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The Hidden Face of God #(2022)

The Hidden Face of God

The Hidden Face of God

  • Title: The Hidden Face of God
  • Author: Richard Elliott Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780060622589
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
The Hidden Face of God By Richard Elliott Friedman,

[PDF] The Hidden Face of God | by · Richard Elliott Friedman - The Hidden Face of God, The Hidden Face of God Bestselling author Richard Elliott Friedman whose Who Wrote the Bible was an intriguing took at the origins of the Bible takes on another momentous theme for the third millennium to point the way to

Recent Comments "The Hidden Face of God"

Delightful excursion into the history of encounters with God through an Old Testament lens God sorry knows how many hours of scholarly slogging Friedman must have gone through to create this imminently readable work It served as a reminder to me, steeped in the somewhat nuclear family model of the New Testament, that in Old Testament days God got right in there with the marryings and begettings and cousins and brothers and all of that With angels, no less.

Friedman argues that if you examine the Hebrew scriptures in chronological order it presents a picture of a God who gradually withdraws from human affairs, starting as a very active presence but slowly pulling back Much of the book is spent dealing with the philosophical implications of this fascinating idea.

This is a story about God As we read through Scripture we see God beginning to distance Himself from man again, not in the sense of His readiness to intervene answer prayer but His immediate visibility As some say God was disappearing He was withdrawing and fading into a background of the purely natural In time miracles would become scarce and then not at all Whereas God prepared a fur undergarment for Adam, Noah had to build his own ark and eventually mankind would be making his own way God bef [...]

Good read

Read about 1997 and again 2010

Since this book is by Richard Elliott Friedman, whose writing I find particularly limpid and exciting, I can hardly wait to read it and also to compare it to books such as God A Biography q.v

The Hidden Face of God by Richard E Friedman 1996

  • [PDF] The Hidden Face of God | by · Richard Elliott Friedman
    107 Richard Elliott Friedman
The Hidden Face of God