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A Sissy Story #(2022)

A Sissy Story

A Sissy Story

  • Title: A Sissy Story
  • Author: Shaun Putaine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Sissy Story By Shaun Putaine,

↠ A Sissy Story ↠ Shaun Putaine - A Sissy Story, A Sissy Story Scott is disappointed to learn that instead of spending his Saturday with his beautiful wife he will instead be spending it as Sallyann with his Auntie and Uncle Auntie Lois and Uncle Cliff love havin

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I immediately read this one after the first one I am mixed about this one because of the continued underlining ridicule of Scott He loves his wife and it seems she still loves him The issue I have is that this is a love story and yet now it feels as if Scott is being stabbed in the back and I am not sure I like it.The erotica is still good I like the erotic parts and they are definitely spank bank worthy The age play is good for me even if it is against Scott s preference and consent This is a d [...]

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A Sissy Story