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Twiceborn #(2022)



  • Title: Twiceborn
  • Author: Marina Finlayson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Twiceborn By Marina Finlayson,

Twiceborn Best Read || [Marina Finlayson] - Twiceborn, Twiceborn Kate O Connor s trying to move on from a tragic past but there s a big difference between wanting to forget and having someone rip the memories right out of your head When Kate returns from an unusua

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This was so much fun that I read it all in one day I am not always a big fan of shape shifters but girls changing into dragons now that s brilliant The book is nicely written, the characters are entertaining and the action is full on I also really enjoyed the references to Sydney and the Blue Mountains and loved the way the last battle takes place over the Harbour Bridge on New Years Eve I could just picture all that action taking place in a haze of fireworks and smoke I was totally entertained [...]

Series FREE on Unlimited Check out facebook ParanormalBo for cheap reads.4.5 This was excellent and in my opinion a great find The characters were credible, the writing good, and a great story leading into a great series Plus no cliffhanger.The main character, Kate, is likable and easy to identify with She s gone through some really difficult times in her life, although this could have easily bogged down the novel to a depressing pile of mush, it revealed of Kate s character and strength setti [...]

This is a delightful urban fantasy set in Sydney Kate O Connor is still coming to terms with her grief over her son s death when she starts seeing strange auras around people Life becomes even weird when she finds a werewolf in her kitchen who wants to eat her heart She has a part time job as a courier for a friend but has no idea what she is really doing but is about to find out.Reading this book was a lot of fun with dragons and werewolves and other supernatural creatures creatures raging aro [...]

Twiceborn begins with spunky Kate in disguise, shadowed by spooks, and slides into a funny, action filled paranormal shape shifting romp, complete with attacks by werewolves and bloody visions Kate, healing from the loss of her son and the end of her marriage, is pulled right into the middle of a nasty fight between dragons Along the way, Finlayson twists the plot and ups the ante for poor, beleaguered Kate who must discover hidden strengths to survive dragons within and without A truly enjoyabl [...]

Right where was I, it s amazing how some good free books can get you motivated again after an illness, and here is the first one.Twiceborn, is something a little bit different from the usual storylines with our leading lady trying to function after a devastating loss in a world she didn t know existed, okay maybe that does sound familiar I don t want to give away too much of the story but Kate is a great leading lady who will do anything for those she loves and I would recommend that you put on [...]

3 1 2Definitely an author to keep my eyes on No, her books aren t perfect, but in the overcrowded UF genre finding something new and intriguing is rare.This book has a couple of nits that lost points Ben, both as character and his behaviour but above all the lack of revenge Understand, yes, forgive, no Some minor plot point the way the heralds were portrayed didn t have much sense.

You can find this review and much on my blogI must admit that Twiceborn is a very entertaining book It has everything I love about a good urban fantasy story a strong and fleshed out protagonist, an interesting take on the subject of paranormals leaving among us and a well paced story.Kate O Connor has lost everything when her son died in an accident six months ago Now she just does some courier jobs for a friend, because he needs help and because frankly, it beats sitting at the house all day [...]

This book was a pretty decent read although nothing earth shattering It is quick paced and leads readers all the way through Though the main character is easy to read about she s not on my top ten favourite heroins She was fairly likable but ultimately lost throughout the whole book There were some secondary characters but none I found noteworthy The story was easy to read it wasn t particularly substantial and didn t really leave me on the edge of my seat with excitement I may finish this serie [...]

I would like to thank Marina Finlayson, Finesse Solutions, and NetGalley for providing me with an electronic copy of Twiceborn, in exchange for an honest review.What s wrong with a little competition between potential Dragon Queens When they try to kill each other and no one is safe, this is a recipe for disaster Kate is working as a courier a herald for Ben when she becomes a pawn in a game that she does not even know she is playing While on the run from many fantastical creatures, such as were [...]

This was a well written paranormal suspense that takes place in Sydney, Australia It drew me in quickly, and I actually was intrigued and surprised along the way until I figured out what was going on I found the flashback visions confusing but it all made sense later on I liked the heroine a lot and was sympathetic to her situation The romance was downplayed, which was fine, but I didn t find it compelling either I felt that there was a fair bit of out of sight out of mind going on I really enjo [...]

I suspect this may well have been one the author s first books, as having just read her Immortals series, this does not quite have the polish of those That being said, it was still a very enjoyable read and I will go on to read the others At times confusing, it began very strongly, I just felt the need to kick the butt of than one character I was never very sure of allegiances and the dragon world didn t always make sense to me The action scenes were very good and the grief that Kate was going [...]

This is a story about Kate, her heartache and lossd her life that is about become weird.It s a well written fantasy that includes werewolves and dragons, with plenty of action and unusual characters There is love, betrayal, surprises and a host of other themes, and written in the first person narrative, allows even depth to the tale.My favourite thing about the story is Kate s humour very enjoyable.Nicely done.

An entertaining storyMs Finlayson is a very entertaining writer I enjoyed this story immensely, although I occasionally lost track of which character was which I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

Good oneI enjoyed the story very much The world building is very good and the Australian location is refreshing I plan to read the rest of the series.

Intrigue and suspense aboundWhat an excellent series.How can a human become a dragon Read each book to find out how one human woman can cope and handle herself as half dragon.

3 Stars

Awesome So glad that this book was recommended to me A book has to grab my attention from the beginning, and all the way to the end Twiceborn did Ready for the next book

Twiceborn is everything I wish adult fantasy was The protagonist is a believable adult, the action is exciting, every scene and interaction either moves the story forward or builds character, and the plot had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.Kate O Connor is merely going through the motions of living Now that her son has passed away, the strangeness and mysteries of her life doesn t bother her She doesn t care that people trail her as she makes deliveries for the costume shop she w [...]

Hmmmm I m pretty sure there are quite a few plot holes I found the whole leandra vision thing kinda confusing and like others, I really didn t buy into Kate with Ben Garth would have been so much better but it was readable and I am curious as to what will happen next, so 3 stars

I almost missed out on this one I started reading, loved the opening, really got into it, things were just rolling along merrily when werewolf Now, werewolves are part of the unholy trinity, along with vampires and zombies, that I never read if I can possibly avoid it So oh dear But then I discovered that the book has dragons in it DRAGONS Yes Dragons make everything better So I started again, and boy, am I glad I did Because this book was just so much fun yes, even the werewolves.Here s the pre [...]

Wonderful It was slow going with a few twists but wow It drew me in the the story and I had a hard time putting it down.

Title TwicebornSeries The Proving Book 1Author Marina FinlaysonGenre Urban FantasyBlurb Still grieving her beloved son, Kate O Connor s just going through the motions She doesn t care that strangers often shadow her on the unorthodox courier jobs she does for a friend She doesn t even care what s in the packages until the day she returns from a special rush job with no memory of the event But it must have been pretty wild, because now there s a werewolf in her kitchen trying to kill her and he s [...]

I really enjoyed Urban Fantasy in Sydney with a clear Aussie touch in the use of words and places The situation of this action thriller was off to a dire start but the advantage to starting from the absolute worst is that things can only get better and they do and Kate gets and agency.Hiccups The emotional devastation made the falling into bed business after the first shock of Kate s life being threatened a bit too pat for me, although kudos for the amazing guy picked, who believably should be [...]

I wanted to like this book, urban fantasy with a lead character who was a mother That s pretty awesome But ultimately I just didn t care about anyone Kate felt boring and whiny while I think it s great to see moms in fiction, she felt like just a mother Rather than a well rounded character She references Lachie every chance she gets and, instead of reading like a grieving parent, Kate is like a woman with no other character traits besides motherhood Deeply disappointing and frustrating to read. [...]

This story really reaches out grabbing your attention and refuses to let go From the first page until the very end you will enjoy the story and the characters in it The author did a great job of sharing Kate s growing confusion throughout a large portion of this book Kate is still in a daze reeling from the shock of losing her only child in a tragic accident These days she is barely surviving running mysterious errands for her friend Ben when needed, and going through the motions of surviving ha [...]

Twiceborn is a fascinating book Kate is a divorcee who is mourning the death of her son Lost in her grief, she takes a job delivering packages for a friend She spends her time slowly going through the motions until the day she returns from a job with no memory Attacked in her kitchen by a werewolf, she becomes dragged into a world she didn t know existed A world where dragons are fighting for a throne and she is no longer what she was.I loved the book It was fast paced and exciting I loved the f [...]

Kate O Connor is an unusual protagonist for a paranormal novel, not because of superpowers are any narrators just plain normal any but because of her age she s 29, not 16 Divorced with a child well, a dead child , not a high schooler ready for insta lust among the supernaturals.So with that refreshing difference, we get to know Kate and puzzle along with her at her sudden memory lapses, near fatal sickness, and odd belongings And then she meets a werewolf in her kitchen and things get really wei [...]

Twice Born is intriguingly different from your run of the mill shifter book It s solidly urban fantasy instead of paranormal romance, with plenty of world building set in Australia, which makes it doubly different The story starts with a bang, following a character who s lost her memory of the last few hours but who just vaguely remembers blood dripping from her hands How could you put that down I don t want to tell you much , because this book s twistiness is one of its best points There are my [...]

When I first read the description for this book, I thought Kate, the protagonist, might be still so in the throes of grief and rightly so , this book would be a little dark and gloomy Boy, was I wrong This book is a lighthearted, entertaining fun read Kate is still grief stricken, but it doesn t interfere too much in her life as she s trying to move on Her friend Ben is trying to help her by providing a job, a job we find out she s woefully unprepared for when her world is turned upside down by [...]

Twiceborn has one of the most unique plots that I ve encountered in a paranormal read in quite some time Imagine a world where Dragon Queen lay eggs with fertile female dragons once in a blue moon Then, those females sisters are hatched they go about killing each other until the strongest is left to become queen Sounds great right Well,it was except certain pesky issues got in the way of my reading enjoyment It took me 5 days to read what should have taken several hours Here s the deal, I am fin [...]

  • Twiceborn Best Read || [Marina Finlayson]
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