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A Family Affair #(2022)

A Family Affair

A Family Affair

  • Title: A Family Affair
  • Author: Abriella Blake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Family Affair By Abriella Blake,

✓ A Family Affair ↠ Abriella Blake - A Family Affair, A Family Affair When my parents told me they were thinking of fostering a boy from inner city Balti I thought they were losing their minds But when the social worker s car pulled up I nearly fainted at the sight of t

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2.5 StarsThis book provided a nice deviation from the step brother books that are crazy popular right now It still followed along in the same taboo story line but it was just done a bit differently with the foster brother as opposed to a step brother This book wasn t awful, it just wasn t great It was very poorly edited, and some of the editing marks were still in the book The writing itself could have used a bit work as well One of the main things I didn t like about this book was the way that [...]

Color me surprised, I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit Don t get me wrong, it wasn t anything new and special but it was funny, had interesting lead characters with enough self reflection that didn t make you hate them, and to be honest, the sex was pretty hot between Jo and her foster brother The ending could have been better and there were some minor story line details that didn t add up and weren t explained but overall I like it.

I m frustrated that I paid for a book that has lazy editing and red pen markings left in The author doesn t know if she s writing for America or England with her spelling eg Gray Grey There s a lot of plot that isn t resolved well Ending is rushed, as is this review It s only here to warn other readers.

3.5 stars

Honestly, I skipped a few sections and it wasn t all that amazing I was super surprised that Joanna was having an affair with her married, much older, guidance counselor but I liked that it was put in the book, even if it was a little strange because it shook up the whole stepbrother type genre Also liked that he was her foster brother It was ok but nothing spectacular.

pretty good Trace and Joanna were cute It s a typical story of teen taboo love Although he s a foster, so not sure if taboo is the right word But there isn t any raunchiness, which is why I liked the story.

I really did not like the heroine in this book at all She was having a sexual affair with her school guidance counselor I made it to 40 percent I am always determined to finish a book no matter what I just could never like the heroine.

Not a favorite book An interesting group of characters, but not fully developed.Some aspects of the story are not adequately explored, explained, or given closure There are some deviant plot situations, and this book is not an appropriate read for everyone.

UnusualThis story was interesting with a girl who is pressured about her future She acts out by sleeping with her counselor The brother comes in and shakes up her world by the attraction she feels We see the drama unfold without realizing what s happening I liked this story.

Hoping for .I like this book and this author It had a sort of slow start and I really have to say I did not like how the book started out with Joanna sleeping with her guidance counselor Even though Joanna s parents gave Trace a chance, I didn t think the school did.

A Family AffairThis is really a good book I have really enjoyed it well written good plot I know you will enjoy it to Margie

1.5 stars

Not my favorite but a good read.

5 stars babyLove it One of the best step foster brother books I have read Story is great Characters are amazing Author did an awesome job.

A bit rushed in parts had the potential to be so much better , lots of missing parts of Trace that should have been covered I think

  • ✓ A Family Affair ↠ Abriella Blake
    406 Abriella Blake
A Family Affair