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A Lowcountry Wedding #(2021)

A Lowcountry Wedding

A Lowcountry Wedding

  • Title: A Lowcountry Wedding
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Lowcountry Wedding By Mary Alice Monroe,

A Lowcountry Wedding Best Read || [Mary Alice Monroe] - A Lowcountry Wedding, A Lowcountry Wedding Wedding season has arrived in New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe s next novel in the distinct complex and endearing Charleston Magazine Lowcountry Summer series set against the rom

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This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion And here it isAlthough I ve read all the books in the series in order, I feel this book could be a standalone as there was plenty of explanation bringing a new reader up to speed Opening a new book of MAM is, for me, like opening the door of a beloved summer bungalow after a long winter The familiarity, the excitement, the memories I love the Muirs, Sea Breeze, the lowcountry The story was very well told, with the addition [...]

Master storyteller, Mary Alice Monroe s highly anticipated fourth installment of Lowcountry Summer series,A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING is full of excitement, family, and romance Readers were sadto see the trilogy end however, delighted to see this additional installment return followingThe Summer s End 3 And let me say, it is explosive What a stunning front cover, MAM s own trademark style, and the nice media touch with the wedding giveaway promotion in Charleston No place better in the world for a roma [...]

A Lowcountry Wedding by Mary Alice Monroe is a 2016 Gallery Books Publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark Digital copy provided by Edelweiss I have been eagerly anticipating this return to Sea Breeze, and reconnecting with the Muir s Finally, Harper and Carson are getting married Or are they If Carson can make something complicated you bet your bottom dollar, she will, and she tries Blake s patience, and mine, as [...]

Lowcountry Happy EndingsThe fourth and final book in the Lowcountry Summer Series has lots of heart but there s a lot going on here and circumstances were a bit much for me to believe While I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and the amazing setting, one of my favorite places in the world, this last offering left me rolling my eyes one too many times However, the characters are lovely and there s a surprise addition to the Muir family that I never saw coming I ll miss the girls, Mamaw, and, mo [...]

I have read all of the previous books in this series I really didn t care for the last one Harper s story and though she irked me initially, I ended up being happy with her and her other two sisters stories in this onePlease don t read further if you have not read the previous books in this series.After the last book, Harper and Carson are both engaged Carson has been gone on a six month photography assignment and is nervous about returning home to Blake and no job Harper has stayed at Seabreeze [...]

As soon as I started reading page one, I found myself exhaling a deep sense of calmness, as I was immediately drawn back to the beauty of the Lowcountry Luscious, elegantly written words gave me a warm welcome back to Sullivan s Island and nearby Charleston Three half sisters who have the same father and different mothers get back together with Mamaw, their grandmother, and wedding plans take shape Delphine, the beloved dolphin, is back and beautifully woven into the story There are big surprise [...]

This is book 4 in Mary Alice Monroe s Low Country Summer series The series needs to be read in order because there are lots of references to the previous books.Once again we are back on Sullivan s Island SC with the Muir family at Sea Breeze while Harper and Carson plan their weddings Their planning is helped by Dora, their grandmother and Harper s grandmother from England If planning two weddings a day apart one on the beach and one at a plantation isn t stressful enough, there is a surprise vi [...]

Novel received courtesy of First Reads GiveawayI love stories that are set in Lowcountry and islands of the Carolinas The setting, if done well, becomes almost another character Mary Alice Monroe definitely does it right As the two brides were deciding on venues for their weddings, the area was beautifully described This is the fourth in the series of Lowcountry Summer novels Even though I haven t read the first three, I felt as though I quickly got to know and care about the characters in the s [...]

Two of the three Summer girl sisters are getting married Sea Breeze is where they all bonded every summer and there is no greater place to get married Harper is loving all the planning that goes into the her wedding Carson is reluctant and needs to be prodded to get anything done Does this mean she is not as excited to get married Older sister Dora has found love again, but wants to take it slow and be self sufficient for a bit There was a surprise twist in the book that added interestingly eno [...]

I guess I m different than most everyone else, but this book got on my nerves The girls were SO whiney and wishy washy I get the fact that because of their dad they were pretty mixed up regarding men, but I felt they were selfish sleeping with the guys and promising marriage then going back and forth as to whether or not they were ready to get married Atticus was an interesting character, but I don t hear Southern Baptist preachers cursing I could hardly wait to just finish this book and start s [...]

Loved all 4 books Great reads for your summer at the beach.

Great ending to the books.

Low country Weddings and one Wedding equipment.After reading these low country novels I can smell the sweet salt air and feel the soft breezes on my skin I m in love with Taylor and Blake and want the Rev to preform the weddings Mawmaw and Granny James are nestled in the big black chairs drinking sweet tea I feel a part of the families and life at Sea Breeze I recommend reading these novels from the beginning so that you can become immersed in the country of Sullivan s Island.

Although this is by no means a literary masterpiece, it was such a wonderful read Probably, because I d just come back from Charleston and all the places and traditions were still on my mind but nevertheless, this book would bring you right back immersed in all the beauty of the lowcountry with immensely likable characters and dreamy settings The perfect cozy escape kind of book

Light , fun romance

4.5 stars It was with much excitement that some of we readers learned there was a fourth book set in the lowcountry, with the three Muir sisters and Mamaw Harper and Carson are in the final count down to their weddings Dora had seemed all settled and all was well Or so we thought However life does go on, and we were taken further along on the journey.I had listened to the first three in this series on audiobook and loved the narration by the author However I couldn t wait when I saw this one, I [...]

The fourth book in Mary Alice Monroe s series is just as emotional as any of the previous books Wedding plans, drama, revelations, and doubts are all inserted in this beach read.The bonds are stronger than ever Whether it be the sister relationships or their relationship with their grandmother, you can feel the love permeate the book from start to finish Weddings always require family reunions, and this one was beautiful to witness.The Muir ladies get a chance to release their inner turmoils and [...]

Mary Alice Monroe, author extraordinaire, once again captures the hearts and souls of her devout readers and avid followers in the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Lowcountry Series.In A Lowcountry Wedding, Mamaw and her much beloved granddaughter s Dora, Carson and Harper continue to embrace and support one another with the very emotional and complicated truths of life As their wedding day draws near they must all reconcile and hopefully embrace the new paths that can lead them to l [...]

This was my second book in the Lowcountry series I loved it Yes, it was a little Walton s Mountain kind of thing, but every once in a while when you read mystery and suspense, you just need some good feeling vibes.I m not a huge romance reader, keep all that sex stuff in the bedroom, thank you But, there was just something about these girls that really drew me to them And the Grandma s they are a hoot This is just good old fashioned boy meets girl well in this case, they had already met and they [...]

Thomas Wolfe insisted you can t go home again, but Mary Alice Monroe has proven him wrong in her new release, A Lowcountry Wedding This 4th volume in The Summer Girls series returns us to Sea Breeze, the Sullivan s Island beach home of Mamaw Muir More importantly, it returns us to all the joys and difficulties of human love and reminds us that love can flower and flourish anywhere if we make the effort to nourish it.The intertwined lives of family are never simple they are never easy Creating fa [...]

Having read the Lowcountry Summer trilogy, I totally missed that A Lowcountry Wedding was to be part 4 and nothing made me happier than starting this story and realizing I was back Back with the Muirs, on Sullivans Island I love Mary Alice Monroe s writing and to be able to share her story in this locale, the sea islands of S.C with this amazing family just makes me very happy Yes, family drama galore but I love being a part of it all After reading the Summer trilogy, I feel like an insider, kno [...]

This story surprised in how much I couldn t stop reading and surprisingly enough, I even cried bythe end of the story Mary Alice Monroe creates characters that truly do connect with the reader She also made me want to hop in my car and head for South Carolina The grandmothers, Mamaw and Granny James were absolutely delightful characters and I relished each time they appeared on scene The story had a very hallmark hall of fame vibe to it.A good clean story about the true commitment that marriage [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed A Low Country Wedding while at the beach house Excellent relaxing story to read while listening to the waves I was not familiar with Ms Monroe s series of stories about the SummerGirls, but it was entertaining as a standalone novel This is a story about a number of half siblings who have a closer relationship than many full siblings This relationship is close primarily because of their paternal grandmother, Mamaw, and the ancestral home on Sullivan s Island in the low countr [...]

Initially, I was so so excited to see that a fourth book was coming out in the Summer Girl series I really liked the first three, and wanted to continue reading about the Muir sisters and their grandmother.But although the story was inviting, I found this one to be my least favorite Maybe too predictable, but at the same time far fetched, I was disappointed, especially since I was so looking forward to reading it.I wouldn t turn my back on the author, or subsequent books, but I wouldn t run to r [...]

As always another beautiful LowCountry story of love, faith, hope best of all family I enjoy each of the Summer Girls spunk, wit class each character I would love to meet that s how real MAM creates her stories Their sisterly bonds are unbreakable this book ties them to build grow stronger in their wedding planning, family secrets challenges of the modern world I hope there is another book continuing after this LowCountry wedding book series a MUST summer book read

I m so glad to have been surprised with a fourth book in this series This was a great continuation to a series I thought was nicely wrapped up One thing I enjoy about a series is not having to take the time to get to know the characters, you re already invested Great read and I recommend the series

This book was not my favorite I am a M.A.M reader, but this just wasn t up to my expectations I did not read these books in order which might have been the reason for my frustration with the drawn out story with little character development.

Oh how I loved this series Definitely worth reading every book I felt like I really knew this family and was cheering them on I am so sorry this is the end of this series Totally enjoyed every page of every book Honestly, it s Mary Alice Monroe who wouldn t enjoy every page

Book 4 of the Lowcountry Summer series does not disappoint Loved this book, the author does a wonderful job with the subtle reminders from the past books and bringing the series together Lowcountry southern family drama at its best

This book just felt a little predictable and rushede tension was mostly manufactured and the family secret unfolded just a little too strangely I like this series and will keep reading, but this wasn t my favorite.

  • A Lowcountry Wedding Best Read || [Mary Alice Monroe]
    457 Mary Alice Monroe
A Lowcountry Wedding