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The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts #(2022)

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

  • Title: The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts
  • Author: Maja Säfström
  • ISBN: 9781607748328
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts By Maja Säfström,

Unlimited The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts - by Maja Säfström - The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts, The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts An artfully playful collection of unexpected and remarkable facts about animals illustrated by Swedish artist Maja S fstr m Did you know that an octopus has three hearts Or that ostriches can t walk

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This is a children s hardcover gift book that happens to be packed with cute pictures and very interesting facts, most of which were news to me My son is particularly interested in the many funky names for the different animal groups, such as a conspiracy of ravens or an army of frogs This book could make you a hit at trivia night or on Jeopardy Did you know beavers teeth are orange Did you know flies are deaf Did you know ants bow to greet each other Did you know my puppy is the cutest puppy on [...]

I only found this book because the review request site I use for physical books didn t have anything else of interest But don t get me wrong, I didn t settle on this book In fact, it s something I would ve read if I ever came across it on someone s coffee table, or in that little satchel of books some people have hanging from their toilets water tanks Have you ever been to someone s house and they had a saddle bag hanging off their commode, and you look inside and find everything from TIME LIFE [...]

A delightful and unique book that charms you all the way over with the adorable drawings and interesting trivia.Did you know that owls cannot move their eyes Or that the Chinese leather turtle pees through its mouth Well, I didn t The illustrations are fun, drawn with a light touch, simple but excellently detailed A great combination of art and biology and would be a great addition in a child s learning period To anyone s reading curriculum actually Review copy supplied by publisher through NetG [...]

Vuoden paras tietokirja titteli saa loppuvuodesta tavoitella tosissaan, jos t m n aikoo p ihitt Hienot mustavalkoiset, informatiiviset mutta taiteellisen kauniit kuvat, aidosti kiinnostavat ja hauskat faktat joista en tiennyt puoliakaan sek rauhallinen selkeys tekee S fstr min kirjasta mahtavan lahja ja vinkkauskirjan monenik isille Sopii hyvin my s yhdess luettavaksi Saukot 3.

Cute little book of interesting facts about animals that I never knew

This book is so stunning The facts are interesting and the art is just sooo cute and cool Love it.

This is nice, but not at all what I expected I thought the illustrations would be brightly colored, and there would be to read, but all in all this is great This is one of those books that you sit n you coffee table or toilet because it is such a simple, but interesting book that will keep someone entertained, but not engrossed The illustrations are back and white, they remind me of a coloring book There is not dust jacket The reason I point that out is because I like that feature because it ma [...]

Aivan t ysin satunnainen poiminta virrasta kiitos vaan Reetta t st Todella sympaattinen ja hieno tietokirja el imist T st l ytyy paljon t rkeit tietoja el imist , selke sti ja kauniilla kuvituksella esitettyn Ihastuttava kirja.

This is a lovely little book for an animal lover Drawn pictures accompany fascinating animal facts It s the sort of book you can dip into and amaze your friends with facts you never knew before My daughter is animal mad and she has found some interesting things to tell everyone Starfish have no brains and pandas have pink skin under their white fur and black skin under their black fur.Many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for this amazing little book to review.

Maja nailed it We got the English version in Stockholm and I am now looking forward to buying the German one.I really hope this one gets to be translated into Romanian as well I want to give everyone a copy of this book.

This book is awesome for two things 1 The illustrations are great 2 The few facts about each animal are so interesting Every page I wanted to read the facts out loud to share with everyone I definitely recommend this to anyone, any age, who has an interested or love in animals.

Ihan huippuhyv Herttainen kuvitus t ydent hauskoja ja yll tt vi tietoiskuja tutuista ja ei niin tutuista otuksista Suosittelen kaiken ik isille.

No olihan se just niin huikee kuin v itettiinkin.

Very short read of animal facts polar bear fur is clear with very cute black and white illustrations.

If you ve been following along for a while, you know how much I love animal facts, illustrations, and reading nonfiction The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts caught my eye the moment I saw it online Maja S fstr m is a Stockholm based architect and illustrator, and her style consists of fun, simple black and white drawings Her new book is 120 pages of black and white illustrations accompanied by some facts, about 2 3 facts per animal If you read as many animal facts as I do, you pro [...]

What a delightful book for both adults and children, you never know when you might need the information, that most of us really never heard of before.Did you ever eat your food after you chased a fly off it Well then you need to know that they vomit on your, their, food before they eat it Yuck You will be a hit with your friends when you share your knowledge of these facts of the animal world, and my kids couldn t get enough, along with some chuckles and a few gross sayings Never liked getting b [...]

Het boek is geen leesboek, maar een boek boordevol mooie illustraties en feitjes over dieren Feitjes die ik al wist, maar zeker ook feiten waar ik om moest lachen, gniffelen en mij over kon verbazen.Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat flamingo s alleen eten als ze hun kop ondersteboven houden en dat ze over hun eigen voeten plassen om een beetje af te koelen En dat vliegen eerst op je eten kotsen voordat ze het opeten Ik niet ieder geval Dus behalve dat het boek uitpuilt van de mooie illustraties is het oo [...]

The author of this book is not only talented at writing but maybe, even gifted at illustrating The two combined make for the most enjoyable of children s books Although I have to say, as an adult, I enjoyed it very much tooI love that this is a hard cover book and is the perfect size for little hands to hold A gorgeous gift book that is perfect for birthdays or any holiday I can see my niece and nephew looking at this over and over again The descriptions are short and fun and the illustrations [...]

Visste du att en bl ckfisk har tre hj rtan Eller att ugglor har tre gonlock Visste du att isbj rnens p ls r genomskinlig och huden under r svart N h , men nu kan du l ra dig en hel massa kn ppa saker om v rldens djur Allt fr n Tapirer, m ss och sk ldpaddor till kivif glar, kameleonter och nosh rningar Varje uppslag ber ttar om ett nytt djur med s ta svartvita illustrationer till De flesta fakta i denna bok har en humoristisk ton, det blir ett kul s tt f r barn och vuxna att l ra sig om djur och [...]

I got this in and read it in about ten minutes It is a very whimsical, simple book with facts placed creatively on the pages It was so much fun to learn several animal group names that just made sense like a group of cockroaches called an intrusion I personally don t care to know all of the information about animals and their digestionbut that was about the only negative I found I was pleasantly surprised to find no evolution in this book I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange [...]

This is an exuberantly illustrated book for kids of all ages loaded with very cool facts about your favorite and not so favorite animals, insects, fish, and other critters.You ll be heading back between the covers for Maja S fstr m s boisterous art as well as her collection of off beat creature facts everything from your not so friendly mosquito to your friendlier whale.This book is guaranteed to lift your spirits and help you see the amazing diversity of lifeand art It s what you need today am [...]

i don t think i ve ever reviewed a gift book here before but i just loooove this really adorable illustrations and super interesting factoids about you guessed it ANIMALS who would not want this it s also really helped me, given me this new sense of purpose when people around me use phrases like tell me something i don t know my soul lights up, my heart races and i get to answer with something along the lines of BEES DON T SLEEP everyone rejoices no, but really, it brings such joy i love this su [...]

This is my new favorite book The illustrations are simple, yet beautiful Maja Safstrom has chosen her favorites of the animal kingdom and given us amazing and fun facts Did you know a pair of otters will hold hands as they sleep to not drift off Did you know a group of flies is called a business I read this to my six year old and he absolutely loved it Lisanne E.

I got this book for my birthday a couple of weeks ago The first thing I noticed was the incredibly cute illustrations that really make this book an eye catcher The cute little animal facts in the book are also very cool I thought I knew a lot about animals but most of these facts were unknown to me until now I recommend this book to everyone who is fond of illustration and animals

Fun black and white illustrations to go along with some really cool animal facts Minus the tarantula ahh spiders page, I loved everything about this book I just wish it was a bit longer with facts I love random facts.

Barnens bokklubb rekommenderar den h r f r 3 6 ringar, jag skulle snarare s ga 3 100 F r den funkar utm rkt f r vuxna ocks , med sina gulliga svartvita illustrationer med n gra h pnadsv ckande faktoider per uppslag Rekommenderas

Cute book, nice illustrations, and awesome animal facts But definitely not worth 15

I did not finish this book On page 8, it says that owls can rotate their heads 230 degrees The Monday before I read this, we had a visit from the Soarin Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation group, and they said owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees Tuesday before I read this book, I read an article about owls in a Birds and Blooms magazine, and they said owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees Live Science, National Geographic, MentalFloss, and Audubon websites all say 270 degrees Needless to say, I was [...]

Spoiler alert, coolest facts group names kangaroos mobs , ravens conspiracy , flies business , owls parliament , frogs army , mice mischief , seals harem , flamingos flamboyance , rhinos crash , cockroaches intrusion sea otters hold hands when they sleep penguins laugh when tickled swifts an fly nonstop for over six months a tarantula can survive than 2 years without food they have retractable claws tapirs use their noses as snorkels bees need to visit than 4 million flowers to make 2 lbs of h [...]

This is a delightful little book with whimsical black and white illustrations and a handful of facts about a bunch of animals I loved the illustrations, and also learned some things along the way.Did you know that a group of cockroaches is called an intrusion Or that the Chinese leather turtle pees through its mouth Me neither.Highly recommended for kids of all ages, especially animal lovers, and as an added bonus, this would also double as a fun coloring book Simply delightful.

  • Unlimited The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts - by Maja Säfström
    323 Maja Säfström
The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts