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On Her Tail #(2022)

On Her Tail

On Her Tail

  • Title: On Her Tail
  • Author: Celia Kyle
  • ISBN: 9781680399929
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook
On Her Tail By Celia Kyle,

✓ On Her Tail ☆ Celia Kyle - On Her Tail, On Her Tail Werelioness Addy Wilson did the unthinkable she kidnapped an alpha s cub Not because she wants to harm the small child but to save him from his father Unfortunately as she flees for her life and trie

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Sigh, ZaneHe is all Heman brute, put him by his mate or a baby, teddy bear Threaten them and it is all brute again.This one is mostly story, really intriguing story that pulls the heart strings I enjoyed all the drama and build.Addy is kind of awesome, all sassy curvy gal gone protective She is a fitting match for Zane who tries and fails to curb his language and attitude.There is one smexy scene, after the major issues are resolved Deliciously hawt and steamy Man this series leaves you needing [...]

This installment of the Quick Furry shorts was a little bit darker and serious than the previous ones It still had some sexy alpha action, some smut, and some excellent pack protection, though This story is about Addy, who is on the run with a baby that she has rescued from the evil crime boss She ends up on her back in a decidedly unsexy way when Zane hits her with his SUV They recognize each other was mates, but that doesn t mean Addy has any plans to stay put These two end up having to overc [...]

a nice quick read

2.5 StarsOn Her Tail, is a short, quick read, where these two fated mates meet when Zane accidentally hits Addy whose on the run with baby Jack with his truck It s a pretty fast paced story, but for what it was I enjoyed it I did have some questions regarding some of the back story and circumstances of what happened with Addy, Jack and Jack s mom and the crime boss baby daddy but because it s so short I just had to take things at face value If you re looking for romance, probably not the best bo [...]

One way of meeting your mate is to run her down in your truck.Adelaide is running for her and baby Jacks life Jack is the son of her murdered best friend, murdered by Jacks father Tony Davis, who also happens to be the one Jennifer put behind bars in book 2.Addy has been on the run for weeks trying to stay ahead of Tony s goons Getting hit by Zane s truck is the best thing that could have happened to her as she now has the support needed.Zane is one of the alphas enforcers and a tough lion, nobo [...]

AwesomeHope to see in this series it s hard to put down once you start reading it keep them coming

A true 2 star read Meh Well edited, and pretty well written, but just too hasty and undevelopedI kept seeing Celia Kyle s name and books in recommendations, so I decided to give one of her inexpensive stories a try My general new author spending limit is about a penny per page, and this 96 page story cost me 99 cents Maybe that wasn t fair considering that I am rarely fond of stories this short, but at least it gave me a taste of her writing style At the sentence mechanics level, it was fine, bu [...]

This review was originally posted on Bears Read Too On Her Tail is book 3 in the Quick Furry series by Celia Kyle.I do not get tired of these books They re short and quick and really great This one was exceptionally high paced and exciting What an amazing concept for a story This would have worked really well as a full length novel too At least I think so.I m in love with the characters Addy and Zane are great together Also previous characters once again made an appearance, but didn t play a maj [...]

Aug Having read the first four of the series slightly out of order I realize these are essentially the same book Couple meet, instantly recognize one another as mates, there is a small issue which is introduced but then almost immediately forgotten about or resolved mostly off page , there is sex, andene In this version of the same ol , same ol , Addy is on the run, baby in arms, when she is hit by a car when she runs out into traffic to get away from some bad guys The guy who hit her, Zane, is [...]

If you are looking for a nice quick read, then look no further than Celia Kyle s On Her Tail It is the third story in the Quick Furry series and to say I enjoyed it thoroughly would be an understatement Zane made an impression when we first met him in a prior story, so I was glad that Ms Kyle decided he deserved a happily ever after And Addy was the perfect fit for the mouthy but strong lion She was determined to protect her charge and even though the timing of meeting her mate couldn t be worse [...]

Addy is on the run But not by herself She stole something that doesn t belong to her Actually someone She stole a lion cub The lion cub belongs to the mob The werelion side of the mob who happens to be locked up But, you don t steal from the mob Addy s best friend was killed murdered She promised her friend she wouldn t allow her son to grow up in that life So, Addy takes the child As she is running, she is hit by a car The car is being driven by Zane The gorgeous Zane, who realizes the woman he [...]

Spoilers So Zane is this pain in the ass Enforcer for The Northern Alpha Marcus He s foul mouthed and has an attitude problem He s the one who acted like an ass to Jennifer in book 2 which she put him in his place lol He also happens to be Addy s mate who is running from some psychic a holes intent on killing her and the baby she sort of stole to protect him Its a mess and has to do with the mob from book 2 and the babys momma is gone thanks to the babys fatherycho Anyways, Zane does his best to [...]

When Addy s best friend is dying and asks her to take care of her son, Jack, Addy did what all best friends would do Unfortunately the little boy is the son of a cruel Alpha He sends people after her trying to get his son back.Addy is getting tired of always running When two werelions are on her tail, she is so tired that she doesn t notice the SUV when she is running across the street She folds herself around Jack to make sure that he doesn t get hurt Zane can t believe that a woman ran out in [...]

It s the family that you make your own that can have the strongest bondsI love Celia Kyle s work, she truly is so freaking awesome sauce When running for your life and that of your baby you will do anything to be a step ahead and safe from those chasing you Until you re hit by a truck then again luck was totally on her side in the form of finding her mate behind the wheel of said truck Addy and Zane instantly realize they have found their other half, now they just have to get through the crisis [...]

Book 3 In this series.I like to read series because the books are different stories with connecting characters This series was really great with action, adventure and romance This particular story has Addy, Zane, and a baby being protected from the mob The baby belonged to Addy s best friend who was killed by the mob and given to her by the mother for safe keeping Addy s mate actually runs into her Zane takes the two of them back to his house for safe keeping So does Addy get to keep the baby Is [...]

Another great short werelion romance I love all the Quick Furry stories so far The stories are each independent werelion romances and each has its own happy ending.This one starts with a lady werelion that needs to protect baby Jack and keep him away from his father s men The baby s father is some sort of big time, dangerous criminal There is a car accident, our heroine is hurt badly, and her true destined mate is there to save her.Our Hero, her mate, is totally ready to protect her and the baby [...]

Addy is running from the Colletti s with a teny tiny bundle She s tired, scared and pushing herself to keep Jack safe Then her world almost ends when her mate Zane hits her with his SUV while she s trying to run from the bad guys yet again Zane is going to protect what s his and that s Addy and Jack I think this was my favourite book of the series so far I love the possessiveness of both Addy and Zane You could feel Addy s pain and worry and you could see how much Zane accepted Jack.I highly rec [...]

All in all I am sorry to say I was disappointed in this series I have a lot of Celia Kyle books but have felt let down by this series I have found with each book the size of the letters have annoyed me and I know that these are cheap books as they are short but personally I would have been prepared to pay to have in the story Even though it says 5 chapters I found the letters to be of a ridiculous size Maybe it was that I did in fact like the characters so would have liked to know about the [...]

Loved it As usual Celia Kyle has done it again There s tall, sexy Werelions pretty, BBW Werelionesses who have yet to meet In order to do so they need to be found, bad guys beat up lots lots of loving mating Short, Sweet Series novella style Only problem is waiting for the next one D I ve read pretty much everything that Ms Kyle has written haven t been disappointed yet.Enjoy

I love Celia Kyle.Addy is on the run from the same crime family Jennifer , the Betas Mate, help prosecute.Except she s kidnapped Tony Davis one her best friend made her promise to giveJack a better life So she s on the run with little Jack As she is being pursued byTony s henchmen She flees into the street, where she literally runs into her mate More accurately her mate runs into Her,with his SUV.

I m totally loving these short stories I love how the books progress from character to character from the series Zane s a great male, was a bit worried at first when baby Jack came to light, but he proved what a true male hero he is Addy is another loveable character, taking her responsibilities well and between the two of them, they make a great pair I m now wondering who will feature in the fourth short story Can t wait

Zane and Abby and baby makes three.This is book 3 of the series Quick Furry It is a stand alone story and can be read in any order, in order is usually best Abby is on the run for her life and baby Jacks Zane is an enforcer for the North American Packs This is their story of meeting and growing into a family I highly recommend this series, they are all wonderful stories Can t wait for the next book Celia does some of the best shifter stories.

Nice romanceI liked this story Zane is so very sure of himself and his ability to protect Addy and Jack Addy has run with Jack, the son of her only friend,who was murdered by Jack s father.Addy is determined to protect Jack and her new found mate.Unfortunately, all the good tension is done off page That definitely took away from the ending.

While I did like this story overall, there was enough pertinent information missing in this one to frustrate me to no end Time skipped ahead and important conversations were held without any mention so bloody frustrating That being said, I liked the main characters and I loved that big bad Zane fell so easily into life as a family man Can t wait for the next one to come out.

I enjoyed the story line and characters I liked Addy for her dedication to baby Jack and her promise to his mom that she would care for and protect him She put him above all else, even discovering her own mate I loved Zane s assumption that Jack and Addy came as a package deal They were his, end of question Plenty of action to keep the story moving Adult read

Another 5 star readI love this author and this series is perfect for a Quick read I read this at lunch and now I m starving for the next book in this series They are all standalone HEA, but it s fun to see characters you recognize from book to book

This is another Quick Furry book I liked it but I actually preferred the first two I wasn t as keen on Addy and I d like to have seen of Zane s tranformation from grumpy guy to big softie Still, the book was good and enjoyable.

Ok the baby s not HersShe s helping her best friend she has to save her baby from the father Can t get caught must keep running I m caught, I m hit He saves me Great read looking forward to next installment story.

Book 3DRAMA,ACTION AND FEARLESS DEVOTIONBook 3 brings the need to provide protection from a ruthless and relentless pursuit to an accident that leads to an answered prayers yet yields to unexpected HEA.

I already need my next fix What a great series Though if they were longer, details and action could be given and the story could be even better, but for its length it is sure to keep you enthroned just as it did me I can t wait for the next one

  • ✓ On Her Tail ☆ Celia Kyle
    453 Celia Kyle
On Her Tail