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A Darkness at Sethanon #(2022)

A Darkness at Sethanon

A Darkness at Sethanon

  • Title: A Darkness at Sethanon
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • ISBN: 9780553263282
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
A Darkness at Sethanon By Raymond E. Feist,

[PDF] A Darkness at Sethanon | by × Raymond E. Feist - A Darkness at Sethanon, A Darkness at Sethanon Alternate cover edition can be found here An evil wind blows through Midkemia Dark legions have risen up to crush the Kingdom of the Isles and enslave it to dire magics The final battle between Order

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Lord have mercy, at one point I thought one of my characters was dead and I thought, don t be doing this to me today Don t make me get all cray up in here But, it s all good This book and the one before it were my favorites The whole series is sooooooo good though Everyone is back in this book even if it s just a little part here and there There some evilness out to kill Arutha again I mean leave him the hell alone So we are off to see the wizard again Heh, I didn t even realize how that sounded [...]

I gave this a star rating back before I was adding reviews to every book I am sad about that because this book is a great ending to a great saga and I hope that a verbal review will draw readers to the flame of Feist s fantasy world Even though this ends the Riftwar Saga, there are many books in the series overall to keep this story going Thanks to Melissa for reminding me to come back and recommend this series on others If you are a fantasy fan, you owe it to yourself to read this series.Clic [...]

4 A buddy read with some friends BBB power is limited to the strength of will within the man who holds it Falter in your resolve and you will fall Remain steadfast and you shall prevail Always remember that This was a nice way to wrap things up for this first arc of 4 books in the Riftwar Saga It started a bit shaky, there were some meandering passages, but overall, it was a classic Fantasy which hit a lot of favorite notes for the fans of the genre Loved Jimmy and Loky Aruda was the man through [...]

I am satisfied with the conclusion of the Riftwar Saga Alhamdulillah Magician is the best book in the series.

A satisfying end to an acceptable fantasy series The Riftwar books suffer by comparison to modern high fantasy series, but in their day, they were the next step for those looking for a LOTR substitute At least Feist came up with his own version of The Enemy to deal with, instead of just dusting off Tolkien s idea, changing a few names and calling it good Yes, there are elves, goblins, trolls, and such and although they share some characteristics with their counterparts in other fantasy literatur [...]

Meh.Maybe I m misremembering, but when I read Magician I thought Feist s writing was pretty decent, if heavy on fantasy tropes some of which I m sure he helped create So I don t know if his writing got worse or my tolerance of it went down since then, but I just found this book a trifle tedious The dialogue is trite, there s far too much overblown exposition, everything seems to do something or does something as though doing something else, and by god could you not change POV without warning The [...]

Not one strong female in the entire series After reading the entire Wheel of Time series where strong females grace every storyline last year I wandered off to see of the fantasy genre Sadly I will not be reading any Feist I loved the fast pace but hated the sexism The main women in the storyline are always beautiful and never have anything helpful to say They are always badgering the male characters.Like another reviewer I don t believe it was done maliciously, it just seemed to never occur to [...]

I found this is very satisfying last book in a series within a series The Riftwar Saga is home to some of my all time favourite characters and even the ones I just kinda liked rather than adored all had their place and contributed to my enjoyment of this book I m so happy not to be experiencing the series hangover I often get at the end of a great trilogy since there are still many series within a series waiting to be read I ve heard nothing but good things about The Empire Trilogy so I m very e [...]

This book was a mixed one for me because some of it I really enjoyed whilst other parts were very slow and dragged on so much I couldn t be bothered with it For the third book in the trilogy and the final part of this storyline I was expecting something rather epic, and although this storyline does have some wonderful aspects and some chilling and crazy scenes, a large majority of the story seems a bit redundant and dull.This is the continuation of book 2 and is much in line with the story of b [...]

I m not a huge fan of this series, for starters Still, it grew on me and I wondered what was going to happen enough to keep reading This book, I have to say, is the worst so far It is incredibly predictable, to put it mildly See below.The audio recording I m listening to is awful, which doesn t help the story It s like the woman who s reading it is deliberately mispronouncing every name, place, and foreign word she can Spoilers beyond this point I didn t believe Arutha was dead for one second an [...]

9 10From the beginning till the end of the Riftwar Saga Feist managed to create a lot of expectations for the world of Midkemia and, indeed, in A Darkness at Sethanon, the fourth and final part, he comes and fulfils them in the best way bringing a strong, complex and rich story, as he gives depth both to the characters and also to the world building itself, and takes us to an incredible adventure of fantasy through space and time.A year has passed since the events of the mysterious Silverthorn, [...]

The final installment to the Riftwar Saga series contained page turning action and most of the answers to mysteries and questions posed from earlier in the series, including a surprise twist that posed questions While I enjoyed reading A Darkness at Sethanon, I felt the characters gained less growth this time around, being reactive to the harsh circumstances thrown at them on their quest to stop Murandamus The Pug, Tomas and Macros cameo chapters intrigued me the most, providing background ab [...]

This felt like the second part of Silverthorn than an entirely separate book, but was very good It wraps up the Rift War pretty well The characters can still go on, as people do, but so many loose ends were tied up for me that I really appreciated it.

I personally felt that A Darkness at Sethanon is a very good book and a fitting end to a very good fantasy series The author stepped up the action quite a bit and the battle of Armengar is just amazing If there is one thing about The Riftwar Saga that I will always remember, it is the battle of Armengar The rest of the action is very well written and the author s use of the character Guy was superbly done While I really enjoyed the battle scenes in the novel, I was really confused by some of the [...]

Bem terminei a leitura desta saga e s posso estar satisfeito com o que li N o George Martin ou Robert Jordan, n o uma saga que traga algo de novo, no fundo tudo se trata da luta entre o bem e o mal e quando isso acontece com maior ou menor dificuldade sabe se para que lado a balan a se inclina, o que tornou o final algo previs vel, mas isso n o impede de poder dizer que estamos perante uma saga muito boa, com surpresas atr s de surpresas, personagens muito interessantes e um enredo muito coerent [...]

This is a difficult book to codify I like a lot of things that occur in this book Locklear s sudden jumps of character being at the top he was my favorite character from the start, and where his arc goes in unexpected interesting And the first 2 3 of the book are not dull And I liked that the reveal of the Enemy, while a little less than mind blowing, did make a lot of sense, and followed from the things the book had been focusing on, and was not just some sort of big threat from outside the uni [...]

I m so disappointed in this series I loved Magician Apprentice and Magician Master, but after that, the series took a turn Silverthorn and A Darkness At Sethanon have a completely different feel than the Magician books The magic practically disappears, and the majority of both books are composed of battle after battle after battle It s incredibly tedious The series should have stopped after Magician Master If you re interested in reading this series, my recommendation is to definitely read the M [...]

Wow Very clever D All of the parts from the previous two books or three depending on which versions you have read D are clearly on display here D Events on Midkemia D the action scenes are on a massive epic scale with events spiralling out of control for many of the characters and nations involved DThe ending of the book has a great ending and rounds off a books that is brilliant D The way that the converging armies all turn up to take on an enemy army that had proven itself a tough nut to crack [...]

Really struggled over what to rate this, and think over time it may drop to a 3 5 The characters are great, and the story interesting, but the lack of rules to the magic system made things somewhat easy in some situations Tomas Pugs quest got a bit weird and I felt it quite out of place with the rest of the book, Mario kart rainbow road the worst of it.

Foi com muito entusiasmo que comecei este livro, o quarto e ltimo da saga do Mago A hist ria continua com a luta de Arutha contra Murmundamos, que no livro anterior tinha ficado em aberto Todo o enredo desta batalha surpreendente, detalhado e com muitas surpresas mistura Arutha continua com um papel important ssimo e destacado ao longo do livro, o que faz com que seja imposs vel n o gostar dele Mas para mim, o grande destaque neste livro s o tr s personagens extraordin rias, Pug, Tomas e Macros [...]

I m slightly conflicted about the rating I ve given this book The problem is any review of this book will inevitably be a review of the entire Riftwar Saga Perhaps this novel is a better spiritual successor to Magician than Silverthorn was, since it elaborates closely on the events of the aforementioned On the other hand, Silverthorn introduced some pivotal characters and bridged the gap between Magician and A Darkness At Sethanon nicely On its own, A Darkness At Sethanon probably garners a rat [...]

A good book, satisfying ending, really worth reading if you want to finish the series Feist s writing really improves as the series progresses, and in many aspects A Darkness at Sethanon feels like the best book in the series The plot itself is rather predictable, but the world building really comes along, especially in Pug s and Tomas s odyssey through the cosmos and space time, you view crazy places and creatures Frankly, this was too abstract for me, and somewhat hard to follow but it definit [...]

Overall, a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy not quite the series he s written a few set in the same world, but this finishes the stuff that should be read close together Just one bit I wanted to mention Just remember that these books are considered a classic in fantasy writing from the mid 80s.One of the characters is a magician who appears to be exceptionally long lived he pops up at critical points in the first couple of books, but explains some of his history towards the end of this vo [...]

The last in the initial Riftwar Saga though it still continues today , this one was wonderful again, though at the same time my least favourite Whilst the first Magician which in the version I read contains both Master and Apprentice was very character driven, and the second was a quest novel, and both of them contained plenty of fighting, this one is much pre occupied with the techniques, strategy and equipment of war with the truly frightening Murmandamus It would be unfair, in my view, to sa [...]

Ao acabar de ler este livro vejo o encerrar desta Saga de O Mago neste 4 livro com um final de hist ria brilhante e muito bem elaborado sempre cheio de emo o e ac o e suspense e revela es at ultima p gina Neste quarto livro o encerrar da batalha do Bem contra o Mal no qual o mal protagonizado pela personagem misteriosa de Murmandamus e no qual ir finalmente se revelar no desenrolar da hist ria, e depois temos o Bem no qual lutar atrav s de duas fac es , uma atrav s da luta humana no qual se dest [...]

4,5 sterren Het derde deel in deze saga Ja ik ben een enorme fantasy fan Stoor mij dan ook niet als de prins en Robbie de Hand net met de gnomen en onzalige broeders aan het vechten zijn De Prins en Anita hebben een tweeling gekregen Als ze de zoontjes aan het volk presenteren komen ze tijdens de festiviteiten achter dat de nachtraven weer in de stad zijn Als ze de nachtraven uit hun hol willen spoelen en ze verhoren en aantal mensen op geheel eigen wijze, tenminste de wijze van Robbie de Hand t [...]

I enjoyed this conclusion quite a bit All of my favorite characters from the series were present and the plot took one exciting turn after another Truly wonderful It was a lot of fun to read, but I must admit that there was a plethora of minor editing errors, typos mainly I was quite shocked I know that new editions have been released since this 1994 edition of mine, so I do hope that they were corrected Other than that, a fun read I hope these wonderful characters continue to appear in the rema [...]

Possibly the most epic novel ever written, a triumph of the fantasy genre The magician Pug and the warrior and Dragon Lord Tomas try to save the world against impossible odds as they travel trough time and space in search of the nature of their mysterious and malevolent Enemy In the same time, the noble Prince Arutha faces a vast armies of unstoppable evil Non stop action, tons of magic and mystery and extremely likable characters make this book one of the best fantasy stories ever Feist is one [...]

3.5 starsFeist brings us to new heights, and new lows, in this final Riftwar Saga book I don t like it as much as the others, partly for my own failing I usually find it hard to follow either intricate battle scenes with the exception of Bernard Cornwell s Sharpe series or intensely internal magical scenes but I can t deny the gripping read, nor the way Feist brings it all together.

Sulle montagne russe L atto conclusivo di Riftwar divertente e godibile, pur cedendo, qua e l , a pacchianerie varie che fanno da apripista per alcune scelte narrative indiscutibilmente scombicchierate.L identit del Nemico e la trappola temporale questa intuizione meritava un romanzo dalle ambizioni pi importanti sono due grandi pregi che, in ogni caso, non riescono ad allineare quest ultimo atto alla brillantezza dei primi due volumi.

  • [PDF] A Darkness at Sethanon | by × Raymond E. Feist
    288 Raymond E. Feist
A Darkness at Sethanon