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LaPonte #(2022)



  • Title: LaPonte
  • Author: L. Ann Marie
  • ISBN: 9781311765086
  • Page: 466
  • Format: ebook
LaPonte By L. Ann Marie,

[PDF] LaPonte | by ↠ L. Ann Marie - LaPonte, LaPonte Danny started his life in and out of foster homes he has a sister Jess but loses her to the system When Danny ages out of that system he turns to the MC looking for the family he never had He earns r

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Once upon a time there was a fairytale MC It was the bestest, most wonderful MC out there The men were all wonderful, idealogical princes of bikers who spent their days rescuing battered women, adopting orphaned or abused children, and shaking down drug dealers before kicking their dealing asses across town Although they did have some shady dealings every once in a while, the overall sweetness and light that they spread far and wide completely overshadowed any pesky little illegal operations the [...]

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Love Kate and DannyKate and Danny s backstory is so turbulent and you find yourself pulling for Kate, especially in the beginning Danny had it rough with his ex and it leads to him being jerk in the beginning of the book I m glad he got back to his true self.Their family is idyllic, she s perfect, he s perfect but in this series, a love story always means a war of some kind This one doesn t disappoint It s about being AND showing you re strong, taking care of your family, and not allowing yourse [...]

This one was going much better for me than the first one other than being really disgusted with Danny s behavior and not feeling much better about Kate in the very beginning But things started to pick up with them and I was truly enjoying their story until all the mess with the women s center took over I mean so much detail about some of those incidents that truly were not necessary and added nothing to the story caused some skimming I think what they were doing was great I just didn t need to k [...]

Danny, Danny, Danny what a mess you are at the beginning of this book, you man whore But it only takes a good woman to kick the whore out of the man, and that s Kate s challenge throughout this book along with Danny s sister Jess, his bro in law Steve, and MC president Ben L Ann Marie provides an entire world around the MC, a universe that is filled with unique, sweet, stubborn, alpha, and in some ways magical characters It s pretty hard to describe the complexity of this book and the storyline [...]

I was hoping to like the second installment much better than the first one and to be honest, it started off really good.Manwhore Danny was living it up in the MC, having his fun threesomes and foursomes and treating sweet Kate as if she was always second best He was terrified of a real relationship and committment after his EX ruined him and this begins his downward spiral towards losing the one good thing he ever had in his life.While I enjoyed their relationship and all the antics that went al [...]

I liked this book and liked characters The only problem I have with the books so far is the minor grammatical errors and short sentences Sometimes I feel the author could use grammar to increase the length of the sentences This, for me, would make the books read better.Danny is just reliving some of his youth with all his exploits, however, this is to the detriment of his relationship with Kate Fortunately, Kate was able to be strong and started dating and this really ticked Danny off as he rea [...]

5 Stars Wow What can I sayI m blowin away by this book There was so much drama and action within these pages It was like watching an action film, kept me riveted The MC men are sexy, badass with a whole lotta sweet mixed in The women are beautiful, strong and fearless I do have to say that I have never wanted to slap a fictional character before but Tracey is my first BITCH The Little Brothers cracked me up Love them all I laughed out loud and cursed quite a bit while reading this, I m sure I ow [...]

L Ann Marie does it again with another great book Danny is great guy and in love Kate but he screws that up but when he tries to winner her back he goes all out They marry and she is prego s with his baby and things change when one of her clients pass away and end up adopting 3 boys and life is wonderful and then the unexpected happens they end up adopting two because their mother doesn t want them because they have down s syndrome Danny finally is moving up in the club and life is wonderful Th [...]

I have to tell you, I don t know how in the world I had not read any of these books in the Series which is up to 10 at this point but I started reading from this book and couldn t put it down, I am now up to the 4th book this weekend alone I read and finished book 2, all of book 3 and am 60 percent done with book 4 I have been on the edge of my seat, laughed out loud, and cried so much then sit and read with the biggest smile, these books are awesome, if you love MC books, large families, sweet, [...]

I first started by reading MC Knight and then realised that I wanted the whole story and that started with the Baxter s although the first books didn t have a lot of crossovers they did set the scene for what is to come in the other books as the stories move along so their importance to the series as a whole cannot be overstatedI have just read the 22 books to date back to back in the order published on the author s website and decided to review them as a whole I really don t think they stand we [...]

I loved this book It had everything I look for in an MC story Excitement, danger, love, loss, suspense, Brotherhood, and family This book made me laugh and cry The kids in this story will melt your heart, and leave you smiling Danny had a rough start in life He was in and out of foster homes He kept a lot of his feelings bottled up inside, and focused on raising his Son, and trying to make a life with his pathetic excuse for a Wife When he finds out that she was cheating with his friend, he deci [...]

Great storyLoved Danny and Kate s story Denny lost it for a while after his divorce, and Rich overseas He lost the respect of his brothers, his sister and his girl A few interventions and Denny gets it back together and then some He wins Kate by owning up, and showing his love in everything he did, and gets his ring on her finger, and his cut on her back A little brother or sister on the way for Rich and Patches The brothers still don t see him Danny lives their the all in motto He does whatever [...]

Brilliant Second book in the series is about Danny Jess s sister and Kate her best friend and sister through foster care.Kate has had a crush on Danny for years and they have a hook up twice a month but she wants Danny had a bad marriage and was deceived by his wife and her bitchyness He finally get rid of the ex and wants to enjoy himself and not be tied down After a hookup Kate says she wants but Danny won t listen She decides to hell with him she will date someone and find her HEA This spur [...]

So fantastic What a fantastic follow up I love Kate and Danny s story I love that Kate is a strong woman who is not only strong for her family but for abused women and children Her and Danny taking in those kids was just phenomenal I am so loving on the little brothers Little pissed about Tracy but that just means Ben gets a women that deserves his greatness Love the swearing jar and the beautiful spirit of the little brothers and what they do I like their insight and strength Great ending with [...]

A story about the capacity to love and redemptionThis is a great story of forgiveness, redemption, looking past imperfections and one couple s capacity to love In the beginning Danny comes off as not such a great guy, as he lives out his fantasies after a terrible marriage ends He struggles with the loss if respect he earned for himself as well as the loss of the woman he really cares about Throughout the rest if the story he shows what a generous and kind hearted guy he really is L Ann Marie co [...]

I feel the same way I felt with the first book I am having trouble rating this book I give it a 4 because I like the strong characters, I would give it a 2.5 3 for the plot though It wasn t that the plot was bad It was just that I felt there was also some kind of drama The plot for me wasn t explained and thought out It was just event after event and no real down time to just enjoy the characters and the environment around them For this reason, I think I am not going to continue with the series, [...]

I loved this book If I didn t have to work for a living I would not have stopped reading it One night I was reading until 1 in the morning and I have to get up at 7 I can t wait to get started on the next book in the series This author knows her material and knows how to keep you reading This book had a great plot and lots of action and romance as well I am definitely a lifetime fan Danny and Karen make a great strong couple All of these characters are great and make you care about them and they [...]

This was just so good Loved this one It has heart I wanted to kick someone for being stupid, laughed out loud startling my dogs , cried as I was reading how stupid some parents can be and cringed as I read of the fighting the 1% encroaching and during it all enjoyed the family dynamics and loved the little brotherhood bonding Yes, it has hot sexy scenes This is truly a great read I hope you read this It will brighten you day

Oh DannyDanny gets his girlfriend pregnant and his life changes He loves his some but his now wife is crazy , so the doctor says They divorce and he joins the MC when his son go into the military Kate is Danny s sister, Jess s best friend She has loved Danny as long as she has known him Now that he s single they start seeing each other He takes her out then the hook up but Kate wants Will Danny see what he s losing before it lost for good

MC LaPonte MC Series Book 2 by L Ann Marie is a great read This is the story of Danny and Kate Wow This story is packed full of action, drama, passion, twist and turns I laughed and cried reading this story I loved getting to know about Danny, Kate, and all the other members of the MC family Highly recommend to all fans of MC romance I can t wait to read what happens next

Once again an awesome book Danny is an amazing guy but one serious badass brother His luv for Kate takes him a while to figure out but boy when he gets it there s no stopping him Hot and steamy this book will keep you on the edge of your seat It s full of action and drama u won t want to put it down This Mc series is unlike anything I ve ever read it s Soo gd You are left wanting .

Danny and Kate s story made me like the series even .The story continues with book 2 in the MC series Canny and Kate went through a lot before he saw the light and decided to straighten up and be the man he was measnt to be There was sorrow, reckless behavior , and all the things that made this a great read, now on to book 3.

Great bookSo far this book is my favorite one I love the Little Brother s and love the way that they help each other like the Brotherhood does I just laughed at everything they did Can t wait to read of this series Bought them all tonight so I could read them all in order.

Another great book to this series.This was a great continuance to a great series In this book, the male character is trying to rectify a mistake he made to get the woman he loves back The female character is strong by making him realize that she won t be wronged again I would recommend reading this book if you have read the first in this series.

Loved itThis ebook is brilliant, I don t if it was supposed to but it gave a lot of laughs It is a great story I m so glad that a certain character got his shit sorted out.I would recommend this to any and all MC fans

ReviewI love this series the choppy, journal type writing threw me at first but now I think it s great, the characters are full and richly woven, like new friends I want to spend time with them.

a man loses his way but finds himself in time to settle down with the right woman and develops an amazing family by happenstance all while fighting rival outlaw bikersd dirty cops reread on June 11 and still good reread yet again and it still gripped me would make a great action flic Re read the for the fourth time in April of 2017ke it that much One of the best in this series.

This book was very different from most mc books Enjoyed it very muchI would recommend this book to every one it has you laughing and smiling and you want to keep reading.

  • [PDF] LaPonte | by ↠ L. Ann Marie
    466 L. Ann Marie