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The Executioner: A Love Story #(2022)

The Executioner: A Love Story

The Executioner: A Love Story

  • Title: The Executioner: A Love Story
  • Author: Melissa Silvey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Executioner: A Love Story By Melissa Silvey,

Unlimited The Executioner: A Love Story - by Melissa Silvey - The Executioner: A Love Story, The Executioner A Love Story Florian Desjardins is one of a group of female hit men hired by the Secretary to execute rapists and sex offenders Her true identity is well hidden and her secrets are as well protected as her heart

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The Executioner Melissa SilveyI was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.I give this book 3 starsFor years Florian has been taking the law into her own hands and delivering justice to all the criminals that escaped legal consequences After her own sister was raped and murdered she accepted an assassin job and began taking orders to kill those that no longer deserved to be in society Florian was counting down her missions until she trained her replacement and then could relocate and [...]

If I loved Room for Three, I liked this one a bit less Few reasons for that First, I found it very confusing the change of POV one paragraphe to the next Then I thought equality was not there She definitely loved one guy better than the other although she professed her love to both However, I loved that the heroine is the bad guy I loved the genius character and I loved the scortched FBI one All together was truly great.This said, it is not a menage but a triangle with some menage sex scenes but [...]

Given a copy of this book in return for an honest review Melissa silvey does it again This book sucked me in right from the beginning Florian is an executioner She is hired by someone to kill sex offenders and rapists She feels a pull to her quirky neighbor, Jordan The last job she gets before retiring, shocks her and the FBI end up at her door Vince is the total opposite of both Jordan and Florian He is strong handsome and sexually experienced What will happen when these three end up together T [...]

Overall i really loved this book It was impossible to put down I loved the story line although it didnt always come together perfect I love the bad ass side of the story but the instant love didnt really work for me and the cryingI HATE CRYING Also how we were introduced to Jordan s FBI job was a bit confusing But after getting past all of that the book was pretty HOT And i was hooked 4 stars

All I m going to say This was incredibly hot So hot that my panties might be steaming Holy smokes

Okay, wow Just wow This book is just something else entirely I ve never read anything like it You can t compare this book to anything

Interesting plot with great characters Some aspects seem to happen very quickly but the story is enjoyable Can t wait to read .

Gifted a Copy in Return for an Honest Review Female bad asst usually my thing but I gave it a go and it turns out, it wasn t all bad The characters were enjoyableI m team Jordan in case anyone was wondering He is nerdy, quirky and yet a total hottie Vince is the definition of Alpha Male but does have a mushy side Ari wasn t written as the naive annoy virgin she coulda been Thank goodness for that.As for the story, it was different than much of what I ve read There were twists, turns, ups downs v [...]

I loved this book If you are looking for a story to get you hot and bothered, but provide you with an amazing story that makes you fall in love with the characters, read this one I promise you won t be disappointed.

I liked the premise I just felt the execution should be better For what it s worth I did not dislike it.

  • Unlimited The Executioner: A Love Story - by Melissa Silvey
    363 Melissa Silvey
The Executioner: A Love Story