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The Witches' Covenant #(2022)

The Witches' Covenant

The Witches' Covenant

  • Title: The Witches' Covenant
  • Author: MichaelDalton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Witches' Covenant By MichaelDalton,

Unlimited The Witches' Covenant - by MichaelDalton - The Witches' Covenant, The Witches Covenant Erich Ariel and Astrid have begun their life together but all is not well Ariel and Astrid have discovered that sharing a husband is a greater challenge than they anticipated a challenge that is ex

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Get your dance cards ready, there are a lot of absolutely necessary characters to keep track of in Michael Dalton s The Witches Covenant Part fairytale, part magical fantasy and part steampunk, get ready to follow Erich and his twin mage wives as they undertake a journey across lands that are less than welcoming and find themselves embroiled in an ancient agreement that could easily be broken when the self absorbed landgrave, Philip decides to try to trick a band of witches by not holding to the [...]

Erich, Ariel, and Astrid has begun their life together as husband and wives Erich is one lucky man to have such beautiful women and skilled mages as his wives A few problems came up between Ariel and Astrid, Astrid not wanting to always make love to her husband sometimes she just wants to cuddle and be happy But Ariel loves making love to her husband and tries to do it as often as she can They all decided to go on a trip and seek employment in a village far away from their own and they want to m [...]

Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.Erich,Astrid and Ariel begin their new life together with a trip to a new city for Erich to find work Life as a thresome is not easy, with the only way for them to join, is as three There is no two time An overnight stay in a stop over on the way turns into something sinister, something deadly, something that could possibly tear them apart, and cause the deadth of yet another baby.I found this as good as, but not better than boo [...]

Disclaimer I received a free copy in exchange for a review What s Good it s a fast moving, multi layered, complex story that I read in one sitting Plot has a lot of meat to it Politics, intrigue, not so chance encounters there s a lot of the stuff I like to read about going on here The magic system is intriguing and is the setting which draws from real world events and figures There s some pretty interesting characters I liked Sabine and Giancarlo a lot and aside from the main arc there s some n [...]

The Witches Covenant is set in an alternate version of the 16th century It s disparate plots revolve around witchcraft, magic and steampunk in a fictionalised version of Germany.I rather enjoyed this book It was an intriguing mix of history and magic, involving genuine historical figures in an alternative view of the time There were some really great ideas within the text and the plot tied together really well It managed to incorporate the back plot of several protagonists with verve and skill.T [...]

Readable tale but the protagonists are passive for much of the story The story happens around them rather than to them Some threads are not resolved, so the book is somewhat of a setup for the next book we hope.

I really liked this book Full review to follow.

  • Unlimited The Witches' Covenant - by MichaelDalton
    355 MichaelDalton
The Witches' Covenant