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Clara Meets The Parents #(2022)

Clara Meets The Parents

Clara Meets The Parents

  • Title: Clara Meets The Parents
  • Author: Lacey London
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Clara Meets The Parents By Lacey London,

[PDF] Clara Meets The Parents | by ☆ Lacey London - Clara Meets The Parents, Clara Meets The Parents Clara is Back Clara Andrews is back in this much anticipated sequel to Meet Clara Andrews Almost a year has passed since Clara found love in the arms of delectable American Oliver Morgan and things a

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This is the second installment in the Clara Andrews series and, in my opinion, a vast improvement on the first book Clara s relationship with Oliver Morgan has progressed and, a year after the events in the first book, they are on their way to their first couple s holiday and for Clara to meet her American in laws.This book was fast paced and easy to read and exactly what I had envisioned from the romantic and chick lit tags Whilst predictable and cheesy, it was the perfect passive beach read Un [...]

Enjoyed this than the first book, feel like I m getting to know Clara better.

this book made me fall in love with Mexico The summer feel that relaxes your mind and body is what i basically need right now Plus, the book ending proposal of Oliver made me thought, at first, that he was really cheating this time Oh, i love this series so much On to the next book 3

I was hoping this would be a nice change from all the Regency crap, but it actually made me yearn for one Something with an actual POV and better writing instead of an endless ditzy, rambling monologue I m sure Clara is a perfectly nice girl She s just too young and self absorbed, perhaps Was this labeled YA Maybe it should ve been I bet 12 year olds would like it Ew And use it as a template for future alcoholic misadventures Maybe not so YA after all This is a book that isn t sure of its audien [...]

Love this Series This is Book 2 of the series and it was funny, a little sad and touching all at the same time

Fun readYet another fun pool read This one feels a little fluffy than the first, hence the 3 stars, but I still enjoyed Clara s Mexico fiasco.

Five stars as always As per the usual, I enjoyed this book I loved Lacey s writing style from Clara s point of view It was such a quick and easy read for me This book takes place about a year later from the first book, Meet Clara Andrews Clara is so excited to be going on a vacation with Oliver to Mexico and of course, to finally meet his parents from America We start off with Clara at work, trying to wrap her days leading up to her vacation She wants to go shopping before her trip and cannot he [...]

Another hilarious read from start to finish Clara makes even of a nightmare of herself whilst trying to impress Oliver s parents on the vacation from hell From over tanning herself to look like a tangerine before she s even left London to throwing up in her Oliver s mum s hair whilst parasailing, Clara just can t seem to catch a break The setting of the story in Mexico with the sun, sea and one too many cocktails really made me feel like I was on holiday with the whole family I liked the fact t [...]

This was a great sequel to Meet Clara Andrews and I loved it just as much It is a year after Clara and Oliver fell in love and now they are travelling to Mexico Although a holiday, Clara will also be meeting Oliver s parents It is definitely not the most comfortable and relaxing of holidays, for Oliver s mother seems determined to trip Clara up at every opportunity Throw into the mix holiday friendships, someone from Oliver s past, sun, sand and tequila and you have a funny, occasionally heart w [...]

FantasticLoved this book, like the first one this is not my typical all read but it is so good You can relate to Clara Andrews, and all her dramas Meeting the in laws for the first time is daunting for most but Clara just brings it to a whole new level I laughed out loud,I shouted at the possibility of Oliver s stupidity and also thought what a horrible mother in law But for Clara she has a way of turning things around A fantastic feel good book that every female can relate to Can t wait to read [...]

OMG this book was absolutely fantastic it was hilarious and I have lost count how many times I sat there and laughed out loud.The story continues with Clara meeting her boyfriend s parents on a family holiday The monster in law reminded me of a few characters I have come across in my time and was one of the reasons why I enjoyed the book so much.I have now continued with the story and have downloaded book 3 I have a feeling I am going to be reading them all consecutively at this rate as I am lov [...]

Again this second book had issues with grammatical errors which is a pet peeve of mine I still don t like Clara, she is shallow, spends all her time shopping and dropping designer names everywhere not to mention the amount of alcohol and fast food takeaways she s constantly consuming She must be incredibly unhealthy as there is no mention of her doing any exercise and she should be as fat as a pig with that lifestyle I just cannot warm up to her at all but I do like Oliver, however, I am losing [...]

I came across Clara Meets the Parents in a digital box set with the first in the Clara series, Meet Clara Andrews What an absolute delight I chuckled my way from chapter to chapter as Lacey London introduced me to some particularly memorable characters whilst also weaving in some suspense that had me hooked right in Twists and turns abound This is clearly an author who loves her writing She can be sure her readers do, too Wonderful fun

I just love the feeling of being completely taken by a book, and I am really digging this series As soon as I opened this book I knew I was lost to the world till I was finished Clara is such a crazy, likeable character, a character that is so real, you can actually relate with Loving the storyline, and the snort with laughter moments are great I highly recommend, the books are quick easy reads, funny, they are just a crazy fun ride.

The writing is not that good Honestly It seems it got better in this book, but it s still not so great The tenses shift from sentence to sentence And Americans don t say whilst We just don t I like the pace of the book and it s a quick, fun read And yes, I will keep reading them Because that s what I do.

A Delightful Read A sheer delight for me to read The heroine was warm and engaging and the author delivered just the right touch of humour Would recommend this read to anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy This is a series, but this book can be a stand alone I however, will be reading the next one.

Book 2 and it just gets better Clara s now in a steady relationship with Oliver and it s time to meet his parents A holiday to Mexico is where this happens Let s just say, his mum isn t by any stretch of the imagination a mumsy woman, with some truly laughable moment This book has it all and will leave you hungry and thirsty and looking for the Mexican sun 5 stars.

Book 2I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I found it hard to put down and got lost in the story I wanted to be in Mexico with Clara Can t wait to read the next book in the series

Nice Continuation of the Clara SeriesKeeping in mind this series is written in first person and stays with only that person instead of alternating as is typical in this genre ,, it is very enjoyable to see Clara meet Oliver s parents.

I love Clara Andrews

Fun and refreshing This is a story somewhere between Meet the Parents and Bridget Jones Diary Can t wait to read from Clara by Lacey London.

Loved how Clara struggled to get on with Janie in this book and some really funny moments in it that made me cringe great read

Love this series, couldn t put it down feel good

I think I like the in laws better than the main couple after reading this book They are way fun than Clara.

  • [PDF] Clara Meets The Parents | by ☆ Lacey London
    166 Lacey London
Clara Meets The Parents