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The Quality of Silence #(2021)

The Quality of Silence

The Quality of Silence

  • Title: The Quality of Silence
  • Author: Rosamund Lupton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Quality of Silence By Rosamund Lupton,

[PDF] The Quality of Silence | by ✓ Rosamund Lupton - The Quality of Silence, The Quality of Silence Set in the extreme landscape of Alaska THE QUALITY OF SILENCE follows the story of Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby Yasmin arrives in Alaska to be told her husband Matt is dead the victim of a ca

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1.99 on kindle 9 1 2016You have no idea how much I want to give out spoilers about this book I liked this book because it goes into things that are very important to me, but alas NO SPOILERS Well some MILD SPOILERS I fell in love with little Ruby right away She is deaf and she s so smart and so sweet Her mother Yasminmmm I had issues with her because she takes Ruby onto the ice roads with her with a major storm coming in she put her child s life in danger BUT, Ruby can t hear and there is no one [...]

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton is a 2016 Crown publication Harrowing, white knuckle suspense Alaska Its beauty contrasts with the dark, brutal, bitter cold, making it the perfect backdrop for this gripping environmental thriller which is coupled with a story of undying love and devotion.Yasmin has traveled to Alaska in search of her husband, Matt She has brought her deaf daughter, Ruby along, believing deep in her heart that despite evidence to the contrary, her husband was not a vict [...]

I received The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton through NetGalley Thank you to NetGalley, Crown Publishing, and to Rosamund Lupton.To experience Alaska and I ve been there is to truly know the meaning of biting, piercing, below the skin surface cold Rosamund Lipton envelops you with pure descriptors of what makes Alaska a source of both incredible beauty always and a very dangerous destination at times.Matt Alfredson, a wildlife photographer from England, is missing in the Arctic region of [...]

A wondrous and atmospheric thriller This is an intense and moving study of a family that has to go through a harrowing trauma to find each other again Yasmin and her deaf daughter, Ruby, arrive in Alaska expecting to be met by Matt Instead Yasmin is informed that her husband is dead after a village has been wiped out Yasmin and Ruby do not believe Matt is dead and get a lift with a kind trucker, Adeeb Adeeb gets sick and Yasmin drives the truck across a desolate frozen tundra and arctic storms H [...]

3.5 It is not often that implausibility in a plot can be overcome, but this one did the nearly impossible At least it did for me, the strong writing, the descriptions, the suspense and the ultimate warning about the high cost of our way of living and our constant need for oil Little Ruby was an interesting character, a deaf girl with amazing skills and thoroughly bonded with her father Her mother, Jasmine was tenacious and smart but well read this and you will see But, the real star of this show [...]

The Quality of Silence is a read that was worth waiting for I m a huge fan of Ms Lupton s previous novels and with this one she has taken a step up with some beautiful writing, an intense, chilly and emotional read that is utterly utterly gripping.Ruby s father is seemingly killed in a horrific accident Ruby s Mum however does not believe it and with Ruby in tow sets off across a bleak and unforgiving landscape to track him down As the story unfolds from both points of view it is truly fascinati [...]

This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.I have struggled with how I should rate this book I really liked a lot of things about this book but I had a few problems with it I consider this to be a good book overall that I wouldn t have any problems recommending to most readers I think that the three star rating that I finally went with is fair.Let s start with the things that I really liked about this book First of all, Ruby was a fantastic character She was smart, resourceful, and ve [...]

I ve got to say, I was impressed by this book I read her previous work Sister and while it wasn t bad, I didn t think it was that great I m really glad I gave this one a shot as it has much improved my opinion of her work I think my favorite aspect of this novel was the author s sheer talent for descriptions of the setting As I was reading I could have sworn I was trekking through the snow in Alaska with Yasmine and Ruby The writing is beautiful and almost felt like poetry This was a unique feel [...]

A Beautiful Place A Ridiculous Plot 3 Stars Part of me feels that I may be a tad generous with a three star review I had some issues with this book but on the other hand, there were elements that I found quite enjoyable and even enchanting This novel holds the distinction as one of a few books that I both liked and disliked Plot Summary Ruby and her mother Yasmin, fly from England to Alaska to meet up with their father husband who is in a remote village filming a documentary Upon arrival, Yasmin [...]

An evocative read that is haunting and chilling, quite literally, as it is set on the Alaskan Ice Road in the middle of winter with a monster storm brewing Yasmine and her 10 year old daughter Ruby have just arrived in Alaska to meet husband Matt but is faced by the news that he has been killed in a devastating fire in the remote Alaskan village he was staying in a fire that has claimed the lives of everyone in the village Yasmine s refusal to accept that her husband is dead takes her and her da [...]

5 sterren Nederlandse paperback ik heb dyslexia Ik heb dit boek in een minibieb gevonden Mijn naam is een vorm, geen geluid Ik ben een duim en vingers, niet een tong en lippen Mijn leeftijd is tien opgestoken vingers ik ben een meisje dat bestaat uit letters R U B Y, en dit is mijn stem Wat een meesterlijke thriller Naast dat de spanning door het boek heen goed word opgebouwd is het ook het verhaal van een wankel huwelijk, vragen, volwassen worden, acceptatie en hoop, geloof en liefde Yasmin haa [...]

I love snow, I love the cold weather I absolutely do I am a winter baby, so this was lovely and chilling to read, I could imagine myself trekking through the snow, the cold the wet and the wind, gorgeous Love it.The atmospheric conditions and imagination in this read was enthralling and enticing to me I have read Rosamund Lupton s book before and I know she can deliver a pretty good story that I will mostly enjoy and this one was the same.Fragile marriages.There they are, Yasmin and her daughter [...]

In the Alaskan darkness Yasmin and her ten year old daughter Ruby arrived at the airport after discovering the shocking facts about why he wasn t there to meet them, Yasmin was determined to search for Matt, the husband and father whom they loved so dearly Ruby had been deaf since birth she was a chatterbox, albeit through signing but she was also without real friends at school they teased her and called her names Jimmy had been her best friend until recently but she was extremely excited to be [...]

I gobbled up Afterwards and Sister was, if not a favorite, a gripping read, so I was exited to get my hands on The Quality of Silence The cover summary reveals so little, which was clever, as it allowed for a heightened sense of mystery to pervade the story I won t, therefore, summarize the story much either Lupton s writing is, as in her previous novels, polished and at times poetic, and the story flowed very nicely I was especially impressed with the way Lupton so thoughtfully tells part of th [...]

From the setting of the story to the underlying issues, I found this one to be pretty impressive Rosamund Lupton brings her readers to the Arctic Circle to experiencepolar night which means no daylight for months I could feel the bone chilling cold and envision the snow covered tundra all around me, which only intensified the eeriness of being in complete darkness You have to question whether Yasmin is incredibly brave or if she s delusional She arrives in Alaska with her ten year old deaf daugh [...]

Possibly one of the worst books I have ever read I really liked her first book Sister and Afterwards was ok but this is terrible A completely implausible plot and absolutely no sense of menace whatsoever The final chapter was beyond a joke, seriously how did this get past the editor.

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund LuptonMatt is a wildlife photographer and film maker and has been working solo on a huge project in some remote areas of Alaska, photographing and documenting information on the native wildlife in their natural habitat there.Usually he comes home for the Christmas break to be with his wife Yasmin and ten year old daughter Ruby.This year they were going to come to Alaska to be with him, and were so excited that Ruby and her father had been discussing it and plan [...]

Three and a half stars.I m finding this a hard book to review On the one hand the story absolutely pulls you along for the ride, despite the fact that some of the plot stretched belief But after a while you stop worrying about those things that sound unrealistic and just let the story take hold of you The main star of this book is Alaska The description of the land had me even feeling chilly as I read it Add to this an engaging character in the 10 year old deaf Ruby Her mother Yasmin agonises a [...]

This is the first of Rosamund Lupton s that I ve read and going by the cover which I love and the blurb, I had high hopes.The book starts off well A mother and child find themselves in the Artic circle on the hunt for the girl s missing father who has been declared dead but a fact they refuse to believe themselves In fact, in a nutshell, the book s blurb is pretty much the whole story A missing father, fracking, cold alaskan weather, truck driving, a tenacious mother and a deaf child And that s [...]

He didn t know what day it was any and he thought out here there were no days, no turning of the Earth to reach the face of the Sun, but a dark night of the soul in which only violent storms broke time into different pieces Paz Este libro transmite paz Una mezcla de silencio, desolaci n, esperanza, tormentas de nieve, un cielo tan negro que libera la noche m s oscura de las noches, infinitas estrellas que manchan el eclipsado firmamento y un toque de auroras boreales.El final no me gust En part [...]

Yasmin is going to Alaska to meet up with husband Matt who has been making a wildlife film in the depths of the Alaskan winter Ruby their deaf 10 year old daughter is also super excited to be going, she can t wait to use the blog that her father has helped set up for this trip But on arrival at the airport there is no Matt and they are informed that the village he was working out of has been destroyed by a freak fire and all inhabitants had died Yasmin, who actually feels their relationship is c [...]

I was really excited to know that I had won this particular book in a Give Away sponsored by The Reading Room This is a new author to me and I ve heard so many good things about her other books.Yasmin s husband, Matt, is in the Alaskan wilderness and is reported as dead after a catastrophic fire in the small village where he was staying Along with her young deaf daughter, Ruby, she makes the trip herself but Yasmin refuses to believe that he is dead.The two of them decide to go look for themselv [...]

2.5 stars Somewhere between meh and I liked the book This book has two huge things that completely destroyed my immersion and my suspension of disbelief I m not going to spoil the ending or any of the plot twists, but I m going to talk about these two things which happen in the beginning of the book RST, Yasmin is the worst mother ever I can t believe she d take her child into northern Alaska during a freaking storm with no plan So reckless and irresponsible I dislike her as a character because [...]

Yasmine s husband, Matt, is in Alaska making a wildlife film When Yasmine and her deaf 10 yr old daughter Ruby are told that Ruby s father, Matt, has died in a horrendous fire, they refuse to believe it Even with a storm headed their way, they set out for the remote frontier where Matt is last known to have been I have to admit that the decisions that Yasmine makes do sometimes stretch reality quite a bit Here she is with a little deaf girl, her own daughter, and she heads out to a section of Al [...]

This book was fantastically plotted, and absolutely convinced me All the threads that I could have unravelled bits of it with, all the criticisms I was planning on making were answered by the end of the book so if you are reading it and something seems to not ring true or to be a little one sided hang on Believability wise it was a bit of a stretch, but we want to romanticise the world a little when we read.The characters were warm, well rounded and likeable I thought the reference to gifted pro [...]

Review by ireadnovels.wordpressBeing myself slighty deaf in one ear since the age of about 8 due to an ear infection, I found that I could easy relate to the young daughter in the story Ruby being deaf.I totally loved this unusual story as a whole, the characters, the story line with Ruby being deaf and the unusual setting of the places events took place Ruby and her mother Yasmin Alfredson had travelled to Alaska to meet Ruby s dad at the Fairbanks airport Deaf Ruby knew it would be really cold [...]

The star of this story is Alaska unrelenting dark, frigid,silent, cruel, lonely, vast, monochrome, perilous So many adjectives If only the story was about that Other reviewers are spot on about the implausibility of events Ridiculous But I liked the deaf daughter perspective Three and a half juddering stars

He knew now that a landslide a hundred feet wide was moving towards the ice road, frozen soil and rocks and shrunken trees stealing closer by a few centimetres a day, gaining speed and destroying anything in their way as if the land itself, like the cold, was not just passively hostile but actively aggressive The Quality of Silence is the third novel by bestselling British author, Rosamund Lupton When Yasmin Alfredson and her ten and a half year old daughter, Ruby, arrive at Fairbanks, Alaska, t [...]

Yasmin is distractingly beautiful, an astrophysicist who has put her career on hold to be the primary caretaker of her daughter, Ruby Ruby is wonderfully precocious ten year old girl who is also deaf, and wishes her mother would accept her using sign language as her voice, like her father, Matt, does Matt is a wildlife photographer currently working in a remote part of Alaska, which is where mother and daughter are in flight for a holiday visit.Matt was to meet them on arrival, but instead they [...]

In the perpetual night of the Alaskan winter where truckers thread their lonely ways through ice crusted realms with only voices on the radio as company, a woman is engaged in a frantic search for her husband.With a marriage as fragile as thin ice, Yasmin is prepared for anything when she arrives at Alaska Ruby is just excited to see her father again When he doesn t appear at the airport, they are informed that he has died.Ruby is Deaf The Quality of Silence is one of the rare books that doesn t [...]

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The Quality of Silence