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The Exorcist Who Loved Me #(2021)

The Exorcist Who Loved Me

The Exorcist Who Loved Me

  • Title: The Exorcist Who Loved Me
  • Author: Jennifer Savalli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Exorcist Who Loved Me By Jennifer Savalli,

[PDF] The Exorcist Who Loved Me | by ☆ Jennifer Savalli - The Exorcist Who Loved Me, The Exorcist Who Loved Me Digging up the truth could lead them to their graves Must Love Ghosts Book Hiring an exorcist is not something widowed single mom Holly Archer ever thought she d do But the blackouts she s been havi

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the group Lovers of Paranormal, or LOP This was a cute story about a widowed young mother who seeks the help of an exorcist to rid her of a spirit that has been possessing her Holly believes the most likely culprit is her husband, who died in a very compromising position with his mistress She hires exorcist Lawe Callahan to rid her of her demons so she can begin to move on with her life Lawe is a bit quirky, but you d pretty much have to [...]

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A cute little story about a widowed mum of two Holly , the ghost of her dead husband s mistress Celia and a hot exorcist Lawe.What I did like Celia the 20yo mistress of Holly s husband who died with him in a car crash which exposed the affair One of my biggest pet peeves in the romance genre is the all women are evil sluts with daddy issues and only the virgin heroine is worthy of our love trope, so I was over the moon when I saw the author handling Celia s character so well I hope she gets her [...]

The Exorcist Who Love Me is the second book a funny paranormal romance series with a hint of mystery Even though it is not the book of the series, it can be read as a standalone Therefore, if you want to give it a try, don t worry about cliffhangers and such Holly is a mother of twins boy and girl that recently become a widow due to her cheating, good for nothing, and frivolous husband Yeah, Paul was a no good man In fact, I doubt anyone truly liked him after spending some time with him Holly is [...]

This series is fun, with a side order of sexy and a great big helping of paranormal interruptions Holly s just an ordinary woman trying her best to get on with her life following the humiliating death of her horrible husband She has young twins to raise and an enormous house to rattle around in, the last thing she needs is to be possessed by a ghost especially that of her dead husband s mistress.Luckily for Holly, along comes Lawe, the sexy exorcist to solve all her problems Well, actually, all [...]

I have to confess that paranormal romance is not my first choice when it comes to picking what to read Despite that, as soon as I saw the eye catching cover of The Exorcist Who Loved Me and read its blurb, I was intrigued I mean it s not everyday you have the premise of a mistress possessing the wife s body in order for her to discover who murdered her and the cheating husband Following the interesting and unique premise, the execution of the story was somewhat rushed, the plot twisted and turne [...]

The Exorcist Who Loved Me is book two in the Must Love Ghosts series We start the book with Holly Archer, a widowed mom of two that isn t sure who to turn to She s blacking out and doing things she doesn t remember Holly is convinced that her recently deceased husband s ghost is possessing her so she turns to the only person that might be able to help, an exorcist Enter Lawe Callahan, exorcist extraordinaire His character reminded me of the tv show Supernatural, Lawe travels wherever he s needed [...]

Cheesy title aside, The Exorcist Who Loved Me was a great book Being released by Samhain Publishing I also thought it would be a very spicy read but the romance was actually on the tamer side My beef with romance books is how fast the main characters fall in love and jump into bed and this one is no exception but the story most definitely makes up for it Being haunted by your dead husband s mistress is like the ultimate slap in the face but Holly handles it well and with Lawe s help they uncover [...]

Holly Archer is a fun, smart heroine dedicated to her children, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after her husband s death And she s possessed Lawe Callahan sees ghosts which led him to a career as an exorcist Lawe helps Holly with her ghost, only it creates questions than it solves How did Holly s husband really die Who would want him dead, and why And is Holly in danger This an enjoyable read I like a story with humor when it doesn t land in the campy or corny range It s everyday humo [...]

This a fast paced and quirky story, telling of a young widow and an exorcist, and the things that they uncover both of the normal and paranormal type The whole book has a timespan of about 5 7 days, so it is definitely in the insta love category, but somehow, it seems to work for them Holly is warm, caring and babbles when she s nervous Lawe is a wandering star who doesn t want any roots to hold him down Of course, things change when these two meet Well written, with a healthy dose of humour, an [...]

What a fun read Jennifer is a great author who masters her skill well Her book has a lively writing style that reads at a fun pace Even though this is a book on the shorter side, I felt never rushed at all The plot is unique and has a few twists in it Although one I did see coming, overall it was well developed.Holly is an adorable character, who tries to make the best of what she has been given She manages to stay true to herself and work things out Lawe is a perfect match for Holly and complet [...]

THE EXORCIST WHO LOVED ME is the second book in the Must Love Ghosts series, but it stands alone very well I didn t feel I missed anything by not reading the first book in the series Holly Archer s husband, Paul, recently died in the same car as his mistress Now Holly is raising their twins alone and feels as if she s being haunted by her late husband Holly hires an exorcist, Lawe Callahan, to get rid of the spirit When she finds out the ghost is Celia, her dead husband s dead mistress, she agre [...]

Free book for honest review juliesbookreview Outline Holly believes she is being possessed by her late husband Paul With her options running out and the safety of her 3 year old twins in jeopardy she has no choice but to call an exorcist When Lawe showed up at Holly s home she was surprised her exorcist was not a priest but a very handsome strange man In that first moments of meeting Lawe and Holly have no idea their adventure was just starting.Review Loved it I couldnt put it down till i finish [...]

This was so cute I loved it I ll have to hunt down book one purely for my own enjoyment, not because they need to be read in order Read my full review of The Exorcist Who Loved Me on my blog, Novel Addiction.

  • [PDF] The Exorcist Who Loved Me | by ☆ Jennifer Savalli
    280 Jennifer Savalli
The Exorcist Who Loved Me