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Bernie #(2021)



  • Title: Bernie
  • Author: Ted Rall
  • ISBN: 9781609806989
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
Bernie By Ted Rall,

Free Download Bernie - by Ted Rall - Bernie, Bernie Now a NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Bernie is the must have guidebook to the Bernie Sanders campaign and the uncompromising candidate behind it Insightful funny and accessible this biography in graphi

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This is a comics biography about U.S politician Bernie Sanders, and it s also an interesting look at the history of the Democratic Party in the last 40 years I picked up Ted Rall s book on Sanders because I had enjoyed his previous work on Edward Snowden Rall has another comics bio coming out later this summer on Donald Trump That should be fun Putting aside my gleefulness at seeing Rall s drawings of the orange faced and pompadoured Mr Trump, let s focus on the current book under discussion Ber [...]

If you re already a fan of U.S Senator Bernie Sanders, I think you ll find thatTed Rall sBernie confirms your opinions about the man If you aren t a fan of his, I don t know whether this will sway your opinion in his favor This book is obviously meant to speak to a particular audience supporters of Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for the U.S Presidency To my knowledge, this was not created or written with the support of Sanders or anyone from his campaign, though there is a photo at the close of th [...]

Short and to the point I really love this book Ted Rall does a great job, as he often does, with explaining things, keeping them simple, and showing a decent background to promote understanding This is an excellent book for anyone who wants a quick 30 minute read for me look into Bernie Sanders background, along with a fun item for any Bernie fans I ll be passing mine on to someone who s just about convinced

It s difficult, when reading a biography of any sort, to separate the work from who the work is about So, in an effort of being fair and honest, I ll say that, ya, I am a steadfast supporter of Sanders Long before Hillary, when there was talk that she would run, I, without really thinking much about it or researching her past, said I d vote Hillary Why Because I wanted a woman president What woman doesn t want to see a woman president Then comes along this 74 year old white guy proclaiming himse [...]

I loved the first 2 3 of the book great history of the Democratic Party and Bernie s early days I would have preferred that the coverage of his run for president be less biased Bernie s message speaks for itself.

This book not only deems Bernie Sanders a prophet, but also declares that Hillary Clinton is only relevant because of the men Obama and her husband who put her there I m sorry, that does not sit well with me 2 stars because there were some informative points on history politics.

I give this a solid 4 stars because it was very informative and also the drawings were done well The information was portrayed in a way that excited me about Mr Sanders and what he represents I am glad to have read this book so that I know about him than what the mainstream media says The reason I don t give it 5 stars is that there were some shifts in tense that did not make much sense in some parts I loved the story and the drawings I would say this is a book everyone interested in the politi [...]

This is an extremely short read that provides a great amount of information on Bernie s life and political career, but that s not all, almost half the book give a history lesson on the falling of the Lefty Democrats and how Bernie is the one who is going to bring it back I would definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in this book about the self proclaimed democratic socialist or anyone interested in the 2016 election.

I wish I had read this earlier The first hundred pages really sets up the history of the two party system in America and where the modern Democratic Party has ended up to the right of Republicans like Richard Nixon When you start talking drones and NSA instead of the New Deal it really makes a person think Great to get background and I really liked reading about Bernie as a young student participating in sports and student government I appreciate his consistency in life.

A very quick read and gave me all the background I was looking for about Bernie Illustrations are great and the trim size makes this book easy to carry around I hope Rall takes on other subjects in the format.

Solid introduction to the man and his politics Rall is very left wing, though, so I tried to keep that in mind when I read this and his Snowden biography Both provide very valuable perspectives, nevertheless.

Very informative Makes history fun to read about Helpful resource Very quick read, but I had to put it down to finish a few others first I also liked the size It fits in the hand in a backpack or purse so easily.

Good introduction to Sanders, and a good review of the last 50 odd years of the Democratic Party It makes a good case that nominating Sanders would mean a move towards issues and away from personality We ll see if it works out.

modern political history than Bernie biography, but so, so gooda one sitting gem

Was interesting to read to learn a bit about Bernie I think that the actual book itself was a little disjointed in how it jumped around.

The first half made me angry I think anyone who still supports Hillary over Bernie should read this book.

The art tends to be a lot of talking heads appropriate for a book about politics but I also appreciated the rare photos of Bernie in his younger days It s simultaneously hopeful and uplifting, with a tale of how the progressive movement is returning to politics, and depressing in hindsight, as the momentum and political backing just aren t there for the policies people actually need any .

I gave this 3 stars when I would have given it 5 stars It was well written , informative, and I adore Bernie My problem is that it portrays Hillary Clinton as only relevant because of the men in her life Bill, Obama which is in my opinion, frustratingly sexist and reductive.

A good primer not only on Bernie s personal history, but also on why the Democrats keep moving right

Loved it

The author does a good job at painting the history of Bernie Sanders s life and personal political influences Further, he provides a nice account of how the left became marginalized since the 1930s and how Bernie took part in the social revolutions of the 1960s I think he ends, though, with a cynical note If Bernie tunes lame, or stays true and loses the nomination or the election, the hundreds of thousands of voters who turned out will never do so again 190 I don t think so While I may posses B [...]

So I already read Snowden earlier this year, and when I saw this on the shelf at the library I just had to read it It contains the same bias from the same author who holds the same political views that he did in that book.But this is about the democratic party and Bernie Sanders So, win win A very simplistic and quick look at the shifting ideologies of the democratic party in the past century, focused on the past 50 years or so And kind of a hopeful look towards America s potential political fut [...]

Of all the major party candidates in my lifetime, there has been none who have come as close to my politics as he has I voted for him in my state s primary But I m not passionate for him I guess it s the thing of having to be pragmatic and running in the two party system that makes me mad The electoral system is so rotten that even a sitting senator has to run within the party system to get media coverage and that weird circular legitimacy Where you re not important if you don t have coverage an [...]

The most interesting part wasn t about Bernie I knew most of that from a few magazine articles Sanders doesn t like to talk about himself Rall notes that this isn t because he s hiding something No one who s been in politics as long as Bernie could hide anything significant It s that Sanders is incredibly principled, and he thinks politics should be about politics, not personalities He s quoted saying George Bush is a very likeable guy, but that doesn t matter He was an awful president.The most [...]

Came across this graphic novel about Bernie Sanders last night and felt I had to have it if for no other reason than sentimentality Sanders is the first candidate I ve had a chance to vote for in my four decades who actually seems to represent my conscience Rall does a terrific job of documenting the current state of the pro laissez faire capitalist democratic party, and the decimation of the leftist voice in the democratic platform, without shying away from issues that Sanders leftist credentia [...]

A friend recently introduced me to the work of Ted Rall, and I loved his graphic biography, Snowden It was great And now comes Bernie The book provides an overview of the course death of liberalism in the U.S and the plight of what Wellstone and Dean called the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party It s fun to read And no matter what happens in the next few months, I hope everyone gets to feel the Bern This is a great start A couple of choice bits I ll tell you why I m tight lipped about my pe [...]

Ted Rall takes the boring out of political biographies I literally fell asleep years ago while trying to read Obama s book, it was just too boring to get through.Rall, as gifted cartoonist, can reach simpletons in their 50s like myself by basically taking a serious subject matter and making it fun by putting it in cartoon format There s very little IQ needed, short attention span is okay I am learning so much as a result For example, everything I know about Ed Snowden I learned from Rall s Snowd [...]

Bloody fascinating little book a graphic biography of a man determined to give a decent life and fair go to everybody, not just the monied and powerful Bernie goes back in history to when progressivism became a dirty word in the Democratic Party, to the rise of neoliberalism, to the global financial crisis and follows Mr Sanders towards a logical conclusion that Given the crises that we face at this particular moment the economic crisis, the climate change crisis, the campaign finance crisis, th [...]

compulsively readable if, in a few key instances, this causes the narrative to be noticeably light on explanation Bernie supporters, I imagine, will largely eat it up, and Bernie haters will ignore it interesting to me, and a question I don t really have an answer to, is how this would move someone who identifies as a democrat but is on the fence for a candidate in 2016 Brings us right up to Iowa, so you have this out now to drum up voter support and not just tell tell Sanders s story, which wo [...]

This was a great nonfiction graphic novel along the lines of an infographic, just in book form I appreciate that the author included a history of the Democratic party in the twenty and twenty first centuries, since it shows just how right the party has moved over time We get Bernie Sanders history, and how his past has lead to the political beliefs and stances he has today I would totally recommend this to anyone that wants info about Bernie himself, or those that need a quick fire intro to the [...]

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