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Roses and Rot #(2022)

Roses and Rot

Roses and Rot

  • Title: Roses and Rot
  • Author: Kat Howard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Roses and Rot By Kat Howard,

Free Read Roses and Rot - by Kat Howard - Roses and Rot, Roses and Rot What would you sacrifice for everything you ever dreamed of Imogen has grown up reading fairy tales about mothers who die and make way for cruel stepmothers As a child she used to lie in bed wishing

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Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsThis book is too magical to give you information than what is already given in the synopsis.This is the thing about fairy tales You have to live through them, before you get to happily ever after That ever after has to be earned, and not everyone makes it that far.It s not a secret that Fae are my favorite But the reason behind my love of all things Fae is an accidentally given and gleefully received book of fairytales when I was ten ish years old The book was f [...]

Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature Roses and Rot 2016 is a slow building but beautifully written dark fantasy, loosely based on a familiar folk tale that isn t disclosed until about a third of the way into the novel, so I ll refrain from giving it away Note You ll see it given away in several reviews, so if you don t want to be spoiled, limit your review perusing D Primarily Roses and Rot explores the relationship between two adult sisters and their devotion to their respective art [...]

DNF A little too mannered, purple, and lacking in connective tissue.

That doesn t mean that I would destroy those works, or that I m not proud of having come out the other side Our past art makes our present art as much as our past life makes us who we are now In the end, if the art stands up, that s what matters This book is the most overwrought, overwritten, pretentious piece of nonsense I ve suffered through in a long time Problems The writing everything was so overwritten I think the book was attempting to be literary but lacked both style and a consistent vo [...]

4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 05 17 They say there s a certain amount of truth in fairy tales Despite their fantastical nature, the stories usually have some basis in reality, providing a moral compass during turbulent times, often teaching lessons which can be applied to one s own life If nothing else, the trueness may lie in the big picture rather than the details, such as the honesty of the character s emotions or the essence of their relationships How far would you go [...]

It s a curious feeling when you finish a book and realize how desperately you needed it ROSES AND ROT is one of those books It s a story of love and fairytales, and the horrifying ways we make peace with ourselves in the name of art The story revolves around two sisters, Imogen and Marin, whose love for one another and troubled family history is the book s burning core Both accepted to the prestigious Melete, both devastatingly talented Throughout RR, Howard makes reference to the motif of two s [...]

I ll call this a manipulative story and not as an endearment With the main characters having been the target of their mother s abuse psychological and physical , I actually felt bad for not connecting with them.Have I such a heart of stone, that neither a story with traits such as those, can touch me And that was what made me keep reading I kept hoping to feel something And I did, in small bits Mainly, during Imogen s stream of consciousness and during the fairy tales that she kept on writing an [...]

Trigger warnings physical abuse of children, emotional abuse, suicide.Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh Let s start with something of a disclaimer I didn t want to read this book The Fae are not my thing At all I don t find them interesting to read about I don t care about their dark, mysterious powers of persuasion or whatever the fuck But this was the FYA book club pick this month, so I kind of had to read it And I wish to God I hadn t, because I ve never been SO FUCKING BORED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE [...]

Edit Kitaba devam etmemeye karar verdim, yani DNF 28%.Masaldan te, Melete bir t rl akmay nca sorunun belki de kendimi T rk e okumaya zorlamam olabilece ini d nd m Elimde Roses and Rot un ekitab zaten vard ve okunmay bekliyordu, ben de birka b l m oradan okuduktan sonra evirisine geri d nd m B ylece bir s re T rk e ngilizce aras gidip geldim ve bir noktada ngilizce edisyonda, T rk e edisyonda g rmedi im bir k s m g rd m d nerek kitaplar kar la t rmaya ba lad m ok st nde durarak de il, yle biraz g [...]

ROSES AND ROT is a modern day fairy tale about art and survival and sisterhood, and it s fierce and beautiful and full of magic Imogen and Marin are sisters who helped each other survive their abusive mother s toxic parenting when they were kids but had their connection snapped after Imogen escaped to boarding school Now, as adults, they re both artists in different fields Imogen as a writer, Marin as a dancer and they re trying to re establish their relationshiprtly by coming together to the sa [...]

I don t know why it shows up as YA on , but this book is about twentysomething adults, trying to find their ways as artists It s not YA, not at all At the center of the novel we have two sisters a dancer and a writer, who arrive at a mysterious establishment to work on their art projects and be mentored by professionals for a year As time goes by, they discover some pretty weird stuff goes on there, and some pretty bizarre creatures inhabit it.What I liked 1 art, artistic process, finding value [...]

eviride eksikler atlanan yerler oldu u s yleniyor imdi s yleyece im ey bundan m kaynakl , yani bu iddia do ru mu bilmiyorum ama biri 24, di eri 26 ya nda olan iki gen kad n n 12 14 ya aral ndaym gibi konu uyor olmas bu kitab en itici yapan nedenler aras nda ddiaye g reyse kimi yeti kin i erikli konu malar eviride sans rlenmi , daha do rusu atlanm t.Ortada ger ek bir s m r varken perileri beyaz atl prensler gibi g stermek de ayn ekilde Dahas , s rekli ge mi teki k t an lar n kayna olarak g steril [...]


Dull characters, boring plot, mediocre writing Reads like some pretentious fanfiction dnf.

If I had to label this book, I d call it a New Adult Fairy Tale, which I know some readers will devour For me, ROSES AND ROT was an okay story, though not as Gothic as I was expecting.Two sisters, Imogen and Marin, are accepted into an exclusive artists colony called Melete Only the best of the best are invited to join It seems wonderful in theory, especially since the sisters have different talents and wouldn t be in competition with each other Well, not everything is as it seems at Melete I ha [...]

To me, the testament of a good story is how long it sticks with you after you finish My favorite books are the ones that, no matter what else you might be doing, are always at the back of your mind Wooing you Reminding you that they exist Begging for another read through Kat Howard s Roses and Rot hasn t unleashed me from its magical confines yet I finished it well over two days ago, and it just won t leave me be I tell you, I m not even upset All I really want is a hardcover of this so I can lo [...]

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, and there was a forest The forest was, in the way of these things, full of secrets Not just the secrets of leaves and trees, of fur and feathers, of shadowed spaces Certainly it had all of those, but it had other secrets as well Two sisters Imogen, the eldest A writer of fairy tales, andMarin, the youngest A ballet dancer.Both are invited to the prestigious artist retreat Melete for nine blissful months of full concentration on their art They re excited [...]

This is a fairy tale that sort of isn t It has fae, magic and a king of fairy land but is essentially arty types on retreat Two sisters, one a writer the other a dancer, escape their life and to the point, their mother and try to be the best they can Some of the imagery is particularly enchanting but there are a couple of times where events happened that I had to go back and read over still coming away confused I would ve liked information on evil mum too.I didn t feel that the cover portrayed [...]

Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.Extremely compelling, ROSES AND ROT is a book that grabbed me from the first few pages and didn t let go This is a book that kept me up late, that I read in one sitting It simultaneously drags the reader to keep turning the pages but also manages to feel like a languid, meandering walk that you wish could last forever.A lot goes on in ROSES AND ROT Howard manages to weave together multiple storylines without missing a beat in any of them Relationships [...]

As the POV character, the writer sister Imogen, is the most fully portrayed in Roses and Rot Her concerns are the central concerns of the book Through the lens of Imogen s narration, I didn t see any difference between abusive human parents and the Fae s abuse of humans residing in places where they have power Kat Howard shows the various types of abuse as part of the same continuum I believe that she is telling her audience that the identity of the abuser doesn t matter Abuse is still abuse, an [...]

3 1 2 stars Ended up not being too bad after the first 30% of the story I enjoyed it well enough.

Tho I know Christina Rossetti as the author of the most moving Christmas carol I have ever heard sung, I ve never read her poem Goblin Market But after reading Roses Rot, I know that I certainly must But the Night Market as it s termed in the book is just one attraction of an artists colony called Melete, located north of Boston next to a bridge leading straight into fairy land Every seven years the outstanding fellow is offered the opportunity to spend seven years away with the fairies in that [...]

Review from Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2016 0So the thing about real fairy tales is that they tend to have a dark side to them The fae are not all about making dreams come true, at least not without some sort of price Roses and Rot is no exception Imogen and her sister Marin have not had an easy or comfortable life, growing up with an abusive mother that was bad enough they would dream of fairy tales, dark side and all What could be worse than a mother that is cruel and potentially violent [...]

Sometimes, a book is so good, so perfect, that it touches something so essential to the core of who you are, that there are no words All you can do is sit very quietly in the glow of the story, and hope somehow that if you do not move, the story will never end.I d like to come back later and write a real review, but this is one of the books I go back to the beginning and read again, because I cannot bear for it to end.After my second reading, I tweeted the author this KatWithSword I read on Kind [...]

Two sisters one a dancer and one a writer are both admitted to an exclusive artist s colony The colony turns out to be a gateway to Faerie, whose inhabitants have a bargain with the residents the most accomplished among them can achieve the highest success and honors their profession allows success that comes at great personal cost.I liked the premise of Roses and Rot, but the novel itself did not really live up to its promise, and the conflict that drives the last third of the book is a little [...]

I m SO HAPPY KAT HOWARD S WONDERFUL SHORT STORIES TRANSLATED WELL TO SOMETHING NOVEL LENGTH Roses and Rot is brilliant, dark, and lovely a modern fairy tale about the deep love between two talented sisters Howard refers throughout to many other fairy tale sisters in haunting mini tales within a tale I love love love fairy tales and this book and ughughgughgjfsl Heart aching imagery, a host of bone deep supporting characters, and DID I MENTION THE DEEP BONDS OF SISTERHOOD I know I did, but it was [...]

A compelling and suspenseful Tam Lin re telling set in our world and in modern times.For everyone who likes realistic fiction with the magic just sparkling underneath waiting to explode to the surface, this would be the book for you I should mention I read this novel as part of a group read for the Into the Forest group where I ve discovered so many amazing books group show

DNF at 89% I like the author s sensory writing, but Imogen is one of the most passive characters I ve ever encountered and the book dragged on far too long Strange, dangerous things going on Let s do absolutely nothing Almost everybody s attitude towards the Fae is ridiculous I get that the tithe promises success and safety and everything, but I didn t care at all.

flah olmaz bir karanl k hikaye tutkunlu um var Oyunlar, filmler, mangalar, kitaplar G sterilen pembe masallar n n arkas nda e er bir karanl k varsa o zaman beni cezbetmek ocuk oyunca oluyor Kusurlar g z ard edebilirim rahatl kla Melete nin de eksiklikleri oldu unu d n yorum ama i erisindeki karanl k dokunun verdi i hazla ikinci kez kusurlara d n p de bakm yorum Ben istedi imi alm m, mutlu olmu um ya gerisi nemli de il benim i in Bu y zden rahatl kla hikayeyi sevdi imi s yleyebilirim En ufak bir [...]

This one had a slow startbut I m glad I stuck with it.

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