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The Color of Clouds #(2022)

The Color of Clouds

The Color of Clouds

  • Title: The Color of Clouds
  • Author: J.C. Whyte
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 128
  • Format: ebook
The Color of Clouds By J.C. Whyte,

The Color of Clouds Best Read || [J.C. Whyte] - The Color of Clouds, The Color of Clouds Nearly everything that CAN go wrong does go wrong when a cruise ship encounters dark matter in the middle of the ocean The adventure begins when a strange column of light appears on the horizon And wh

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Book Review originally published here iheartreading book touIn The Color of Clouds, Pedro is a spirit guide who helps conveys messages from the deceased to the living through a psychic named Gwen Pedro usually doesn t interfere much in the affairs of either the living or the deceased besides conveying the messages but that changes when he meets a young boy who passed away just recently and is very troubled, and Pedro decided to help him His psychic friend, Gwen, agrees to go on a cruise that cou [...]

Pedro is a spirit guide, wandering around the space that comes after life and before moving on He stays in between in order to help the living receive messages from those who have passed Pedro is able to pass messages through a psychic, Gwen Something big is brewing in the spirit world, though and Pedro must break some rules in order to help a lot of people On the Viking Maiden cruise ship, Gwen and her sister Jo have boarded to help other passenger with Pedro s guidance two elderly friends, Syl [...]

When we talk about the color of clouds, we re usually talking in grayscale, with the darker the cloud, the worse the storm Unless of course, the sky goes green , and then it s a different kind of storm entirely.In The Color of Clouds by J.C Whyte, there s a whole rainbow of cloud colors going on and each one means a different thing But clouds don t only exist in the sky.Despite the book beginning with narration by the angel agent Pedro I don t know if he was an angel , but it sounds nicer than d [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book The premise was refreshing and new, the plot line kept everything moving forward and the book itself was edited nicely The great thing about this book though, is that it shows that there are than one way to look at something We each can see the same evidence and yet have different ways of processing this information In this book, Gwen, looks at the information though the spiritual eye, mainly through her connection with Pedro Paul is a scientist and sees though th [...]

A nice little read that you can settle in for the night with A little out of my comfort zone, which makes it even better The plot of the story and the characters were pretty amazing and kept me interested in the book I actually finished the book quicker then I had thought I would Nice little twist on the paranormal side of things A book everyone will enjoy Received for an honest reviews

This suspenseful mysterious other worldly novel is rated at THREE STARS from The Schwartz Reviews But even as she smiled, Deanna felt uneasy Danger ahead, the psychic had said And that s exactly what I d told her Schwartz Synopsis After Deanna s husband suffered a heart attack six months ago, she and Paul decide to take a relaxing cruise together Unfortunately for them, the cruise ends up being anything but relaxing When they arrive at their assigned meal seating and are introduced to a wonderfu [...]

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite J.C Whyte s contemporary paranormal fiction novel, The Color of Clouds, blends physics, dark matter and the paranormal in an entertaining and fast paced suspense story Pedro, as the narrator, is engaging and sympathetic to the suspicions and outright disbelief he encounters from Paul, and his limitations are put to the test as he is unable to be proactive in dealing with the urgent human affairs he encounters I especially liked the strong science fic [...]

The Color of Clouds by J.C Whyte follows a group of people, whom meet on a cruise ship and encounter a strange light one night passing over the ship, that puts two elderly characters Sylvie and Ernest into the hospital The book follows both the elderly characters journey while on the other side and their newly found friends journey in discovering what has happened and how to bring their friends back from their coma, all with the guidance of Pedro their spirit guide I am rating this book a 3.5 as [...]

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  • The Color of Clouds Best Read || [J.C. Whyte]
    128 J.C. Whyte
The Color of Clouds