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The Best Days Are Dog Days #(2021)

The Best Days Are Dog Days

The Best Days Are Dog Days

  • Title: The Best Days Are Dog Days
  • Author: Aaron Meshon
  • ISBN: 9780525428176
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
The Best Days Are Dog Days By Aaron Meshon,

The Best Days Are Dog Days Best Download || [Aaron Meshon] - The Best Days Are Dog Days, The Best Days Are Dog Days A little girl and her pet French bulldog are the perfect playmates in this all day outdoors adventure When his family sets out to explore the neighborhood one puppy is eager to join in the fun He get

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The Best Days Are Dog Days is a story about a dog and a little girl It details a day in the life of the two, but instead of being told by the little girl, it is told by the dog It is a really simple, but still very good book to read to a little one Especially a little one who has a dog or loves dogs Despite its simplicity, this book offers a lot of chances to start a conversation about what you see on any given page It also offers you the chance to discuss the different items that you can see on [...]

A joyful celebration of a girl s life with her pup.

A simple, vividly rendered picture book about two best friends, one of whom is a french bull dog.I tend to expect a touch emotional depth from picture books that feature an animal people friendships, and while Dog Days did not deliver on this front, the day was enjoyable.As for the illustrations, they were, as I said, vivid and lush, without negative space, which was a bold, captivating choice However, the renderings of the child went askew once or twice, her image recalling the popular derp me [...]

I was really put off by this book, from a purely artistic standpoint Meshon definitely has their own style, but that style is in no way pleasing to my eye It s actually pretty ugly The story itself, and the parallels it draws between dog care and child care, is okay Might keep your child s attention, if they love dogs, but there are so many dog books out there that I could recommend over this one.If art isn t so much a concern for you in your picture books, this might be fine But the story is st [...]

So cute The first page that shows them snoozin is my favorite My only wish is that it was about an adult girl and her bully

This book is ADORABLE It compares the average day of a dog and a girl My favorite part was when they were both brushing their teeth before bed The book is a little long so it would be better for elementary children.

A cute story from the dog s perspective Great illustrations Very enjoyable.

Perfect Absolutely perfect This book has a great story, lovely use of parallels, learning words, engaging illustrations, and a perfect pattern for read aloud time I need to buy this for my library

This is a cute picture book about a day in the life of a French bulldog and his human companion The story is told from the dog s point of view According to the title page, This book was dictated by Chubu the French bulldog to Aaron, while he sat on Aaron s lap Aaron first sketched the story with pencil and painted the scenes with Liquitex acrylic paint The hand lettering is first created on paper with pen and ink and then scanned, colored, and layered into the final art digitally.

Reviewed by Holly ScuderoA dog and his best friend, a little girl he calls Sis, spend all day together, every day They stretch, eat, play at the park, and even have baths at the same time For the two of them, every day is a dog day, which means every day is a great day You can read this entire review at San Diego Book Review

Bulldogs are less than beautiful, and there s a homely, dumpy edge to the art here that I find less than appealing But then I find bulldogs less than appealing More appealing than pugs and yappy little toy dogs, but not much .Besides, the best days are CAT days I m waiting for the book about that.

Puppy lovers will enjoy this romp through a typical day Told in brief, simple text and labels done in bubbles will invite beginning readers Bold simple art spreads across each page, some up close, some overview such as when at the playground Good use of silhouettes, fun end pages

A book that gets a day in the life of a dog just right Humorous fun to read dog lovers will appreciate this picture book.Written and illustrated by Aaron Meshon Published by dial Books for Young Readers PB mustlovedogs

It s tough to page through this book without laughing out loud The simple plot follows two best friends Sis and a French bulldog as they go through a typical day together Would recommend to animal lovers, beginning readers, and big sibs with copycat littles in the house.

I just loved this book about a day in dog and child s life told from the perspective of the dog The dog goes through each step of his day talking about life for him and his human sister and how they do everything together So cute and I m not a dog lover Toddler and up

A recount of how a girl and her dog spend a day written to reflect the parallel lives they lead.I like the tone of this story and that it s narrated by the dog A fun read aloud for PreK 2 with vibrant pencil and acrylic artwork finished digitally.

I liked it even though I don t like dogs And this one is kind of insane looking But the parallels between Sis and Pup s activities are very cute This would be great for a little kid younger than my students, who would be expected to do some of the chores with a pet.

This book didn t wow me at all My 2 year old liked pointing out the dogs in the book I am not a fan of the illustrations probably what mostly killed it for me This is also a book without much plot mostly labels Not the type of book I would read twice by choice.

I loved this We couldn t tell if the doggie was a pug or a frenchie, but it was so much fun and entertaining I would read this for a story time or to my children.

Sprout thought this little dog was SO funny He giggled throughout the whole book.

A story told from the dog perspective Bright pictures and a story that will make you smileeven if you aren t a dog lover

Cute told from a dog POV.

I used this book to work on pre reading skills Sounding out and or using picture clues to decipher the words H always loves dog books so that was a bonus.

Not my favorite Colorful and fun art, though.

A little girl and her little bulldog spend the day together.

Beautiful illustrations capture a dog and his sister s antics for a day As a person who feel that dogs are a part of my family, I adored this story told from the dog s point of view

Cute story of a girl and her dog, as told by the dog Bright bold illustrations and limited text tell how dog girl do the same things Love the dog s heart shape on his chest.

I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and text of this book It will be a great read aloud for our next Pets and People visit

I freaking love this book Dog books and dog days are the best.

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  • The Best Days Are Dog Days Best Download || [Aaron Meshon]
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The Best Days Are Dog Days