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Gestapo Mars #(2022)

Gestapo Mars

Gestapo Mars

  • Title: Gestapo Mars
  • Author: Victor Gischler
  • ISBN: 9781783297351
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
Gestapo Mars By Victor Gischler,

Free Read Gestapo Mars - by Victor Gischler - Gestapo Mars, Gestapo Mars Carter Sloan is a trained assassin the best there is pulled out of cryogenic sleep whenever an assignment demands his skills So when he s kept in the deep freeze for years he s seriously pissed

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it s half a cred for the drink, he said Or what I used the voice again He put up his hands and backed away Hey you know what On the house Enjoy your drink, motherfucker I drank it, but didn t enjoy it Carter Sloan is a man on a mission for Nazi Mars If they ever made a movie if this novel, I know the perfect guy to play the booze drinking, robot humping, horny son of a bitch Sloan David Duchovny.If Bruce Campbell yeah, baby and Rick Sanchez buurp somehow had a baby, Carter Sloan would be the end [...]

Conoc este libro a partir de una foto de un conocido que vive en Estados Unidos y desde el mismo momento en que lo vi supe que ten a que leerlo Tres conceptos Nazis Marte Pulp Science Fiction Qu pod a salir mal Efectivamente la novela se trata de una Soap Opera muy din mica, bien escrita, que no deja de tener acci n por un solo segundo y que no le hace asco a las escenas truculentas tiene gore y tiene sexo y todo est escrito con pluma gil y natural La primera l nea de la novela relata como nuest [...]

Bei dem Cover und dem Titel erwartet man eine angenehm durchgeknallte Space Opera Man bekommt aber eine absolut handels bliche, in Klischees watende Space Opera in der genau das passiert, was in solchen Geschichten immer passiert Superagenten Held bek mpft b se Invasoren und wird daf r von bildh bschen Mondprinzessinnen mit z chtigem Softsex belohnt Das ist alles nicht total schlecht, am Weiterlesen hindert aber nicht nur die Gew hnlichkeit oder der schmucklose Schreibstil, sondern auch, dass es [...]

I will be honest, the cover caught my attention before anything else It s quirky and funny and serious well, it takes itself serious and it is a perfect lure And so, I ve read it And now it s all gone I ran out of pages and I miss it because it was brilliant.It s all alive and in motion from the beginning to the end Twists and turns and humour and violence and raunchy scenes and there is just no stopping Poor Carter Sloan is taken out of cryo few centuries late and sent on a mission that gets hi [...]

An alternate history pulp sci fi in full seedy and overtly violent glory Spanning the galaxy, the formerly powerful war machine of the Reich is under threat from violent rebels and aliens as well as splinter factions within their own ranks To stem the tide, assassin extraordinaire Carter Sloan is reactivated from cryogenic sleep to hunt down a beauty with power beyond measure Brimming with sex, violence, humor and a dash of Bond like parody, Gestapo Mars is a gem of a book that oozes sleaze and [...]

excellent book The second book by Gischler that I ve read I laughed out loud multiple times from humorous Star Wars references quotes, to just pure ridiculousness Well written Great battle scenes If you like sex, drugs, lasers, aliens, epic space battles, and or cryogenically frozen spies, this is the book for you.

I ll admit, I judged this book by the cover That fantastic cover of Nazi ships with 6 inch stiletto heels jack booting across an alien landscape I mean, c mon, how could I not I wasn t disappointed, this was such a fun read Campy, sexy, violent, genuine laugh out loud moments, couldn t ask for .

Five stars out of pure fun This book is graphic in vulgarity, violence and sexuality and I loved every bit of it The ending also caught me off guard and was just fantastic It is a quick read and no holds barred I would recommend this book to scifi fans who can laugh and just enjoy the ride.

This is my type of book A cheese filled pulp sci fi spy thriller with snot aliens, T Rex troopers and plenty of sex violence The humor is so me I hope to read Carter Sloan novels in the near future Easily one of my favorite books of 2015

It tries to hard to be as politically incorrect as possible It s mildly amusing in places, but the overall effect is crass I read a third before giving up There s just not enough interest to continue.

It s a light read, not heavy on the Science, of a James Bond romp through a NAZI stellar empire, and rather fun As an alternate history finally, spoiler alert , the NAZI s win, lol The ending, the very ending, took me by surprise, kudos.

Overall, it was just ok, but it is nothing I am likely going to remember or recommend to anyone In all honestly, this book is like a 2.5 but I would be willing to read something similar, so I am rounding up to a 3.Imagine my surprise when I realized that the writer of some of the modern Marvel s Deadpool comics had written a sci fi action novel Carter Sloan definitely has some of Deadpool flair to it They are both biologically engineered assassins They are both wisecrackers They both start work [...]

This book is a solid meh The action is the best part, with enjoyable gun fights and, to an extent, space battles The dialogue is entirely hit or miss depending on the scene, but the attempts to give each character we meet a ridiculous but funny pop culture, or scatalogical Sergeant Kolostomy , name generally falls flat The most annoying thing about the book is the regular sex scenes, which the author repeatedly describes with the term humping he does a good job with his descriptions elsewhere bu [...]

B movie in a book An enjoyable, silly space romp in which the nazis of the future are the good guysybe they re the only guys Packed with shameless nods to sci fi movies, pointless sex, and some actually funny lines, it s a fluffy read that won t make you think Exactly what I needed.

The equivalent of playing Cards Against Humanity but in book form.

This novel was, uh, interesting but, I just can t get into aliens, space, and wormholes.

Slightly risque, but a lot of fun Good little adventurous and humorous story.

3.5, this was definitely a fun and easy read my first sci fi in a long time I would love Carter Sloan books just to see Sloan s personal story arc.

Bookworm Speaks Gestapo Marsby Victor Gischler Acquired Barnes and Noble BooksellersSeries N APaperback 304 pagesPublisher Titan Books September 22, 2015 Language English The Story Carter Sloan is a trained assassin the best there is, pulled out of cryogenic sleep whenever an assignment demands his skills So when he s kept in the deep freeze for 258 years, he s seriously pissed off.Yet his government needs him, to hunt down the enemy known as the Daughter of the Brass Dragon The future of the ga [...]

Read this and other reviews on my blog backporchreview.weeblyThis was my first of Gischler s works, and the first time I had every heard his name I feel compelled to say from the start that this was by far the raunchiest book I ve ever read You d think I would have picked up on that with Sloan is off screwing, swearing, and shooting his way across interstellar space being on the back cover, but again, the front cover was too compelling From what I ve gathered from other reviews, many were surpri [...]

Four stars If you ve picked up this book you should know sort of what to expect Pulp Sex Impossible odds Violence Humor I found it interesting that the author chose the reich to whom the protagonist mmmmmm definition of antihero , carter Sloan, gives his loyalty As this is the first book we see Sloan and it s a Carter Sloan novel, I expect the reich will quickly be the subject of the impossibly trained and lucky agent s ire Pretty much everything from aliens to octopussy to Star Wars in this one [...]

The pace is kinda unstable In the mid section it drags slightly, whereas in the end it feels kinda rushed And that s all the negative things I can say about this book, so I wanted to get rid of that The rest is Gischler at his best, with some of his most memorable scenes, including some witty, awesome homages to classics like Star Wars, which made my belly ache out of too much laughter.I think that Victor reaches his best in irreverence, and there s a ton of it in this book, which is also a shor [...]

Like many others, it was the cover that caught my eye with this one Overall, whilst not a difficult read by any means, it does feel a little lightweight I thought it was going to be a bit of a throwback to the early pulp novels, but I felt that the author really did nothing with his whole Nazi Empire premise other than swastika flags there s really nothing about this that relates to the Nazis At one point it has a similar idea to Robert Harris Fatherland the idea that fascism needs a them in ord [...]

Carter Sloan is a secret agent assassin of the future As the book begins, he is awakened out of cryogenic stasis after 250 years He s a little upset about having been put away so long, but he quickly gets back into the swing of things He s assigned to either rescue or assassinate the daughter of the Brass Dragon, the heir to the throne of the Nazi empire The mission changes repeatedly.At times I was able to forget that this book was meant as a parody, but that went out the window when I encounte [...]

Bought this book on a whim due to the funky cover and odd title.And boy did it blow my socks off A cracking adventure through Nazi space I won t mention anything plot related as I think the reader should discover it along with the protagonist.What I will say is this book, to me, reads like TV character Sterling Archer, mixed with George MacDonald Fraser s Harry Flashman and Toby Frost s Isambard Smith always in a scrape and getting through by hook or by crook, all with a quip that could topple a [...]

I haven t read a sci fi book in a long time not since my obsessive Doctor Who days and on the back of this, I probably won t pick up another for some time either The premise is fair enough, the idea of a possible war government issue in the future, but when combined with lots of sex, rather pointless chatter and the odd mention and reference to Star Wars, the book, to my mind, completely loses the plot, and gradually, I lost interest It was only because I was on a two and a half hour train journ [...]

This was a trashy sort of sci fi pulp novel, and not particularly bad Not particularly good either I admit, I wasn t expecting to read a book where the protagonist worked for the Nazis I sort of expected him to be fighting nazis instead Anyways, a lot of shooty fighty things happen, some pretty ladies swoon for our nazi main character, they fly some starships, and if that s what you want, this is your book.

Dinosaurier, Weltall, Sex und es ist dennoch nicht Space Raptor Butt Invasion Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse war sehr witzig, auf sowas und mehr habe ich mich gefreut Gestapo Mars ist ist aber nicht ganz so neuartig und unterhaltsam Dennoch habe ich es sehr schnell verschlungen und werde Gischler sicher noch eine Chance geben.

Ugh This is a total cliche, dude book Like a d rated wannabe 007 kind of thing If you re female and have taste, I don t recommend this I read the whole thing for due diligence, but I wanted to give up around page 100 NOT for me.

Nice set up Written like a pulp fiction Nice concept but, not enough nazis, not enough graphical sex scenes and not enough alien slime basically The Star Wars satire on the end was kind of daft and cheap.Fast read, no regrets, no nobel prize.

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Gestapo Mars