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Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist #(2021)

Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist

Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist

  • Title: Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist
  • Author: Sharman Apt Russell
  • ISBN: 9780465005178
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist By Sharman Apt Russell,

☆ Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist Ë Sharman Apt Russell - Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist, Standing in the Light My Life as a Pantheist Everything is connected and the web is holy So wrote Marcus Aurelius the starting point of Sharman Apt Russell s wise and haunting new memoir about her life as a pantheist Perhaps no other religious

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This book is tough for me to review On the one hand, it was a revelation, an epiphany, a waking to the fact that godless people have labels we can hang upon the numinous It gave me impetus to pick up the new Gregory Hays translation of Marcus Aurelius In Russell s book I found several soft hollow shocks of recognition and affirmation And yet, the writing was choppy The use of principle for principal than once was grating The strings of sentence fragments Annoying in the extreme The way Russell [...]

Some books just work, and you excuse all their faults.That s this book for me I m not objective about it, barely impartial I can acknowledge there were weird crotchets But I liked it anyway A lot.Russell is a fine writer, but not an excellent one Her prose is sometimes too prosaic She seems to sometimes get lost in her paragraphs or I do and the rhythm is off, emphasizing the wrong words She tries for parallelism that never gives a lift to either of the narrative lines.Indeed, there are a lot of [...]

Sharman Apt Russell challenges my abstract and lazy pantheism, as I had hoped, with this hard to categorize book Reading it, I quickly realized how truly ignorant I am about the environment, how much I take for granted I enjoy my creature comforts too much, am too distracted to ever comprehend Nature the way she does She can identify the assorted flora and fauna of her native New Mexico with ease and knows rancher neighbors who can quote Cervantes Contrariwise, I understand that I need to aerate [...]

This could be considered a book about pantheism, as it is labelled And in a way, it is She writes of different forms of pantheism throughout history with what appears to be considerable familiarity Not being an expert on the subject myself, I can t fairly judge But for me, it read as a memoir than a description Aside I m not sure how other reviewers were so confused by this fact The subtitle says My Life as a Pantheist If you didn t know going in that it was going to be mostly about her, maybe [...]

The subtitle is My Life as a Pantheist, part personal story, part history of pantheism with a lovely section on one of my favorites, Marcus Aurelius.

2.5 Interesting reading about Marcus Aurelius and Giordano Bruni, but just could not get up enough interest to continue into the second half of the book I was frankly getting tired reading about the cranes.

The author is quite a woman Kind, bright, a lover of nature and peace What she is not, is an author The book only gets 2 stars for weak writing I do believe, however, that an actual conversation with the author would rate higher.

Pantheism explained through the eyes of a quasi Quaker Very interesting and enlightening discourse on nature, universe, and the spirit that moves all.

A wonderful work on Pantheism Not only is it a biography, but simultaneously you are taught the history of Pantheism.

Parts of this were fascinating I knew very little of the history of pantheism, so I enjoyed the information about Marcus Aurelius, Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, Walt Whitman, and others Similarly, I have little experience of Quakers, so some of that was good as well.The problem is that not everyone who loves nature likes nature writing I d rather watch a sunset or a thundershower or a beautiful bird than read about them While I d love to see a javelina, I got tired of the author s descriptions of the [...]

I loved this book When I figured out what I believed about this crazy universe I was relieved When I found out that what I believed is believed by others I found fellowship This book reinforces those feelings I loved her descriptions of the nature that surrounded her, the thoughts in her head and I loved the background she gave on the great pantheist thinkers I highly recommend this book.

Standing in the Light by Sharman Apt Russell is a mediocre, book length personal essay The book is a history of pantheism told through a personal lens.Using the braided structure popularized by creative nonfiction and personal essayists, Russell weaves back and forth between the story of her own life as a naturalistic, pantheist Quaker, and the story of pantheism and its key thinkers through the ages.Pantheism, here defined as Everything is connected and the web is holy Not a bad summation, I do [...]

I started Standing in the Light because it s on a topic I ve been curious about for a long while, and because the author is a friend and fellow writer I finished the book with immense admiration for Sharman Apt Russell s ability to weave together the rich history of pantheism Eastern as well as Western with its contemporary manifestations scientific, philosophical and, most importantly for this genre, personal.She approaches her topic as a holistic scientist would empirically, analytically, intu [...]

In a year of reading all kinds of books about spirituality and religion, this is one of my favourites so far by a very large margin A beautifully written, open and honest account of one woman s struggle to reconcile her everyday life and restless mind with a yearning to find the numinous in the world as it is She explores various threads of pantheist thought woven through the history of religion, philosophy and literature, looks for communion in the company of Quakers, Buddhists, scientists and [...]

I think I can honestly say I understand pantheism because Sharman Apt Russell has done a marvelous job of presenting the history of this concept, or spiritual viewpoint Her research is both deep and broad, reaching back to early thinkers like the Greeks and Marcus Aurelius, and extending outward to writers like Walt Whitman, D.H Lawrence, and Robinson Jeffers, and the wrapping luxuriously around scientists who manage to find the sacred in the work they do The narrative is set against the backdro [...]

I wanted to like this book than I did, but that says much about my personal taste and very little about this volume I ve discovered over time that I want my wisdom about matters of the spirit served up through biography people writing about their honest struggles with whatever tradition resonates best for them, rather than books about the history of a tradition, or how to books about being a better person There s some biography in Russell s text and I relished it the ins and outs of living in t [...]

This was a very unusual book for me Though the subtitle is My life as a Pantheist I was not prepared for how the book was to be written I assumed that it would be on theological lines but instead it really was about her life as a Pantheist The book was 1 3 really a study or talk about her life, 1 3 about other previous authors and religious leaders who have something to offer her and 1 3 about what a pantheist or perhaps a Pantheist Quaker Quaker and Pantheist are not equivalent is all about.It [...]

Written in a derivative style that alternates, with some integration, personal reflection with sections about historical figures, Standing in the Light offers honest personal reflections about religious faith and doubt, which I appreciated, combined with some errors regarding Quaker history and the occasional tediously long list of wildlife species I can t be specific because I returned the book to the library without finishing it after encountering the suggestion that Thomas Paine like, appare [...]

This is a book about spiritual and scientific pantheism The author writes beautifully about the web of life she sees a the Gila River nature preserve in New Mexico, along with a history of pantheists and the influence of their ideas and observations on her own thinking The author is a sort of Quaker who worships nature, which is what pantheists do I skimmed a little bit, but it s well written and thoughtful I d like to take a walk with this lady and talk to her She seems peaceful, smart, and obs [...]

This book was a pleasure to read, enhanced by the fact that I know Sharman and know the landscape that formed the background for her exploration of the subject She did a wonderful job of weaving her personal story thru the pages and showing pantheism s mark in many different philosophies and in the lives of many different individuals I appreciated the historical perspectives she presented Living everyday in the Mind and Body of God I can relate to that It is what sustains me Thank you Sharman.

A good book As in, I enjoyed her bare bones writing style.I was very interested in the elegant simplicity with which she explored various strands of thought relating to Pantheism and Nature in general Her personal life was not the high point of this shortish book But, it added some background and served to hold the disparate ideas together.One of the few books that survived the Great Crack Binge of 2012.

Gives Sherman s perspective on life and philosophy interweaved with her day to day experiences in New Mexico s Gila Valley Defines Pantheisism as finding the holy in everything and discusses that compared to other major religions Talks about the history of pantheisim and its philisophical foundations from the Greeks through Spinoza Great discussions on the evilution of philosophy and the meaning of life.

I was curious about Pantheism as a possible label for my current belief system and reading this book gave me a lot to think about I particularly liked how it blended historical lessons from classical pantheists with examples of how everything fit into the authors life Experience seems to be the common theme tying all together in the holy web.

While I specifically enjoyed the overview of pantheistic thinkers, such as one might find an affinity, and the Gila River experience, I found the author s year as a pantheist somehow peripheral The depth of insight I anticipated was not as present as I had hoped by the premise Intelligently written, albeit a bit choppy.

Very glad to have found this book It was enlightening and very well written Every idea discussed here was interesting to me, each chapter than the other I take away a lot of ideas and thoughts that I hope to read about.

Parts of it were thought provoking and other parts not so interesting Makes a strong case for the connection between the natural environment and the sacred.

From WQ defining her own religion

This book will be read again Slowly sipped like a fine wine.

I like the concept of this ebook

I want to move in next door and watch cranes with this woman she could be my new BFF Totally love her philosophy and her life.

  • ☆ Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist Ë Sharman Apt Russell
    191 Sharman Apt Russell
Standing in the Light: My Life as a Pantheist