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Hardy #(2021)



  • Title: Hardy
  • Author: Sam Crescent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hardy By Sam Crescent,

Hardy Best Read || [Sam Crescent] - Hardy, Hardy Ten years ago Hardy made a mistake and it nearly cost him Rose Instead of facing the harsh reality of what he did Hardy pretended it didn t happen at all Now Rose has left him once again but this

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3.5 stars Hardy and Rose have never really been a favourite couple of mine in the Skulls series They have been married ten years but Hardy had cheated on her in the beginning of their marriage Long story short, she finally decides to divorce him 10 years after the fact and Hardy realizes she means business Okay, that all seems like it should have gone down when the cheat first happened This book is mainly about Hardy winning her back, especially now that Rose is pregnant No worries it s Hardy s [...]

Cheating is such a terrible thing to happen in a marriage,it makes the person who was cheated on loose a part of themselves ,if not their whole self.You begin to question yourself,why could my spouse love me enough not to cheat,what did I do wrong,am I going to be cast aside for the new person.Cheating destroys lives,never to be the same again.If my husband cheated on me,frankly I don t know what I would do,anger and pain at his betrayl would haunt me This is Hardy and Rose s story,once the gold [...]

Well was this book out of my comfort zone or what I read the Skulls series for some time now, and knew about Rose and Hardy.They were the strong couple, who loved each other and she was different from usual Sam Crescent heroines she was super thin, wore make up and was confident in her own skin They were part of the club for a long time, and when there were club parties Hardy loved to f k sorry, no better word to use his wife in front of his brothers but no one was allowed to touch her but him E [...]

Ok so the sweet butt who became pregnant actually saved their marriage according to both of them seriously what kind of crap was that

Oh man, all through this book I felt sad for Rose And she was right to make Hardy work for her trust, her forgiveness and for their marriage.But all through this book I kept wondering about Gash, and what s going to happen.I need GASH like NOW And also Baker and Milly Sweet

CHEATING CHEATING CHEATING UMMM NO I CAN NOT FORGIVE HARDY I adore the Skulls MC series but seriously Hardy s book I just couldn t take Rose I loved her in every other book, but when her and Hardy finally got there own story I cried and screamed it was awful what a dick head I couldn t get over him cheating on her there is just no way especially all that she has to go thru and overcome Just no nope nope nope I think maybe if I could have overcome it I would have loved it, but I just couldn t

Hardy I wanted so much to hate him but he redeems himself in this story Rose, finally grows up and realizes that you can t get what you want until you know what you want HEA and a nice set as always for the next book.


I finished reading it and justWell, like most of the time with a great story, I don t know where to start Maybe from the beginning From the frost moment we where introduced to Hardy and Rose, they seemed so perfect So much love, friendship, loyalty, hotness You saw all that and you wanted it for yourself And then out of the blue the true came out All this was a big fat lie It was just a beautiful surface But when the door opened you saw that everything was shattared No happiness No friendships T [...]

I started reading out of order which I do not recommend because of the spoilers That being said, I had no clue Hardy and Rose not only got view spoiler back together but end up stronger than ever with twin girls spoiler I can t wait to read from the growing Skulls family hide spoiler

God I just loved how Hardy became the man Rose need and how he put her needs above his own Well done Miss Sam I enjoy this series she always gives them real problems but gives them true love also


I m glad they sorted it out therethere a lovely couple looking forward to of the skulls I m hoping I don t have to wait to long for Gash and Charlottes story.

I was so disappointed in both Rose and Hardy They had a special kind of love and couldn t communicate to each other until old hurts festered and ruined it Hardy was an ass and never realized all the times that he shut his wife out of his life By reading her diaries he got an idea of what he missed out on.What I don t get about Rose is why she put up with it For ten years at that Afraid to lose her man by telling him how he makes her feel Who wants a man like that anyway Yes they were both at fau [...]


I didn t think Hardy and Rose would ever get a book, considering they have been married for ten years, putting them as one of the clubs veteran couples but when Rose began to change and Hardy s infidelity came out, then she dropped the bombshell of her pregnancy, I was very eager to read their story.The beginning is quite good as this doesn t pick up where Alex left off, but instead gives us brief snapshots of how Hardy and Rose first met, got together and how their marriage proceeded to go from [...]

It s so crazy to me that I can like a book, when I HATED the Hero shakes head It s interesting to learn about a couple s ups downs in their relationship, especially over a ten year period of time You get to learn about the arguments, the mistakes , the regrets the good times You can NEVER put yourselves directly into their shoes obviously but you can try guess how you might feel if you were in their situation I m happy that Rose Hardy are in a good place now Really, I am That saidHardy No Just n [...]

What can I say, I didn t want to like Hardy but after this book, I kinda do This is the latest in Sam Crescents Skulls series and we get Rose and Hardys story.For those of us who have read the series since the first book, Lash, was released you ll know Hardy always seemed a good guy who was in love with his wife Rose, but I couldn t understand how if he loved her that much he let her strip in front of the club Then it came out he d cheated and knocked up a club whore and after 10 years Rose left [...]

Love, love, loved this book.Been waiting a long time for Hardy and it was totally worth the wait To see a man realise and own up to his mistakes is a site to behold To see a man own that shit and change it in every way be an to hold on to his love A God Damn miracle I fell a lot in love with Hardy.A story of struggles through the sensitive topic of cheating and over coming that.It was done with class and understanding, a grovelling man and a hardass woman who made her man work for it like they s [...]

I don t always write reviews but I will for this book I usually avoid books that might have cheating but the author did a great job of luring you in with her previous books that I just had to know what happened to Rose and Hardy I guess I still wonder how someone can profess their love but still cheat I just don t understand why people that argue or fight think they ll find solace elsewhere The problems are still there afterwards just worse because you cheated I am looking forward to Gash s book [...]

Sam Cresent is an amazing author and so far I have read all of her Skull MC Series and I loved every single one of them and I noticed she has the Silver series out too so I will get those as well.She is great with MC lingo which I am getting familiar with it interesting and I totally love it so any way, she is a great author with an outstanding imagination and thinking and to me that Is very important.Great job Samantha and I cannot wait for the other Skull Characters Love them all Thank you You [...]

Finally s Hardy was an as , he screwed up, but for Rose to hold it over his head for 10 years was selfish if you ask me I don t condone what he did, but she needed to stand up and either say we re done and move on or forgive him I love Hardy, and he turned into a real man, an honorable man, vowing to be the man that Rose deserved He proved over and over how much he loved and adored her, and for that, I m glad he got back what he lost and .This was fantastic This series is fantastic

ok, i am at page 37 and all i read is a weak man crying I want her back and a woman who is stringing him along but can t forgive him for something he did 10 years ago I normally love Sam s books, but this one I am not so shure Do I keep reading Update So i skiped trough the rest of the book becouse i didn t want to miss the sidestories from the series and my opinion of this book didn t change Looking forward to the next book.

I had been waiting for this story for what feels like forever I love how Rose and Hardy both realized their faults and how both contributed to the break down of their marriage I felt for both characters when Hardy read excerpts from Rose s diaries LOVED when Rose quit for Hardy How did it all end.you got to read it to find out.Okay, now I can t wait for Gash s storyI m such a greedy reader.

True Love never dies.This was a Little different then the usual MC books.We finally got the whole past of Rose and Hardy.Hardy truly loved Rose but just could not show it.He was to busy being the bad assbiker We all so got to visit the other bikers I like that Cannot wait for Gash.mimi

I wanted to stab Hardy with a fork With that said all through the skulls series I have always wanted to hear Rose and Hardy s story WTF why did he cheat if he loved her I love this story and no longer want to stab Hardy sam has given us a wonderful addition this series and I loved the catch up on the skulls and their kids I hope so where down the road we get the second generation stories.

Final Score 5 Yesah Stars Great story Love the little back drop stories as well Hope that Sally finds her true home with xxxxx and xxxxx Got a feeling about her and Sxxxx though I don t know, a sixth sense It s usually right.So happy that Hardy and Rose listened to each other and worked thru their issues I still can t believe they are a family so sweet

It was good to finally get Rose and Hardy s story I felt so sorry for Rose, she had been dealt some sh t in life that she found it hard to deal with I don t think it was very fair of her the way she treated Hardy but I kind of understood her reasoning Hardy changed so much in this story, he realised the things he had taken for granted and tried to be a better man for Rose

Rose and HardyThis was a really sweet love story I was worried in the beginning that everyone would never give Hardy a second chance But I pleased that Hardy was a romantic at heart and did everything he could to win his soulmate back I loved it We really need Gash s story now

From the beginning I have been following Hardy and Rose and their problems I had so many emotions regarding these two I felt so much sympathy for Rose I wanted to hate Hardy in fact I did for awhile and thought he deserved what he was getting then he changed and I was cheering him on to win her back I m really looking forward to Gash s story and The Skulls next story

  • Hardy Best Read || [Sam Crescent]
    227 Sam Crescent