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The Destroyer Goddess #(2022)

The Destroyer Goddess

The Destroyer Goddess

  • Title: The Destroyer Goddess
  • Author: Laura Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780765347961
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
The Destroyer Goddess By Laura Resnick,

✓ The Destroyer Goddess ☆ Laura Resnick - The Destroyer Goddess, The Destroyer Goddess The Stunning Conclusion of In Fire Forged A Publishers Weekly Best Book of The island nation of Sileria lies in the shadow of Darshon the Destroyer Goddess the great volcano that dominates the

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Though the series isn t perfect, The Chronicles of Sirkara is an epic fantasy trilogy that has flown below way too many people s radars This is one of those true gems that is sure to please most readers The world building is stunning, the relationships and culture are believable, the battles and hardships are intense and easy to get lost in While there are some characterization and pacing issues, they don t bog down the series The Chronicles of Sirkara will suck you in, pull you under, and leave [...]

I only knew and adored Laura Resnick for her funny, slapstick comedy like Esther Diamond urban fantasy series And now it turns out she wrote this excellent epic fantasy trilogy a few years back why are there no re issues I got my copies second hand Oh well, on to the books In Legend born , The white Dragon and The Destroyer Godess are about an island nation that has been ruled by foreigners for a thousand years and is now facing a rebellion against their conquerers and a civil war against the wa [...]

Oh God What have I done What made me skim through this instead of just read it like I have endured with the first two others Maybe it s because I ve read the whole series for three days and my eyes are killing me Just when I was nearing end I gave in and skimmed the book What in the world was I thinking But still I got the gist of the story, I did read the about 20 percent on the end so I know how it all went I ve got to say this is a progress to the previous book For once, the pace was fast and [...]

I had one issue with the book which I thought problematic especially since it s a female author a rape which was clearly a rape but then she glossed it over and it was viewed as seduction by the victim , but besides that utterly amazing trilogy with characters so, so, so full of life, where minor characters suddenly became so important and awesome Najdan , plus an absolutely intriguing and absorbing story line.I m glad that I remembered this trilogy aka that I had read the first book years ago a [...]

Sad for the endI am always looking for new authors I came across the first book in the series in a used book store I was hooked This is a talented writer with a gift I wish the story could ve continued The characters were written so clearly I felt like I knew them personally I will miss Mirabar, Tansen, and finding out how all the relationships worked out A must read series.

This was my favorite book of the series It was so action packed It keeps you guessing, and usually guessing wrong haha the twists in it are amazing, as are the descriptions, details, fights, and especially the ending bottom line i would reccomend this book to anyone who likes fantasy fiction or wants just an amazing book to read Laura resnick is an amazing author i would love nothing than to meet her and talk to her

This was a great trilogy Sister Velikar Baan said Rain That was such a funny part Probably one of the most amusing I ve read Laura wrote a great character in Baran It s really masterful when an author can create good characters Everyone is pretty serious, except Josarian, who s pretty jovial at times, and then you can tell she had fun with Baran Anyway, I just wanted to say that part was particularly funny.

I fell in love with In Legend Born and then couldn t find the sequel anywhere Years later the two halves of In Fire Forged showed up under the Christmas tree and I devoured them The characters are strong and the world Resnick creates is captivating I highly recommend it.

I couldn t get into it and never finished it I really don t like not finishing, even when I am not interested in a book I like much of this author s other work but this one just didn t speak to me.

What an exquisite ending I want Do you hear my Resnick I want Sirkara

The series conclusion was good although the middle book was a bit of a slog to get through.

Much better than previous 2 Strong ending Felt like the characters evolved with conflict this time around Good surprises.


  • ✓ The Destroyer Goddess ☆ Laura Resnick
    481 Laura Resnick
The Destroyer Goddess