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Eye of Dominion #(2021)

Eye of Dominion

Eye of Dominion

  • Title: Eye of Dominion
  • Author: David Staniforth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook
Eye of Dominion By David Staniforth,

Eye of Dominion Best Read || [David Staniforth] - Eye of Dominion, Eye of Dominion Alloria returns to the planet of her birth triggering dark forces that begin to influence her brother Yrion His fears nettled Yrion is driven onto a path for dominion that involves those beyond the

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I had the honor of beta reading Eye of Dominion Labyrinth of labyrinths, 2 for David Staniforth That experience in no way alters my ability to write an unbiased review.This is my second ever fantasy read The first was Mr Staniforth s Alloria, the initial book in this series, which I read as part of my sample all genres self challenge I surprised myself by immensely enjoying that story, and I was very open to reading another fantasy by the same author Could Mr Staniforth wow this nonfantasy reade [...]

It was my honor and privilege to be one of David Staniforth s beta readers for the second book in his Alloria fantasy series, Eye of Dominion The draft needed very little tweaking at times I became so immersed in the story that I forgot that I was supposed to be looking for problem areas Consider that a high compliment, David.This book picks up where the first leaves off therefore, I strongly recommend that you read Alloria Labyrinth of Labyrinths prior to diving into the sequel It is a fabulous [...]

As I wrote in my review for the first book in the series Alloria, I am sorry I dragged my heels getting into this I don t care much for fantasy but after finishing the first in the series I couldn t wait to jump into the second and I think I liked the second even than the first Staniforth creates a wonderful world where a labyrinth connects other planets worlds It takes magic to travel in the labyrinth and Alloria has it with a green amulet The problem in this book is that her brother by birth [...]

With Magic holes, Palaces, Monsters and Wizards, this makes for a wonderfully entertaining adventure Once again David Staniforth has dazzled and amazed me with this fabulous story We all want to be taken away to another world when we read, and he has certainly achieved this for me Alloria is beginning to find her power At the moment it only seems to come when she really needs it, and that s normally when she s angry Her father Ymarid is slowly starting to teach her, but as he says most children [...]

I know that all lovers of the first book in this fantasy series, Alloria, will leap on this with delight It s been a while coming However, all the great characters are there David Staniforth can create the most evil baddies, the most delightful children while not making them emetic and the most trustworthy friends and colleagues Once again we meet Alloria and her brother, who is under the influence of the most repulsive villain of all time, Glebester I felt sorry for her brother, Yrion, who was [...]

Wow another great book just as good or even better than the first one The characters are so believable there are times when the reader s anxious about the outcome Couldn t put it down Surely there ll be to come.

Thank you very much Mr David M.Staniforth for giving me an advanced copy of this amazing book Alloria was the first of Mr Staniforth s books i ever read, I fell in love with the characters and really liked the author s style.I was looking forward to read the second part, i was really excited when i got it and knew without doubt that i ll love it, which i did very much The beginning was a bit slow paced, but that didn t make me enjoy it less, for me it felt like meeting old friends Many small inc [...]

I was given a copy of this ebook in return for a review.Firstly, this cover is just epic Got to be one of my favourites and just adds to the awesomeness of this book.I really enjoyed Alloria so was fully expecting to like this book as well and I wasn t disappointed David Staniforth keeps getting better and better and this is my favourite book by him so far.The characters were brilliantly consistent with the first book and I was very pleased to see Fluffy was back I like how a small side plot in [...]

I love this series Eye of Dominion is a wonderful follow up to Alloria Labyrinth of Labyrinths 1 The story picks up with the group now settled in Xsanderumn Thomas and Bessy are finding they are both welcome and needed in the new place Bainberry is overseeing Nathan s training and still keeping a protectors eye on Alloria While Alloria and Nat continue to try to figure out what their new roles mean, Yrion s story comes to the front in this book and the path the story takes is unexpected and susp [...]

Originally posted on my blog wp p4Dssh LdI d like to begin by taking a few moments to express my love for this gorgeous cover It s certainly very striking and I love the way that it has Alloria in the smoke coming out of the eye Very clever I have been eagerly awaiting this book since reading Alloria last year Now that it s here, I am happy to announce that it is even better than I thought it would be I loved being thrown back into the magical world of Alloria, Nathan and Bainberry Staniforth is [...]

This is the sequel to Alloria, the tale of Alloria finding out she is the first wizard s daughter They think they have vanquished the villain in the first book, but it seems his spirit is still alive Alloria has join her father Ymarid, and their protectors Bane and Nathan and venture back into the labyrinths to visit other worlds to save their world.This story is about Yrion, Alloria s brother who is jealous that she has returned Yrion is under the influence of Glebester, one of the most gross c [...]

Eye Of Dominion was great If you like fantasy books this is for you It continues the story of Alloria and her traveling companions It was fun reading with a gentle touch Love loyalty and family are important to us all and this is shown in the book Young readers will enjoy these books also Clean handling of relationships Thank you David for a great adventure.Alice

I ve been looking forward to reading this book since about two seconds after I finnished reading the first book in the series I was most certainly not disappointed this book was worth the read for sure It s well written, has a nicely paced plot that keeps you interested and entertained from start to finnish, and contains a fantastic cast of believable characters.

Review to follow, but I loved this book

  • Eye of Dominion Best Read || [David Staniforth]
    156 David Staniforth
Eye of Dominion