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Unexpected #(2022)



  • Title: Unexpected
  • Author: K.A. Hobbs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Unexpected By K.A. Hobbs,

Unlimited Unexpected - by K.A. Hobbs - Unexpected, Unexpected Harry is all about the three F s fun freedom and females Deciding to go see the world while he has no responsibilities He wants to see as much of the world as he can experience life and the many de

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You get a taste of Harry in the first 2 books, but there is so much to him Harry is definitely an Unexpected surprise Harry is so funny he makes me laugh so hard I cry He s very sexy and dirty I blush thinking about him He s kind and good Doug has some real competition for my affections Harry is a ladies man till he finds the right lady, Megan Once he got his sights set of her he had one goal, to make her his There s one downfall to Harry sometimes he s an idiot, but least he knows it When Harr [...]

Unexpected is book four in the Connected Series or as I like to call it, Harry s book Harry is yet another of KA Hobbs boys that I officially adore I think the is the character who starts his journey and grows the most Leaving home, for his travels, he leaves as a cocky, single, feisty, filthy mouthed, sexy as hell young man But his travels happen and he returns a man, with eye opening experiences, love and SEX This cocky twenty something Harry is all about the sex He chats any woman up well [...]

Unexpected by KA HobbsFirstly I d like to thank KA Hobbs for giving reading the sheets book blog a chance to read the ARC for this novel, and I m so glad she did.In unexpected, we meet Harry Harry is a jack the lad , he loves getting his end away and has never really seen a reason to settle down All his friends are single, and he s good with the ladies, so why would he just stick to one Megan, that s why She turns his whole world upside down and he s in heaven, but how will a player be able to s [...]

5 Stars I was given this book in turn for an honest review Harry finds himself in Australia living a life he hadn t dreamed off in ways than one When everything seemed perfect, one rash decision left two hearts breaking Can they put their stubborn trait aside and find their path to happiness together again KA Hobbs has given me another amazing book boyfriend to daydream over Harry is a typical fun loving and very active male that most women can t resist Although Harry is a player he always trea [...]

Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review We have all been introduced to Harry in the Connected Series.Now it s time to be formally introduced to him Unexpected is Harry s story.Harry.Loves his parents and his beautiful sister Sophie.He s young and carefree He s a free spirit He s gorgeous And damn is he hot He makes the decision to travel To see the world.So he leaves the comforts of home in England His first destination.Australia.Not knowing anyone, Harry is on his own To explore T [...]

This might be book 4 in the Connected series but you are able to read this a standalone and still enjoy the story.For those of us who have read the other books, Unexpected focuses on Harry, Sophie s brother.As we know Harry had been in Australia travelling, he come home suddenly and then with Doug s help went back out there In this story we find out why.Harry is a fun loving character, he is the type of guy that makes you want to drink Tequila body shots and share showers, to save water obviousl [...]

Wow o wow I thought KA Hobbs would struggle to top the amazingness that was Doubt, Assured and Broken but my god has she managed it and then some I am struggling to find the words to describe this masterpiece Harry has quickly become one of my most loved and adored book boyfriends, he is a cocky, gorgeous dirty mouthed, sex on legs male that I wish I knew There is a humour in this book that offers relief to anyone who reads KA Hobbs books back to back if you haven t read the previous books in th [...]

5 I didn t for a second expect any couple to come close to Doug and Sophie but Harry and Megs are a real close second, there is just something about that cheeky lad I really did adore them but I m not going to sit here and say that I didn t want to bang their fictional heads together because I REALLY did, however the suspense that was created by all the drama was so spot on that I wouldn t be without it If you liked Harry in Doubt and Assured then you will love him in Unexpected, where he was su [...]

I was so excited when I heard that Harry was going to have a book all of his own I d already grown accustomed to him on our first meeting but I had a feeling things were going to dirtierd boy was I right Unexpected starts with Harry arriving on his travels in Australia and as soon as he gets there, yes, he s having sex But goodness, it is HOT like ten chillies hot It s not all about the sex with Harry though well, it was but that all changes when he meets Megan with extra sex of course Before th [...]

Out of all the Connected men i think i love Harry the most I love everything about him including that filthy mouth and how possessive he is even before Megan is his I also love the banter between him and Jack They might have just met but its like they are brothers from another mother I would say that Unexpected takes us on a journey of self discovery for Harry because once he finds Megan its like his life is how its always supposed to have been He doesn t feel the need to keep travelling, he s f [...]

Book 4 in the connected series and I can tell you its absolutely brilliant loved the characters and storyline It took awhile to get over the Mr Doug Robert s in Doubt book 1 then we meet the one and only sexy Harry and the path he goes down to find his one true love and what a ride he takes you on Patiently waiting for book 5 from the brilliant Author KA Hobbs.

I loved Harry s story I loved the brotherly bond between Harry and Jack that was forged from the start I loved how Harry and his dirty mouth fell hard and fast megs and it was fitting that she didn t make it easy for them They had a few bumps on the road along the way but they got there in the end I want tequila body s shots and to make nests like penguins.

Harry is the bomb that is all You will LOVE him.Another fab 5 star read for this author The connected series just keeps going from strength to strength D

  • Unlimited Unexpected - by K.A. Hobbs
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