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The Dead Days Omnibus #(2022)

The Dead Days Omnibus

The Dead Days Omnibus

  • Title: The Dead Days Omnibus
  • Author: Marcus Sedgwick
  • ISBN: 9781842556009
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
The Dead Days Omnibus By Marcus Sedgwick,

[PDF] The Dead Days Omnibus | by Õ Marcus Sedgwick - The Dead Days Omnibus, The Dead Days Omnibus The days between December and New Year s Eve are dead days when spirits roam and magic shifts restlessly just beneath the surface of our everyday lives There is a man Valerian whose time is runn

Recent Comments "The Dead Days Omnibus"

I truly wanted to enjoy this than I did Honestly, I tried hard Unfortunately, I just couldn t bring myself to enjoy it as much as I had been expecting to.There was such promise, really there was We re promised something dark and twisted, yet what we are given is very far from the darkness I had expected I have read darkness in paranormal romance books than I read in this As I said in my review of the first book, I think I merely expected the wrong thing from this I expected something aimed at [...]

A friend lent me this book and I was pleasantly suprised It was a rather gripping YA Victorian esque page turner, not terribly substantial but the characters were reasonably well written and he sets the gothic, wintery scene well Set in an unnamed city, the book follows the story of Boy, an orphan who is adopted by the magician Valerian However, when Valerian s behaviour becomes sinister and people across the city begin to die in suspicious circumstances, Boy becomes dragged into a plot involvi [...]

Loved the Dead Days Omnibus, a good read.The days between Christmas and New Years Eve are known as The Dead Days Valerian a magician has made a pact with evil and time is running out, so begins Valerian and his assistant Boy s quest.

  • [PDF] The Dead Days Omnibus | by Õ Marcus Sedgwick
    496 Marcus Sedgwick
The Dead Days Omnibus