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Little Acts of Love #(2022)

Little Acts of Love

Little Acts of Love

  • Title: Little Acts of Love
  • Author: Tilly Tennant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Little Acts of Love By Tilly Tennant,

Little Acts of Love Best Download || [Tilly Tennant] - Little Acts of Love, Little Acts of Love Mishaps in Millrise a four novella part romantic spin off from Mishaps and Mistletoe If you re new to the town of Millrise then come and meet the residents But if you fell in love with Phoebe and Jac

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Mishaps in Millrise is a kind of standalone sequel series you don t have to have read Mishaps and Mistletoe to jump aboard, but then you wouldn t want to miss out on that book because it s charming and wonderfully funny a lot for Little Acts of Love to live up to then.The book starts a few months after the last episode, with Phoebe making a concious effort to get her disastrous career on track But just as things start going well at work, things take a turn for the worse at home with the arrival [...]

I ve received this novel via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was distracted by the beautiful cover and I didn t notice that this was just part 1 of a series Shock Horror But MEA CULPA I ll keep this review short, just like the novel, or is it a novel It felt like I only was given a quarter of a short novel, as it only took a couple of hours to read this installment So I ll try, really, really hard not to hold it against it and review what I ve read on its merit So what can I say abo [...]

I would like to thank Brooks Cottage Books and author Tilly Tennant for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.We first met Phoebe and Jack in Tilly s Christmas story Mishaps and Mistletoe and I m really glad that she has decided to revisit them with a four part series As the blurb says they are now five months down the line and still finding out about each other.Phoebe decides to try for promotion and the interview for this is hilarious Midnight talks Phoebe int [...]

I didn t read the Christmas story of Mishaps in Millrise so I was worried that I wouldn t be able to follow this story, but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to follow the characters straight away Phoebe works in a toy shop and has been seeing boyfriend Jack for a few months and he has a lovely daughter Maria Phoebe is still mourning her previous partner but is trying to get on with her life and therefore goes for a big promotion at work Phoebe obviously didn t get all of the information reg [...]

I really enjoyed this book, I found it quite light hearted but could see that it was building up to something just as the book ended, with it being the first part of the series I can see it developing much further as the story moves on The main characters are easily likable and the story flowed really well, making it a pleasant way to pass the time without having to worry about anything else I am looking forward to the next instalment I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest revi [...]

I absolutely loved the title of this book and, to be honest, decided in a flash to be a part of the Blog Tour, without reading a blurb or without giving it a thought, so when I ve seen it is a continuation of Mishaps and Mistletoe, which I didn t read, I worried a little but there was no need for this Little Acts of Love can be absolutely read as a stand alone novella although now, after reading it, I am desperate to know what happened before, so will be definitely reading Mishaps and Mistletoe [...]

Posted originally reviewedthebook 2015 I couldn t have been excited to see that Tilly Tennant was writing a four part novella series set in Millrise, the town that Mishaps and Mistletoe was set in Tilly is one of my favourite authors, the characters from Mishaps and Mistletoe were my personal favourites and I love a four part series so, I was sure nothing could go wrong And it didn t Little Acts of Love was a beautiful start to the series, a lovely introduction to the characters of Phoebe, Jack [...]

This review was originally posted on Star Crossed ReviewsMishaps in Millrise a four novella part romantic spin off from Mishaps and MistletoeIf you re new to the town of Millrise, then come and meet the residents But if you fell in love with Phoebe and Jack last Christmas in Mishaps and Mistletoe, then you ve just been invited to the best reunion ever Almost five months have passed since Phoebe and Jack first met in the grotto of a drunken Santa at Hendry s toy store in Millrise Since then, Jack [...]

The Review First off thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this book in return for an honest review.Let me start by saying how much I loved this cover, such a pretty, intricate little cover, that, coupled with the blurb, made me think that this would be a nice easygoing read This it was, and being part of a serial collection of books, and a novella at that, it flew by.I had not read the book that this was a spin off from and so did not know Phoebe, Jack or indeed his daughter, Maria We were [...]

After reading a few books recently that have had quite deep storylines, I fancied something light to read I thought to myself as I sat in my zebra print pyjamas, I wonder what author would be able to assist my bookish needs I opened up on my laptop and sat staring at the screen with my blueberry muffin hanging out of my mouth, as you do But then I felt like I was on a rollercoaster Why would I be on a rollercoaster, in zebra print pyjamas whilst eating a blueberry muffin How absurd Then I though [...]

I was given a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.I have never read Mishaps and Mistletoe , which is where the two main characters meet, so I didn t get to read all about Phoebe and Jacks back story, nor have prior knowledge of Millrise Although I felt it would have been nice to have had that information, as that would have given me the opportunity to get to know the characters better, it wasn t essential as the book works as a stand alone.The plot flits between Jack, Phoebe [...]

This year 2015 I decided to fit books in that I usually wouldn t read Genres such as chick lit and romantic comedies, such as Little Acts of Love, is a prime example I d heard good things about Tilly Tennant, so I took the dive, and thankfully, I wasn t disappointed.A man reading chick lit is a pretty new age thing, but Tennant doesn t write in a way that dissuades men from actually enjoying the story It was competently written a fab mix of romance, wit, and humour There were a few sexual refere [...]

Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Mishaps in Millrise is a spin off from Mishaps and Mistletoe I haven t read it, but I definitely plan on doing it, I wanna know how the story started and the blurbs sounds very exciting.I can assure you though that it is not necessary to read the prequel I got into the story quite fast and I loved the characters immediately Tilly made it very easy to dive into this story with her unique, bubbly and fresh style of writing.Phoebe and [...]

I received a free copy from Netgalley for an honest review.While I liked the characters in this novella, and I liked the story, it feels like there is something missing Writing short installments can be great, as long as there s not a lot kept out to keep them short The hap snap way of writing, certainly in the earlier chapters, make me doubt if this novella hadn t been better as a full length novel.I also understand the whole idea of inserting a cliffhanger, but in this case it left me with an [...]

This is a natty little novella by Tilly Tennant, and I never say natty A lovely little story that takes the reader through Phoebe s attempts at bettering herself in her job at Hendry s toy shop and working on her relationship with her new love, Jack and his daughter, Maria I understand that this is a follow on from Mishaps and Mistletoe which I hadn t read, but that didn t stop me enjoying Little Acts of Love.The job interview has to be the high point of this story and it s like no job interview [...]

Little Acts of Love is the first of four Novellas in the Mishaps in Millrise series I missed Mishaps and Misteltoe but I read so much about it that I was keen to see what was on offer here and I wasn t disappointed.Tilly Tennant has offered a comical character in Phoebe and it has been lovely getting to know her, and her friends and family in this first part.Not having read the first installment of Millrise I don t know much about what brought Jack and Phoebe together but I don t feel the passio [...]

Firstly I have to say that I love the cover A someone who hasn t yet read Mishaps and Mistletoe I can guarantee that this series can also be read as a standalone it all makes sense without knowledge of the previous book I liked Phoebe and Jack, and I sense trouble for them now that Hendry junior is on the scene My favourite character without a doubt though is Midnight she s just brilliant and I wish I had a friend like her In true Tilly Tennant style this story is told with humour and heart, wit [...]

Favorite Quotes y a few months ago she really hadn t cared for children at all They were like an alien race, to be treated with suspicion and avoided unless absolutely necessary That brain donor will have to get up early in the morning to catch me In fact, he d have to get up the night before and camp out Steve s nostrils were flared in a way that suggested a permanent state of near fatal high blood pressure At first, Phoebe had been alarmed by this sight whenever she had the misfortune to witne [...]

This story is all about Phoebe and how she is trying to earn herself a promotion at the Children s toy store called Hendry s She hopes to get provide a better life with her boyfriend Jack and his daughter Maria Phoebe has a best friend called Midnight and I love the way their friendship blossoms, Midnight has such a different attitude to Phoebe s I think that is why they are such good friends and she brings the fun side out in Phoebe They both work at Hendry s and you can see why they would have [...]

Part 1 of a 4 part series following on from Mishaps and Mistletoe, however you don t need to read that to get into this series but it was a good Christmas read, so why not Phoebe and Jack now are in a relationship although it is still rather tentative for the sake of Maria, Jack s daughter by his dead wife Phoebe feels that now she has this new found strength, she should apply for a new better job at Hendry s toy store This book is worth the read just based on the hilarious and cringe feeling of [...]

review to follow.

I received this book free as part of a book tour It s adorable.

good short story

  • Little Acts of Love Best Download || [Tilly Tennant]
    146 Tilly Tennant
Little Acts of Love