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Breaking Her Rules #(2022)

Breaking Her Rules

Breaking Her Rules

  • Title: Breaking Her Rules
  • Author: Jennifer Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Breaking Her Rules By Jennifer Snow,

[PDF] Breaking Her Rules | by ☆ Jennifer Snow - Breaking Her Rules, Breaking Her Rules MMA fighters go the distance in this all new series from Jennifer Snow author of the Brookhollow novels Walker Adams was supposed to follow in his lawyer father s footsteps but instead he s training

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RATING 4.5 STARSBreaking Her Rules is the first book in a new series, Beyond The Cage, by Jennifer Snow.Walker Adams tried doing things his father s way He was one semester away from graduating from law school But he walked away from it to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an MMA fighter He had been sleeping in his car since his father withdrew all support so his little sister talked her best friend into letting Walker sleep on her couch in Las Vegas for a few weeks until he could get on hi [...]

A sweet, angsty and sexy story wrapped up in the exciting world of MMA All I see is you, Gracie Just you When I m awake, you re on my mind When I m sleeping, it s you I dream about And knowing I can t be with you is driving me crazy Can a man live happily trying to live up to expectations that are not his own Walker Adams had thought continuing the tradition of being a lawyer like his father would be fine, but two semesters away from a law degree he left it to pursue his dream of being an MMA fi [...]

I m a huge fan of fighter romances and thought this one would be right up my alley In truth, I was really enjoying it until I got to 34% and Walker started flirting with another chick to make Grace jealous Ugh Why After that I started skimming in hopes that it would be a quick, okay I flirted, you got jealous, and now I m done type of thing but no He continued to date said other woman while Grace stayed with her boyfriend whom she didn t even love.They finally got their heads out of their asses [...]

Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsA love story or an MMA book With Walker Adams as the lead character, who cares OMG, Jennifer Snow outdid herself with Walker Unfortunately, Grace just came off as wishy washy at best and unbearable at her worst.Walker hot, sexy, funny Boy, did his sense of humor come through right from the beginning of the story He dropped out of law school to follow his dream against the wishes of his father The bright spot Gracie She sure wasn t wh [...]

Brilliant friends to lovers storyGracie had the best friends older brother crush on Walker since she was 12 and now grown up living independently, having a rich boyfriend and doing well for herself was a far cry from life she had as a child Struggling in hand me downs and a mother who went from boyfriend to boyfriend she was finally content or was she Walker was a disappointment to his father turning down law school to become a fighter so when all his funds were plugged Gracie s best friend Kyli [...]

For the boy who grew up having almost everything, including Grace s young heart, to the man who gave it all up to follow his dreams, Walker Adams still has a few things to learn about really wanting something and doing whatever it takes to get it Will the sedate and organized Grace be the one thing he cannot obtain or will tossing off the role assumed for his life spark a little rebel in the successful business woman and bring back the memories of her tender feelings for him as a child Walker Ad [...]

Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley This is a DNF review Whoa Two DNF s in one week for me I think that s an all time high Unfortunately, when something isn t working, you know it and this book just wasn t working for me.The reason I had to quit this book was almost solely due to the heroine I was 55% through the book and Gracie, the heroine, was still a doormat for her boyfriend At first, I liked her fine because she was a career woman, trying to balance her work and personal li [...]

I m not one of the reviewers that tends to jump on Contemporary Romance s Frankly, it s just not my thing I tend to feel like they all run together Kind of like, if you ve read one you ve read them all I really want to select books that I believe I d like I want to give books good reviews So, knowing what makes me critical, I just tend to stay away from Contemporary Romance novels.Also, I am not athletic at all I don t watch any kind of sports, with the exception of a few years of obsessive WWE [...]

I am a sucker for a sports romance and have been on a fighter kick lately so when I say Breaking Her Rules on netgalley I was instantly attracted to the cover and blurb I love a sweet yet forbidden romance and this one fall under both categories.Grace has had a crush on her best friend s older brother ever since she first noticed boys but seeing as how her crush was one sided Grace moves on with her life and gets involved with a powerful man who she works for doing fight promotions All I see if [...]

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review image error I have always been a fan of a fighter romance and so I was eager to read Breaking Her Rules by Jennifer Snow The premise of the story is about a young girl and her best friend s older brother So what happens when the guy Grace had a crush on is temporarily her roommate while he discovers his passion in MMA Can Grace find the happiness and love that she has always searched for How far are you will to break the rules when it co [...]

I was given a beta copy to read for an honest review I couldn t put this book down The chemistry between Grave and Walker is undeniable As her best friends brother Walker comes back into Grace s life and is camping out on her couch as a favor to her best friend Grace then reliazes that she has never recovered from her teenage crush on Walker, and starts to reliaze that her safe and boring relationship with her boyfriend may not be what she wants after all Walker is pursuing his dream of being an [...]

I got an early copy of this and will share a review closer to release

I was lucky enough to read a beta version of this book, and I LOVED it I don t know much about the MMA, nor have I been interested in it before, but after reading this book, I ve become a fan.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Breaking Her Rule is one of those middle ground reads for me There was nothing I disliked about it, but I wasn t completely in love with it It is well written, entertaining and an all around good read I believe, overall, that the synopsis of this one, really sums up the book without giving away any spoilers or leading you to believe it s than it is That too made it enjoyable.Walker is standup guy who wants to fight in the [...]

Click here to read my entire review ARC given to me via Net Galley in exchange for an honest reviewWhat I Loved I have a soft spot for romances about childhood crushes so I very happy to get this ARC Gracie grew up worshipping Walker as a child, and is confronted by him once again as an adult It was cute watching his feelings for Gracie grow when he sees her again and eventually falls for her I think that s why I enjoyed this story so much, watching two people who ve known each other for so long [...]

As much as I enjoy Jennifer Snow s work, this one just didn t wow me like I wanted it to Which isn t to say it s not a good book because it is, I think my hangup with the book was Grace In a professional capacity, she certainly seemed to know her stuff, but in a personal capacity Walker was definitely the wake up call she needed.Walker Adams has finally decided to live life his way, and that means not following the path his father wants him on However, not following that path resulted in dad cut [...]

Gracie ran as fast as she could from her hometown to college in Vegas and after became the head promoter in the MFL the top MMA league She wanted to escape her poor upbringing, her always falling in love and being burned mother and her childhood crush Walker.Now years later after a phone call from Kylie her best friend and Walker s sister in which she was a asked a huge favor and reluctantly agreed to she is now doubting herself She is going to let Walker crash on her couch while he gets on his [...]

An awesome, sexy, way to start this new series I absolutely loved the premise of the story Her teenage crush suddenly needs to crash on her couch for three weeks No big deal, they re both adults now, she can handle thisexcept she s not over her crush like she thought she was.Jennifer did an amazing job teasing about what the outcome of the pseudo roommate situation between Grace and Walker would be Some of my favorite parts were Walker s inner monologues and his dialogue with Grace Once Grace an [...]

What could go wrong when Gracie Andrews agrees to let the brother of her best friend crash on her sofa for a few weekse brother who she grew up having a crush one brother who is now a hunky MMA fighter Or should I askwhat could go right While Walker Adams is trying to breaking into the UFC, he is totally reliant on Grace s good graces She gives him a place to stay, helps him find a job and a gym to train at, and leaves his head spinning Grace is now engaged to a powerful Vegas fight match maker [...]

4.5 StarsReview by Lisa Kane The chemistry between Grace and Walker is off the charts for this one Walker decided his father s plans for his future weren t what he wanted and he broke out on his own The problem is that in his quest to be an MMA fighter, he has no money or place to live So he ends up staying with his sister s friend, Grace s couch.Grace had a huge crush on him years ago, but has since moved on to a stable relationship with a fight promoter She doesn t want to lose that to take a [...]

Walker is really the sweetest guy I mean he knows how to clean and organize, anyway, everything else cleaning supplies, tampons a dead vibrator all on the bottom shelf He gets you tingling in all the right places, he closed the small gap between them in a flash Are you trying to get me hard, because it s working I loved seeing Gracie all excited and approving over her man, Throw them on the floor He did Then his underwear, his c standing erect as it escaped the confines of his briefs Gracie s [...]

Loved it The chemistrty is off the charts between Grace and Walker Grace grew up with nothing and is best friends with Walker s sister Grace helps Walker with his dream of being an MMA fighter Walker wants Grace but is seeing someone else Grace is frustrated because she wants Walker and is dating her boss It was exciting to see how Grace and Walker finally come together and fall in love This is a must read

I could ve cared less about either of these characters Grace was ok, but Walker was worthless He s half assing everything and doesn t appreciate any of the opportunities he s given He s the complete opposite of every fighter athlete I ve ever read about, and that s not a good thing Professional sports are about dedication and hard work, not waiting around for your time to shine doing nothing to aid your success.

What makes a great book When a book keeps me up half the night because I couldn t put it down Breaking The Rules did just that The first book in the Beyond The Cage Series surprised me It wasn t your typical MMA romance and I loved the plot of the story It had so many different facets than just a best friends brother story It was complex and well written Definitely a diamond in the rough I can t wait for Tyson s story

4 what happens in vegas stars out of 5

It s common knowledge that we often can t see what s right in front of us and that perfectly sums up the relationship between Grace and Walker since they were young It s an emotional journey as these two people from very different worlds reunite to admit feelings that will change their lives forever Along with a slowly burning romance readers get a glimpse into the gritty world of MMA fighting and all the behind the scenes machinations that combine to make this a compelling read that races to an [...]

The story of Grace Gracie and Walker.Grace works for an MMA organization as a marketing person She s the girlfriend to Erik, who is high in the MMA organization but not her direct boss Erik is all business, all the time.Walker has just dropped out of law school with only a semester left, to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter Living in his car for the past few weeks, his sister Kylie which happens to be Grace s best friend from childhood, talks Grace into allowing Walker to stay on her couc [...]

The story of Grace Gracie and Walker.Grace works for an MMA organization as a marketing person She s the girlfriend to Erik, who is high in the MMA organization but not her direct boss Erik is all business, all the time.Walker has just dropped out of law school with only a semester left, to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter Living in his car for the past few weeks, his sister Kylie which happens to be Grace s best friend from childhood, talks Grace into allowing Walker to stay on her couc [...]

Title Breaking the RulesAuthor Jennifer Snow Publisher Year Penguin 7 21 15Length 231 pagesOverviewMMA fighters go the distance in this all new series from Jennifer Snow, author of the Brookhollow novels.Walker Adams was supposed to follow in his lawyer father s footsteps, but instead he s training to be an MMA fighter And while he works for his chance to make it in the Maximum Fight League, he s bunking on his baby sister s best friend s couch Gracie Andrews is all grown up in all the right pla [...]

  • [PDF] Breaking Her Rules | by ☆ Jennifer Snow
    171 Jennifer Snow
Breaking Her Rules