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Time Is a River #(2022)

Time Is a River

Time Is a River

  • Title: Time Is a River
  • Author: Mary Alice Monroe
  • ISBN: 9781416544364
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
Time Is a River By Mary Alice Monroe,

Ê Time Is a River ↠ Mary Alice Monroe - Time Is a River, Time Is a River With a strong warm voice that brings the South to life New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe writes richly textured stories that intimately portray the complex and emotional relationsh

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From the blurb With a strong, warm voice that brings the South to life, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe writes richly textured stories that intimately portray the complex and emotional relationships we share with families, friends, and the natural world The tale contains all the elements to be a true southern charm A wealth of interesting characters, cultural treasures and historical tidbits, but sadly combined with a overwhelmingly dollop of chick lit, brings forward another [...]

My feelings have run the gamut from fury to hurt to finally just wanting to move on That s the good thing about being at a place like this I ve had a lot of time to think about me Not just about the divorce, but all that existential stuff, my emotions, ambitions, beliefs I ve had the the rug pulled out from me in so many ways This book left me feeling a bit conflicted, with my emotions running the gauntlet empathy, sorrow, joy, confusion, fury, and disappointment Mia s raw emotions dealing with [...]

I wasn t sure if I had it in me to finish this Most of the first 100 or so pages were boring There are two storylines and the one set in the early 1900s was the most interesting At the halfway point, I decided to start skimming the pages, especially the descriptions of fly fishing It was just okay overall.

This book is a July 2008 Indy Pick aka BookSense This is a soothing and rare treasure of a book Monroe has really outdone herself this time with the story of breast cancer survivor Mia Landan After a year of surgeries, radical chemo and radiation, Mia is a ghost of who she once was a socially polished public relations guru married to an equally driven and sophisticated lawyer Mia s sister sends her on a 3 day weekend with Casting For Recovery a real and very amazing group, by the way , a group o [...]

In some ways this was an enjoyable read It was a book my husband picked up at the library and thought I might like I was interested in the way Mia seeks to recover not only from the trauma of breast cancer but the infidelity of her husband It was easy to feel empathy for her as she seeks to rebuild her self esteem and her life What was not so easy was the way she disregarded her friend Belle s directive not to go digging into her family s past However, if she had not ignored Belle then you would [...]

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived Henry David ThoreauJust as she recovered from a breast cancer rehabilitation, Mia receives another unpleasant surprise the husband she expected to be supported by in that difficult moment cheated on her with his secretary Devastated and ashamed, Mia escapes to the one place she feels safe at [...]

I thought that I had read all of Mary Alice Monroe s books but somehow I missed this one I listened to it on a long drive and my involvement in this book made the miles fly by.Mia is a breast cancer survivor on the physical side of recovery but still dealing with it from a mental and emotional standpoint Her sister sends her to a survivor retreat in the NC mountains called Casting for Recovery, where breast cancer survivors learn to fly fish and connect with nature and each other as a means of r [...]

Recovering from breast cancer and stil reeling from her husband s infidelity, Mia Landan seeks refuge in a friend s long empty cabin near Ashville, North Carolina As Mia cleans, she finds the journal of 1920s renown fly fisherwoman Kate Watkins, her friend s grandmother Mia learns of Kate s affair with a married man, and that according to local lore Kate has long been the prime suspect in his murder As Mia reads of the journal, she becomes convinced that Kate is innocent As she works to clear K [...]

This was a great book It spoke to me in ways no other book has It is the story of a breast cancer survivor who makes a life for herself after her recovery, which is complicated by a divorce when her husband decides he no longer wants a relationship with her after the loss of her breast.Mia landan is much strong than she thinks she is I really identified with her character because I had breast cancer 4 years ago Mia and I both found out who our real friends were True friends stick around for you [...]

I felt that this book had great potential at the beginning, vividly painting pain and anguish we often must confront in life but as the story went on it offered a healing process that I found largely unrealistic, troubling, and even angering while the protagonist may very well have found solace and healing in her actions, I am troubled by the lack of contrition of the main character when she went against the clear and deliberate wishes of the friend whose charity she was living off of, and dug u [...]

It has been some time since I ve read a book as beautifully written as this one The story is engaging, the words tumble effortlessly just as the river Mia fishes in tumbles down the mountain The setting is lovely, the cabin is dreamy The author makes mountain life even enticing than I already feel it is The friendships Mia builds are wonderful, her healing and growth are refreshing and Stuart is the quintissential romantic Scotsman I didn t want this story to end, and it s been even longer sinc [...]

Thank you Mamey for recommending this great book It s a book of survival, growth, love, fly fishing and so much I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

WARNING CHICK FLICK REVIEW This is a novel I purchased one Friday evening during one of my stops at the local Wal Mart to purchase what I am sure was a buggy full of can t live without items and when I was also in need of an escape from the land of educationen I proceeded to not read it for several weeks due to not being able to escape Educity.Now back to the novelTime Is a River.This journey, written by Mary Alice Monroe, appealed to me because the main character is a breast cancer survivor I c [...]

I could not stop reading until I finished this wonderful novel The language, flow, mood, and themes speak to me As I was reading I suddenly remembered and embraced another book by another author that equally drew me in In the 1970 s I read Norman Maclean s A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, long before it was made into a movie At the time I read Maclean s story I was deeply touched as it reminded me of how closely tied my life has always been to flowing bodies of water To anyone who enjoys reading souther [...]

Interesting, sweet, timeless read Two different time periods are interspersed which does stimulate interest in the story I particularly found the book worthwhile because one of the main characters stays in a river cabin that is filled with antiques, books, and a bit of a mystery There is also a little romance thrown in but not too much so it gets all syrupy gushie The subject of fly fishing is the common theme I have never even tried this sport nor do I want to however, the subject was interesti [...]

This is not just the story of a breast cancer survivors battle with overcoming the fear of cancer It is a lesson in living life to the fullest The novel compares the river and fly fishing the river, to the ups and downs in life She learns to be thankful for the miracles

I m such a big Mary Alice Monroe fan and this book was really a keeper Set away from her beloved Charleston area, this book is set up in the mountains of North Carolina After Mia Landon discovers her husband cheating on her, she flees to a small cabin near Asheville owned by a woman running a fly fishing program for women recovering from breast cancer As she begins to try and heal her spirit and body she stumbles upon a diary of Kate Watkins, a legendary fly fisher who owned the cabin previous K [...]

Recovering from breast cancer and still reeling from the revelation of her husband s infidelity, Mia Landan flees her Charleston home for the healing serenity of the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina She seeks refuge in a neglected cabin belonging to her fly fishing instructor, Belle Carson.Belle has recently inherited the cabin, which once belonged to a grandmother she never knew a legendary fly fisher and journalist from the 1920s Kate Watkins may have once been spoken of with great rev [...]

This is soothing novel about healing and moving past survival to abundant living It makes me want to head to the nearest river and learn to fly fish The main character is a woman who is forced to find herself again after a bout with breast cancer the story springboards from an organization called casting for recovery which teaches breast cancer patients and survivors how to fly fish as a therapeutic tool It is a sweet story, a satisfying read Here is one excerpt spoke to me Standing in the river [...]

Key quotes I write these words down because I do not want them to come back into my heart By writing these words down I must face the feelings It is strange how I feel a shiver of the feeling when I say the word aloud I shall read the words over and over until that feeling is gone These are the feelings of the lost I am not lost p 83 Rivers and streams can have dangerously swift currents Remain alert and cautious when stepping foot into any moving water Once in the water, stand with your feet sh [...]

Here s an easy read with a clear meaning There s romance, mystery, betrayal, renewal The lure of fly fishing has eluded me even though my husband is an avid fly fisherman This book explores the human connection to the river and nature It s easy to admire Kate Watkins, a fictional fishing guide, who gained fame in the 1920 s when fly fishing was a male dominated sport I got drawn into the mystery surrounding her lover s disappearance was the gossip that Kate had murdered him accurate That s what [...]

I really loved this book Is sparked that reading fire in me again It has been some time since I have felt that pull to spend hours curled up with a story I m greatful that it is back Mia is a survivor A breast cancer survivor and a woman surviving the betrayals of a cheating husband To cope with the sudden changes in her life, Mia runs for refuge to a cabin hidden in the North Carolina mountains Armed with nothing but determination and a fly fishing rod, Mia will learn what hope really means and [...]

I loved this book It is a beatifully written novel that is so much than a romance novel It is a story of a woman who has been at her lowest in life and finds her way back again and rediscovers herself and her true beauty through the metaphor of fly fishing.It is set in the beautiful moutains of North Carolina which is one of the prettiest places on earth to me and Mrs Monroe describes it with honesty and love.It combines a love of all things good about the south the hospitality, the ability to [...]

wow I love the satisfied, sated feeling I get after finishing a great book This book gave me that feeling It s such a perfect blend of romance, intrigue and woman finding her self That s the kind of story I really like.Mia flees to a remote cabin in the North Carolina mountains when her marriage fails She s recovering from breast cancer, learning how to fly fish and discovering herself And investigating the life of Kate Watkins, the woman who lived in the cabin, and according to town legend murd [...]

I must admit as much as I love this author and how she writes, I wasn t looking forward to the sad topic such as breast cancer Amazingly, I was enraptured with this book Ms Monroe has a wonderful ability to weave wonderful stories with the greatest details that literally draw you into the story so you don t want to put it down Yes, breast cancer was a major item, but it takes a back seat to how Mia grows from it s low depth into a self assured woman I absolutely love the fascinating art of fly f [...]

When my book club picked this, I was NOT excited at first After reading it however, I loved it This isn t just about a woman who survived breast cancer and finds hope in fly fishing It s a real like at what it s like to get hope and purpose back Perhaps even finding yourself when it was buried in the life you lead Let s face it, many of us don t reflect on who we are very oftend perhaps we should I also loved the mystery aspect of this book Being a history buff myself, it was fun to dive into a [...]

This book helped me to learn a lot about why people enjoy fly fishing, a sport which I previously had no interest in and no understanding of why anyone would want to do it Now I understand It is also the story of a breast cancer survivor and how she manages to make her way in the world after her husband leaves her My criticism of this type of book would be that there is always a man who just happens to be around and who just happens to fall in love with the heroine of the story If only life were [...]

This is a heartwarming novel about a woman named Mia who is recovering from breast cancer and her husband s infidelity She spends time in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina to recuperate and rebuild her sense of self All of the characters are well developed and endearing The author has a wonderful writing style There s also a story within a story about a trail blazing female fly fisher in the 1920s There is mystery and romance as well I highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed the first 100 pages of this book but then seemed to drag on and there are many references to fly fishingd you know fly fishing just didn t peek an interest in me It is a mixture of a present day story intertwined with a past story that I just struggled keeping interest in.

Another let down at the end An easy read, but like all Monroe s books, a less than satisfying ending Like the settings and backgrounds, but for once, I would like closure.

  • Ê Time Is a River ↠ Mary Alice Monroe
    360 Mary Alice Monroe
Time Is a River