonder if Ghana is really such a place of corruption and poverty and poor infrastructure Darko Dawson fights his temptations with women and wee but he is uncorrupted and looks out for j [...]

Fifth book in this series and I ve read them all Interested in reading stories set in Ghana, a country I have visited This book explores the uneasy and exploititive between local miners and Chinese mine owners and the corrupt officials who are paid off as the natural environment is destroyed Good characters, good, fascinating story.

Darko is investigating a murder in the gold mining country, where corruption and erosion are rife By the end of Gold of Our Fathers, Darko has the case wrapped up and is reunited with his family.

I really like the character of Darko Dawson.

Excellent, suspenseful, great twists and turns, fascinating setting and authentic characters Highly recommended.

Great as always but the end was corny.

Best Darko Dawson mystery so far, IMO

Novel is about Ghana s corrupt gold mining industry aided by equally corrupt police Question is, who killed Liu Bao The motives are stacked high.

As far as Dawson knows, he s going to be in this remote region of Ghana for an entire year This means uprooting his entire family, finding a decent place to live, a new job for his wife, and a school for his two sons The logistics were daunting and just the thought of that wore me out, but as soon as Darko s wife appeared on the scene, all that was left to her including the nightmarish renovation of their new home Dawson had a murder to solve and couldn t waste time on any of this Typical man, e [...]

A detective story set in Ghana, in the midst of legal and illegal gold mining and massive environmental destruction, immigration of American and Chinese workers mining bosses employing young Ghanian youth, and a society beset by incredible corruption Darko Dawson has just been promoted to chief inspector of the Ghanian Police Service, and is told the next day he is being sent from the capital, Accra, over 100 miles away to the centre of illegal gold mining for at least a year to replace someone [...]

As a researcher, I read many crime novels, mostly from Anglophone and Francohone Africa.Having read the previous three instalments of Inspector Darko Dawson s professional adventures, I was very keen on reading Gold of our Fathers And I wasn t disappointed, that s for sure Kwei Quartey has an adept way of getting the reader into the story, and not wanting to leave it easily From the first to the second, from the third to the fourth novel, Darko is at the centre stage We grow with him, and now th [...]

There s an added bonus with reading mysteries set in different cultures This fourth novel in the Darko Dawson series provides that bonus, being set in Ghana, Africa, a place many of us will never visit.Darko has just been promoted to chief inspector when he gets the news he s being transferred for an indefinite term to rural Obuasi, an area being ravaged by illegal gold mining, devastating to the environment and impinging on the property of local farmers This means moving his wife and children f [...]

I ve been hooked on this series since I read Wife of the Gods two years ago Just like the 1 Ladies Detective Agency books, this series takes a basic murder mystery plot and infuses it with local African culture specifically Ghana for this series While I like the murder mystery detective style, I don t read either series for that reason I read them because they give me a brief look into a lifestyle and culture that I ll never experience in a down to earth kind of way Even when I was living in Afr [...]

I have been a fan of Kwei Quartey s Darko Dawson books from the beginning, not so much for the mystery but for the look into contemporary Ghana His latest book, Gold of Our Fathers, is a credible entry, but not quite up for the ones that preceded it The mystery is, well, not so mysterious, the culprit being pretty obvious to me fairly early on And his continuing story of the Dawsons seems almost perfunctory Except for their move to follow Darko s reassignment, we really don t know much about th [...]

Darko Dawson has been promoted to Chief Inspector in Accra but is immediately transferred to a small town in the interior of Ghana for a year The police department there is in a shambles and no sooner has he arrived than there is a grizzly murder in the gold fields where Chinese miners have been excavating The gold trade in Ghana has brought all kinds of corruption and environmental damage which a wealthy British journalist is investigating Crime by crime and suspect by suspect Darko straightens [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Gold of Our Fathers : by Kwei Quartey
    323 Kwei Quartey
Gold of Our Fathers